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Local News / Re: critical injuries
« on: August 16, 2007, 11:47:16 PM »
Oh, really!!!!
Number 1 on the issue of being bystanders, I AM ONE OF THEM. Number 2 You should really stop and think due to i DO NOT KNOW NEITHER FAMILIES, I know what i saw, THANK YOU !! Since he was not on a run why did he have to speed up and pass the van??? So what other BYSTANDERS ARE YOU TAKING ABOUT??? I AM SPEAKING FROM FACTS NOT FICTION !!! I KNOW WHAT I SAW THAT NIGHT OF WHEN THAT YOUNG MAN GOT RAN OVER...OH, HE PASSED IN A NO PASSING ZONE I SEE THAT EVERY DAY THAT I PASS BY THERE TO GO HOME..Once again no-lights,no-sirens and a police officer caused an accident, it's automaticaly there fault. According to police acadamy 101.

Local News / Re: critical injuries
« on: August 16, 2007, 07:58:20 PM »
He saved 4 lives. He was crossing the road under a light to be safe.The place is well lit up at night, because if it wasn't, i'm sure they would not get no bussiness.There was a red/burgundy van that was stoped, the guy in the van waved them on across the road. They were being safe. They were trying to face traffice. There is a slant of a hill. It is dark as you drive pass the liquare store.He was not on a run,no lights-no sirens.He was in a big hurry to get home.See from the research that i have done, that Sapp left the scene of the accident. That has came right out of J.B Kings mouth, himself,.J.B. wanted Officer sapp in his office a.s.a.p.He was going more than 56 miles per hour.When he passed the van, he speed up to pass him. When he done so is when he strucked that young man matthew.When that young man got hit he was flunged up into the air witch also made him hit the lights ontop of the viechle.Then came back down and hit the car again witch sapp then pumpped that young man and dragged him 135 feet.When ever an officer is in an accident and he DID NOT HAVE ANY LIGHTS OR SIRENS ON, then it is 100% his fault.Sapp is guilty 100% for this accident.Do the research it aint that hard..If sapp is not guilty, then   why is he leaving the state of missouri??That youmg man, from what i was told, WAS NOT DRUNK OR ON DRUGS..I have also read that the family has even been threaned.The young mans clothes was even ripped off of him when he got hit by the officer.That young man was tore up bad.

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