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Local News / Re: Arrest in Death case - Routh
« on: September 04, 2016, 09:05:52 PM »
This post I've commented on because although old,it's important.I feel like Crocker did not call for help because of this law.Addicts will call for help before this law was written,.Now addicts either use by their selves and die alone with no help if they o.d. or their friends will frantically try to revive them and if they can't they quietly leave assuring the demise of the mutual friend.As for supplying the man named Rouse,I can assure you that addicts don't have to be held down in order to get high.It would have eventually happened without the assistance of Crocker.I can assure you that if Crocker wasn't afraid of arrest for calling for help,the young man that overdosed would be alive and well.Anyone wonder why the other man present ,who told Crocker to call for help, wasn't charged for not only being there but not calling for help himself? Howlong and how many must die before foolish people think before unleashing such a catch 22 law on the population.? If you want to save lives,make treatment available for those poor unfortunate addicts.

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