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Adney, David L 25325 Repeat Dr, Waynesville, MO Statutory Rape
Bell, William A 19725 Rapid Rd, Richland, MO Sexual Abuse
Bigley, James R 28690 AB Hwy, Richland, MO Sexual Abuse(lstDegree)
Beetem, Graham L 24605 Sybil Ln, Waynesville, MO Sexual Assault x2
Bowles, Carl L 26191 Sherwood Lo, Laquey, MO Sexual Abuse(lst Degree)
Burch, Milo R 309 l0th St, Crocker, MO Sexual Abuse(lst Degree)
Cardin, Elmer J 16245 Badger Rd, Richland, MO Sexual Abuse(2nd Degree)
Chambers, Danny S 14485 Brake Dr, Crocker, MO Statutory Rape
Crousser, Bruce E 808 Roosevelt St #3, Waynesville, MO Indecent Acts w/minor x2
Dayton, Larry E 16612 Hickory Hills Dr, St Robert, MO Sexual Abuse(lst Degree)
Durbin, Roger G 614 N Hwy 17, Crocker, MO Sexual Abuse
Duschaine, Ronald J 26595 N Hwy 133, Swedeborg, MO Attempt(2nd Degee)
Ellis, Gary D 309 l0th St, Crocker, MO Sodomy
Floyd, Jonathan J 102 Preston St, Crocker, MO Child Abuse
Fraser, John W 116 Harold St, Crocker, MO Statutory Rape( 1 st Degree)
Gardner, Mark A 300 Keith Rd, Crocker, MO Sodomy
Griffith, Matthew L Statutory Rape(lst Degree)
Hall, Arnold W 10103 Beaty Rd, Crocker, MO
Harper, Kenneth W 1940 Hst 66 #206, Waynesville, MO Indecent Acts w/minor x2
Harrison, DeAngelo M 44 Specker, Ft Wood, MO Indecent Liberty
Henderson, Sheryl M 104 Harold St, Crocker, MO Child Molest(lst Degree)
Henderson, Earnest E 214 Hawkins St, Crocker, MO Sexual Assault(lst Degree)
Hess, Mark W 25895 W Hwy, Waynesville, MO Indecent Exposure
Hillman, Clinton E Co A 577th Eng BD, Ft Wood, MO Iudecent Acts w/minor x2
Holloway, Robert A 22300 Haskill Dr, Waynesville, MO Sexual Abuse(lst Degree)
Jeffries, Leonard D 28351 Syracuse, Richland, MO Statutory Sodomy
Johnson, Fredrick L 20 Hatler St, Ft Wood, MO Sodomy x2
Inman, Jason P, Sr 19570 T Hwy, Richland, MO Statutory Rape(lst Degree)
Kinworthy, Glen H 25889 Radar Dr, Waynesville, MO Statutory Rape
Karkiainen, Ernest L 26561 Swallow Dr, Waynesville, MO Child Molest(2nd Degree)
Maxwell, David L 22517 Reporter Rd, Waynesville, MO Violation ora minor
McElroy, David 21765 Teardrop Rd, Devils Elbow, MO Sodomy/Incest
Miller, Charles F 501 W Main, Kichland, MO Statutory Rape
Mills, Robert D 10080 Tassle Lo, St Robert, MO Statutory Sodomy(lst Degree)
Nash, Andrew S L 14434 Harvey Dr, Dixon, MO Sodomy
Newkirk, Joseph D 607 W 7th St, Dixon, MO Statutory Sodomy(lst Degree)
Nietfeld, James 25775 Rocky Mount Lo, Waynesville, MO Sexual Assault
Norris, James A 21320 y Hwy, Waynesville, MO Stautory Rape(2nd Degree)
Palmer, Theodore 14264 Columbia Rd, Dixon, MO Deviant Sexual Intercourse
Parker, Vernon D 21764 Bangor Rd, Crocker, MO Sodomy
Parham, Christina M 116 Zeigenbein Rd, St Robert, MO Criminal Sexual Assault
Quintanilla, Bill P Q 25755 Hwy 17, Ft Wood Inn, Waynesville, MO 1st Degree Sexual Conduct
Ray, Ernest L, Sr 27615 Spokane Rd, Waynesville, MO Sexual Abuse(lst Degree)x4
Rogers, Willard HCR 61 Box 299, Dixon, MO Sexual Assault(lst Degree)
Rostron, David L 14104 Tabernacle Lo, Waynesville, MO Sexual Abuse(lst Degree)
Schraft, Ralph L 204 N Ellen, Dixon, MO Child Molestation
Shaw, Shawn 11000 Hwy 28 #3, Dixon, MO Child Abuse
Shelton, Janet E 410 Taylor St, Richland, MO Deviant Sex Assault(lst*)
Shoemaker, Michael J 207 Keeth Road, Crocker, MO Forcible Rape
Simmons, Brian K #105 Brookview Apt, Waynesville, MO Statutory Rape(2nd Degree)
Smith, Bobby W 26180 Hwy 17, Waynesville, MO Incest
Stewart, Blake F 1000 Hospital Rd, Waynesville, MO Criminal Sexual Assault
Strutton, Dean 25004 U Hwy, Crocker, MO Rape
Vandegrif, Jimmie G 25232 W Hwy, Waynesville, MO Sexual Misconduct(2nd*)
Veasman, Ricky L 12235 Concord Rd, Dixon, MO Rape
Wade, Kelly G 707 Broadway Apt E, Waynesville, MO Unknown
Wall, James E 16725 Heart Dr #19, St Robert, MO Child Abuse
Wershila, Billy F 1101 Hospital Rd, Waynesville, MO Criminal Sexual Assault
Wethington, William J 502 W 5th, Dixon, MO Sexual Misconduct
Weyand, Clinton W 22238 Rambo Dr, Crocker, MO Child Molest(lstDegree)
Woodby, Larry K 26678 Rocky Mount Rd. Waynesville, MO Statutory Sodomy x2

Although every effort is made to keep this list accurate and current, the Sheriff nor Pulaski County Web cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Offenders may have moved and failed to notify the Sheriff or local law enforcement agency as required by law. Contact the Sheriff's Department or your local law enforcement agency for verification of an offender's status. If you have any information that these people are not at this address or are aware where they have moved to contact the Sheriffs department. Pulaski County Web in no way guarantees the accuracy of this information. Just because a sex offender is listed at an address does not mean a sex offender lives there still.

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