Rajah 2010

Nick Roth

Pulaski County
Fort Leonard Wood


  Buckhorn, Missouri  

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Regular meetings are the third Friday of each month, at 7 PM. Call the Shrine Club at 573-774-5454 for more information.

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Call Leon Short for more information. 573-774-5454 

*Match Shoots at the Club

(Every Sunday & 2nd Friday Night)

Outdoor facilities for large events also available, Campgrounds, Amphitheatre for concerts, Picnic areas, etc. Links to pictures of our facilities are below.


Rajah  Nick Roth
Vice Rajah  Kevin Hamilton
Treasurer  Tony Miller
Secretary  Jay Weber
Chaplain  Don Ripley
Club Manager  Leon Short
Hospital Chairman  Ed Moore


Shrine Club Development Corporation Stockholders

Board Of Directors and Officers 2010

President  John Paul Richardson
Vice President & Director Dan Deardorf
Treasurer/Secretary Joe Dye
Director Jay Weber
Director John Rosipal
Director Jeff Begins
Director Mike Moeller


Area Shrine and Masonic Links.

 Shrine Mosque Springfield, Mo.

Waynesville Lodge 375 Home

Shriners Hospital St. Louis




Pulaski County Fort Leonard Wood Shrine Club

26920 Shrine Rd / P.O. Box 133, Waynesville, MO 65583

(573-774-5454)     “Open 7 days a Week”

Closeup picture of the stage  - The stage from a distance  - Serving line in the club  - The Dining Facilities  - The Bar inside the Clubhouse  
View from left side of stage  - View from right side of stage    - Ticket Booth  - Concession Stand   


Past Rajahs

1957 Harold Williams
1958 Ray Veasman
1959 Floyd Atwell
1960 Wayne Miller
1961 Harold King
1962 Ray Veasman
1963 Jim Arnold
1964 Gene Farnham
1965 Berry Breeden
1966 Dean Lowrance
1967 Dru Salveter
1968 Larry Bench
1969 Paul Schultz
1970 Larry Lercher
1971 Roy Lee Dye
1972 Ewell Wood
1973 Ed Kubisiak II
1974 Wayne Anderson
1975 Ken Marsh
1976 Whitey Hoiseth
1977 Bob Scott Martin
1978 Clay Howlett
1979 Harold Drossel
1980 Joe Wis Dye
1981 John Stacey
1982 JJ Williams
1983 Harold Woody
1984 Larry Salveter
1985 Rudy Mullins
1986 Jerry Roam
1986 Don Ripley
1987 Terry  Schultz
1988 Jack Butler
1989 Forrest Franklin
1990 Dan Deardorf
1991 DW Watson
1992 Tom Tinsley
1993 Doc Clemons
1994 Dale Duncan
1995 Walter Dixon
1996 Dave Spears
1997 Bud Devore
1998 Randy Cole
1999 Bob Carter
2000 Steve Beattie
2001 Ed Kubisiak III
2002 Neil Jocsing
2003 Roger Layman
2004 Rick Lepard
2005 Jim Davis
2006 Jim Phillips
2007 Forrest Maxey
2008 Mike Weber
2009 Tony Dye


We sincerely welcome your comments. If you are already a Mason and would like to join the Pulaski County Shrine Club, or you would like to become a Mason, drop me a line or call me at 573-205-3386 ask for Rick. 


Send e-mail for Pulaski County Shrine Club to Rick Lepard.. guynearfortwood@yahoo.com

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