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Author Topic: And We Are Off to the Races  (Read 888 times)

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And We Are Off to the Races
« on: January 28, 2009, 03:41:04 PM »


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Tongue firmly in cheek, not to be taken literally!!!! --

"Is it time to start shooting the bastards yet?"

I'm so sick of whiny, spineless politicians that spout off at the mouth about our freedom of speech yet want nothing more than to silence the voice of "the great unwashed masses" and those like Limbaugh, Hannity, Drudge, Humphries, Levin, Ingram and others who stand for conservative view. If they can regulate the First Amendment into oblivion then the rest of the amendments won't be far behind, unless we exercise our right and our DUTY under the second. Yes, oaths of office and oaths of enlistment specify "enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC". When are we going to stop treating traitors like they are our countrymen on equal footing with us, and start treating them like the treasonous, back-stabbing bastards they really are? I'm sorry to be so blunt and rude, but I'm on the verge of using a Bush-ism here: "If you're not with us, you're against us". No, I'm not calling for violence, I'm calling for us to stand up and tell these money-grubbing political whores to sit down and STFU, that they don't represent us and never will, because we believe in the plain meaning of the Constitution of the United States of America.

No, there isn't going to be a "[/rant off] at the end of this post, because I'm pissed and I'm not about to give up on this topic! Bang Head Angry Annoyed Thumbsdown

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Re: And We Are Off to the Races
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2009, 04:41:29 PM »
This type of shit should be removed and you should be banned.

Tongue in cheek or not.
"There are plenty of good reasons for fighting, but no good reason ever to hate without reservation, to imagine that God almighty Himself hates with you, too. Where's evil? It's that large part of every man that wants to hate without limit, that wants to hate with God on its side." - Kurt Vonnegut

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Re: And We Are Off to the Races
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2009, 05:00:18 PM »
I must be conservative then, I thought it was being nice to the politician thieves who are running our country. It could have went much further.

You all don't realise that this bail out stuff is going to destroy this county eventually. Fifty percent of all taxes collected went toward the debt we already had. That number is going up now, banks won't even loan to people with that kind of debt to income ratio, why I ask you? Because they are doomed to fail.. What they are doing is going to harm you even further, because everyone can continue doing business as usual and nothing will change. This country should let those who are weak fail so the strong can be stronger. When this county colapses, then you will see it. If banks would have failed that were weak, the other stong banks would have become stronger.

Personally I am shocked at the blatant disregard for our futures. Our government is out of control. What's funny is no one seems to mind now, because everyone expects a check in the mail.. All you will ever really get is the bill, in one form or another.

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Re: And We Are Off to the Races
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2009, 05:43:54 PM »
I'm a conservative liberal and I have to agree!  First off, our right to free speech not only includes Rush (eww), and other conservatives, but I have defended the right of the KKK (sicko's), and the American Nazi Party (more sicko's) when their Constitutional Right to free speech has been questioned by many.  We can not pick and choose who has rights, they are guaranteed for all.

The bail out to me was a major mistake.  Most all of us, when we are in financial difficulties, has to "buckle down", cut costs, rebudget, sell what we have to, in order to get our finances back in the black.  This is what many teach their children, yet here is our Government teaching our children, "don't worry, if you over spend for luxuries, or make 'boo-boos' on your bank accounts, expenses, someone will cover for you"!  Look what the welfare system turned into.  The idea behind it was great, help those that really needed a helping hand, yet it slapped us in the face.  The aduses to the system, and holding people back in the long run.  Young people who feel that they should be on welfare as soon as they possibly can, instead of getting an education, so that they can become a productive member of society.  Our Government is giving our society the wrong message.  Handing out "free" money, is not the answer.

Look what is happening to Corporate America... instead of cutting costs at the upper levels where bonuses are given, even when the company is failing, and the lower levels are being laid off, they are receiving bail out monies!  Let the companies fail, if they are so foolish as to continue with their huge bonuses and other "compensations" for the upper level management, other companies will take their place.  Capitalism.....
Proud to have served, US Army, WAC

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Re: And We Are Off to the Races
« Reply #4 on: January 28, 2009, 05:56:02 PM »
Why are you are up on arms over the FACT the politicians are money grubbing whores.  All of them, not just one side or the other.  Grasp what is happening in this country.  We are moved closer to socialism than ever before.  The only thing stopping the politicain elites is the fact many of us own guns and have the will to use them.  When they start in the cities, the city dwellers will come to the rural areas and they probably will not be met with open arms, but rather the business of a gun to keep them out.  This country was founded on independence and that means right down to the individual.  Kari put it well.  The Gov't needs to suck it up and stop the handouts to those too lazy to fend for themselves.  Because in the end, it is not the Gov't, but the working taxpayer who pays the bill.  The people in Washington are traitors to our country and our way of life.  They are traitors to the Constitution and to the oaths they took.  That goes right up to the top.  They want to rewrite the Constitution in their own image and interpret it to suit their wants, needs and desires.  They own the banks now and that leads to control over our money in those banks.  That means they can control how much you withdraw, especially in cash.  How does it feel to be a slave to the Gov't that is supposed to represent you?

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Re: And We Are Off to the Races
« Reply #5 on: January 28, 2009, 05:59:01 PM »
This type of shit should be removed and you should be banned.
Anything that doesn't cause harm to the site should be allowed,  if you agree with it or not!

Sorry,  That would be stopping freedom of speech.  I tend to agree with what was said.  matrsnot seemed to hold back some,   matrsnot  don't hold back....... let it all out!!! LOL