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Local News / Re: Race for Sheriff
« on: March 15, 2008, 04:02:28 PM »
I ate a whole slab of those ribs yesterday, 5 stars on the ribs, the best in the county in my opinion.. Unlike JB I wasn't able to finish the whole slab in one setting.. LOL
   No problem on this end. I also consider Terry a friend. In fact if he beats me I will probably drop by the bar to drink his beer and eat his ribs at least once week while asking him if he is having fun yet in the new job. He will love the Commisioners.

    LOL    LOL   JB

Local News / Re: Race for Sheriff
« on: March 15, 2008, 02:19:39 PM »
As Terry and JB are two people I like and consider to be my friends, I will not have an opinion or voice an opinion on this race, I will not show support for one candidate over another in this forum, but I do support them both... Other than that, I sure as heck don't think JT will win..

Local News / Re: Race for Sheriff
« on: March 15, 2008, 02:12:57 PM »
No Mark, that should read more like this, "When Mark posts almost anything he always seems to walk a thin line." You post wasn't necessary in any way, we don't usually allow personal attacks. What Terry does in his personal time, has nothing to do with his public life. If you had wrote that same thing about JB, it too would have been removed. It has nothing to do with anyone but you..

If you post something against Terry It gets deleted?  That's a perfect example why he should not be the next Sheriff!

Local News / Re: Race for Sheriff
« on: March 15, 2008, 02:08:29 PM »
Terry tells me he will put his name in the running the last day that you can do it at 11AM. He says there will be a parade of sorts accompanying him to do this..

Tell us your favorite Joke / Re: Wal-Mart's Newest Shopping Scam
« on: March 13, 2008, 06:58:54 PM »
I bet all of you claimed you never settled for anything. LOL

That's what paper bags are for..

Her face isn't all that hot...saw on MySpace without the big sunglasses...if that matters.  AND over 4 hours...he's probably also a liar.

I just read where she was priced at $1000.00 per hour..

This 2007 image obtained Wednesday, March, 12, 2008 from a MySpace web page shows a woman identified as Ashley Alexandra Dupre. The New York Times reported that the real name of the woman identified as "Kristen" in court papers alleging that Gov. Eliot Spitzer paid more than $4,000 for prostitutes' services is Ashley Alexandra Dupre. (AP Photo)  (AP)

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / MRPC Law Enforcement Grants
« on: March 13, 2008, 01:23:42 PM »
MRPC Law Enforcement Grants
The subject of law enforcement grants has been in the local Pulaski County news lately and has created a sense of public interest in the field of law enforcement grants. Before an agency like the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department applies for a grant there must be a careful review of the grant. The majority of grants are for a specific purpose and each normally has specific responsibilities that the grant receiver must obey. Thus you must carefully study the grant to determine if the benefit given in the grant to your agency is worth the cost to your agency for the grant. Many grants require a cash match and we do not have a budget procedure for the cash match in Pulaski County.
Pulaski County falls under the jurisdiction of the Meramec Regional Planning Commission (MRPC) for many of the local grant opportunities that apply to law enforcement. At the beginning of this past grant year Pulaski County was fortunate to have Eastern District Commissioner Bill Farnham as the Chairman of the Commissioners Committee and Sheriff J. B. King as the Chairman of the Sheriff’s Committee. The grants that were available for this grant year have now run the full cycle and are about to be awarded. Sometime later this year the next grant cycle will start.
For the current year there were five subject topics under which you could write a grant proposal. Each specific topic had a set of guidelines attached that had to be satisfied in the grant proposal. The broad topic grant subjects were as follows,
  • Agricultural Risk Mitigation Strengthen Interoperable Communications Capabilities at the Regional Level. Medical surge mobile module units and patient/victim tracking. Mass Sheltering, volunteers, and donations. Strengthen PSAP’s 911 and Interoperable communications as it relates to 911 and emergency response.
Out of these five topics the only one that would apply to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department would be the second topic of Interoperable Communications. However that topic was off limits for the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department. In 2004 the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department received a full one hundred percent replacement radio grant. Every radio in the department was replaced with the latest top of the line Interoperable radio.
During the committee discussions for the 2007 radio grants the MRPC committee members ruled that the departments with the worst radio equipment would get the top chance for 2007-year radio grants. Thus the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department was not eligible for the Interoperable radio grant. When you consider the number of departments that applied and the total available funding for the radio grants that was a reasonable decision.
But, there is more to this story. With the stroke of a pen in 2005 the federal government adopted the new “P-25” radio standard and all of the brand new radios we received in 2004 became obsolete. The P-25 standard requires us to upgrade one hundred percent of our radios to that standard by the year 2013. So in the future we will have to seek out other radio grants. This will take years to accomplish because there are still hundreds of agencies that are in worse shape than us with their radio equipment.
During a recent meeting of the Pulaski County Commission a mention was made of free vehicles that were to be given away as mobile command posts to Missouri agencies. This is an example of taking a close look at a grant before you apply. According to the fine print of the grant there were only two vehicles to be given away. One was a Chevrolet Suburban and the other was an enclosed box truck the size of a Greyhound bus.
The large size mobile command post was fully equipped with every known radio, telephone, computer, and digital data transmission device available to the law enforcement field. The value of the truck and equipment was a cool $500,000.00 and the single lucky grant winner gets it all for free.
But there are three simple little requirements the grant winner has to obey. First the agency would be responsible for the cost of all maintenance and repair for the life of the vehicle. Since nobody had any idea of the cost to operate the unit or the frequency of mechanical breakdowns there was no estimated cost listed for this requirement.
The second point was that the grant winner had to keep every radio, computer software, and telephone license agreement in full force. The estimated cost for the license factor alone was $8,000.00 to $9,000.00 per year. And third since there will be only one such unit in Missouri the grant winner must share the unit on a minute’s notice with every agency in Missouri that had a bad disaster week. Once their emergency was over you would retrieve the unit and fix it up for the next agency loan.
The Chevrolet Suburban was also fully equipped in the same way as the bus and had a value of just over $200,000.00 with the same rules and restrictions on use. Would such a grant be of value to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department? Yes it would, but the cost would be more than we could handle so there would be no point in completing a grant application for these vehicles. There are Sheriff’s Departments and Police Departments in Missouri with the financial soundness to handle these requirements and for the lucky department that wins the grant they will get a heck of a deal for their money.
In closing I hope I have helped the citizens of Pulaski County acquire a little better understanding of grants and how they apply to law enforcement. We shall continue to seek out grants in the future that would be useful for our department.

There goes my income tax refund.. LOL

That wasn't for just one visit was it?

Damn it.  I'm a woman and I think she might be worth $4,300.  Crap.

That's one heck of a temptation.

This 2007 image obtained Wednesday, March, 12, 2008 from a MySpace web page shows a woman identified as Ashley Alexandra Dupre. The New York Times reported that the real name of the woman identified as "Kristen" in court papers alleging that Gov. Eliot Spitzer paid more than $4,000 for prostitutes' services is Ashley Alexandra Dupre. (AP Photo)  (AP)

Good sam will pick that stuff up?

Nope, no more toilet... I do have an electric range sitting out front though, still waiting on the Good Samaritan to come pick it up...

Growing up just off of Sunset Drive, we lived right by the concrete water tower, back then we were lucky if the city mowed around it twice a year.. I noticed since they have this grass ordinace they are now maintaing it more regularly, that's one good thing that has came from this..

Next time I go on Sunset, I am gonna see if I can spot your house. Toilet still there? LOL

Local News / Re: Arrest in Sex Assault case
« on: March 11, 2008, 09:15:22 PM »
I have always been under the impression that men who commit those kinds of crimes, wouldn't usually have anything a nail could get a bite in.

well i cant stand anyone who rapes! i have seen first handed the courts let guilty ones walk and sometimes innocent ones get locked up so if the man really did do it wouldnt bother me none if they strung him up a tree and nailed his worm to the tree and let his hands go! anyone who rapes doesnt deserve kindness!

Local News / Re: Arrest in Sex Assault case
« on: March 11, 2008, 07:25:00 PM »

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Re: Sneak Peek Sheriff's View
« on: March 09, 2008, 08:25:44 PM »
The Sheriff’s View #11, Week of March 10 to 14, 2008

Welcome aboard one more time for another trip around Pulaski County with the members of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department. Since I devoted most of last week’s column to the shooting at the Oasis Club on the spur I guess I should report that the suspect in this case has been arrested in Chicago, Illinois. Soon we will be able to start the court journey in this case and see where that takes us. I suspect that once the rush of the case settles down that we will meet with the St. Robert Chief to go over the events in an after action review and see what procedure we might want to change for the next event. And there usually is something that needs to be changed after such a large-scale incident.

The calls for service/case number count stands at 1,666 at 9:54am on 3-9-08. Last week the count was 1,462 so we gained 204 in one week. It would be nice if my bank account gained money like we gain case numbers. That would be something nice to report.

There are times when I am not sure just what to report in my column. I had a question sometime back about inmate transports and I shall try to answer that question. As a department we move inmates almost every day. If we have a law day in circuit court for 28 inmates that means at least 14 of them at a minimum are in the Miller or Phelps County jail. Since we are limited on space here we must move out 14 or more inmates to Miller or Phelps County to make room here, then move 14 or more back here for court. The law day tradition creates a massive move each time.

Then there is the routine of cases that were set for a preliminary hearing or a host of other court actions. These can be any day of the week and we will move 1-7 inmates around on those days. If three inmates come down from Miller County on Tuesday morning then three are going back to Miller that evening. In a somewhat lesser degree of need this same course of action applies to the Department of Corrections inmates whom we bring back for court action on other pending cases that they have. If we bring two down from Fulton, DOC, then we have to take them back when the court is over.

Then there are the cases where we must travel to some location and pick up a person who was arrested on one of our warrants. I have a perfect example of this type that we completed this past week. We had an inmate in the Nodaway County jail at Maryville, Missouri. This location is about 40 miles from the Iowa State line. It took our transport officer and van out of service for 11 hours to make the round trip for one inmate. The van was filled with gas before he left here and filled again on the trip for $60.00. Once the prisoner walked into the Pulaski County jail he immediately posted a bond of $893.50 and walked out the door. And there you have another routine day of inmate transport for the transport Deputy.

Then there are the ultra long-range inmate transports. The guy was arrested in Red Bluff Minnesota or Los Angeles California or any other geographic location hundreds to thousands of miles away. We must bring him back for court. The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department does not have a nationwide long-range transport unit so we use a professional inmate transport service such as Con-Link. Think of Con-Link as a long-range taxi service. For $1.20 per mile they will transport from anywhere to here. These bills run into the many hundreds to thousands of dollars. The good news is that once we pay this bill we are reimbursed by the state of Missouri for the expense. If we pay Con-Link $1003.50 for the trip then the state of Missouri gives us back $1003.50 as repayment for the trip.

In other news we lost the service of three Deputies this past week because we sent them to Iowa for training. When your budget is short you do the best you can and look for the best deal. We found one in Iowa. The school offers training that is free. And the board bill and the food are free. Our only expense is the gasoline for the trip there and back. So we sent three Deputies in one car to max out the savings. The only bad news here is that the school offers a limited number of classes of the type we need. But we shall send more Deputies back to Iowa soon.

A few weeks ago one of the ice storms wiped out a meeting we had scheduled to be held in my office for a grant application. The gentleman from Jefferson City chose to not drive to my office on icy roads. I cannot say that I blame him for that decision. We now have it set up for me to meet with him in Springfield this next week. Most of the time people talking about grants forget that you usually need a monetary match to qualify for the grant. And we do not have a source for matching funds in our budget. For the most part a grant application when you do not have the available cash match is a waste of time. But in this case I may be able to get a 100 percent match on the grant, which means in the end the equipment would be free. So I cannot wait to talk to this gentleman. I will report back in another column when I have more details.

It appears that I have muddled my way through another column and have reached the end of the suggested word limit for this week. In closing I would ask all of you to drive safe and to stay legal. The jail is open for business and the lights are on!

Business Opinion / Re: Buckhorn Meat and Grocery.
« on: March 08, 2008, 12:39:19 PM »
Which reminds me that Sellers Sexton has signed on for another full year as a sponsor of this site, just this week. Thanks Guys and Gals at Sellers..

That would be nice wouldn't it? :)
It is more of a shout out for PCW.
If enough people say it, they may decide to buy an advertisement here.

Restaurant Opinion / Re: Stefano's
« on: March 06, 2008, 12:19:12 AM »
Anyone see Stefano's since hey have remodeled. Looks a lot nicer in their now..

County Government Opinion / Re: Filing begins today
« on: March 05, 2008, 08:16:07 PM »
I must say I like the concept. I think making crime cost more would be a great idea, lets double fines, or tripple....
This has probably been asked before but I don't really know much about all this tax stuff...  Couldn't they establish some kind of a fee that citizens have to pay to be able to use law enforcement instead of a tax???  I mean I know it is their job but it is just like banking for instance,  The people that work there are paid but there are certain fees that you have to pay....  I mean even if you charged like 20 bucks a year,  that is absolutely nothing and it would add up...  and maybe if you did it at a time of the year that was far away from tax time people wouldn't gripe as much.... lol

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Re: Weekly Sheriff's reports.
« on: March 05, 2008, 05:52:20 PM »
2-22 through 2-28

[attachment deleted by admin]

Restaurant Opinion / Re: Miller's Grill
« on: March 05, 2008, 01:13:28 AM »
Ate there tonight.. Was seated by a friendly hostess, who remembered to offer me a booster seat for my daughter. My server was prompt, but seemed some what robotic when it came to personality.. The entire female staff was attractive I must say, just a little better than Ruby's, yet most seemed to not have that genuine friendly thing going.. The male who helped the server bring out meals was the most friendly....  I ordered the KC Strip steak and they said they were out of it, and the Porter House steak, so I ordered the Rib Eye.. The rib eye was ordered medium rare and came out leaning well toward rare but no blood was dripping. The steak was tasty, large, juicy, and tender. The Soup of the day was chicken and dumpling, it was OK.. The Texas toast, much larger than Ruby's was hot and tasty, and better than  Ruby's.. The baked potato reminded me of a tennis ball but only because it had a lump of butter and a bigger lump of sour cream on it to make it large enough to qualify.. The potato was not hot just warm, and I had asked the waitress for a lot of butter, and a little sour creme, yet she did not see to it that this happened for me. We had the peel and eat shrimp, and I don't think anyone can screw that up.. My daughter had the cheeseburger and fries, and seemed to like the burger, she also ate my cottage cheese which is another item that is hard to ruin.. Overall experience was better than I expected. Rating is a 3.55 today, thanks mostly to the steak... This meal came to 38.00...

County Government Opinion / Re: Filing begins today
« on: March 04, 2008, 08:31:21 PM »
Probably the Laclede County Sheriff..

There are County Sheriff's living in Lebanon???  

County Government Opinion / Re: Filing begins today
« on: March 04, 2008, 07:39:58 PM »
Didn't JT lose by over 1000 votes?

Local News / Re: BREAKING NEWS Club Shooting at Oasis
« on: March 03, 2008, 05:07:30 PM »
I wanna be Opie..

Wow this is like two old ladies yakking over the back fence. LOL. Darrell getting his feelings hurt, information being misconstrued. Rumors FLYING. We should have our own reality show based on Pulaski County. The money generated from the show could subsidise JB's budget!!!! (Love you JB). I'm gonna pitch the show to the networks. Mayberry 2.5 ROFLMAO!!!!

Local News / Re: BREAKING NEWS Club Shooting at Oasis
« on: March 03, 2008, 05:05:15 PM »
I don't make the rumors, I just report them, right or wrong. Some people think I am a reporter, and call me with news.. LOL
That is one rumor i hope is true Rick.
I looked this Robert Ray Brown up on Mo. case net and they have a warrant issued and cash bond of $1,000,000.00.  I hope he gets what he deserves

Local News / Re: BREAKING NEWS Club Shooting at Oasis
« on: March 03, 2008, 05:06:47 AM »
Latest rumor is they are all still alive.

Local News / Race for Sheriff
« on: March 03, 2008, 02:09:59 AM »
Spoke To Terry Robertson last night, he is going to run for Sheriff..

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Re: Sneak Peek Sheriff's View
« on: March 02, 2008, 09:27:55 PM »
The Sheriff’s View #10, Week of March 3 to 7, 2008

Welcome aboard for another column. We had a very bad weekend and I will devote a considerable amount of time to one incident. Warning; I will vent and “whine” when I cover this incident. If you do not want to read the vent or whine then do not read this column. I have said many times now that Pulaski County has changed and that our law enforcement agencies must be able to send heavy-duty manpower into an emergency on very short notice. When I tell you we need more cars and Deputies I am simply informing you about matters that will affect your safety. I am not “whining” about the world. The incident I am going to write about is the type of incident I dread. And since the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department has the countywide jurisdiction then we are the guys who must be able to respond.

Our incident started a few minutes after midnight as the Friday night shift turned into the early Saturday morning shift. There were two St. Robert City Police Officers on routine patrol on the spur and they were near the Oasis Club when they heard a number of gunshots. They immediately turned into the club parking lot and they were also immediately overwhelmed by an estimated 300 people who were fleeing the club as fast as they could. They could see gunshot victims down inside the front door of the club. The officers issued a “send us every officer you can find call”. I believe St. Robert had five officers on duty at the time.

The Sheriff’s Department had just completed a shift change and we only had two Deputies on duty. They were dispatched to the scene. Our call out procedure was implemented by dispatch. Within 20 minutes we had 12 Deputies on scene. Some were Deputies who had just gone off duty from the Friday shift, some were Deputies on their day off and some were Command staff. Over the next two hours 5 more Deputies and one extra jail staff member reported for duty. We ended up with 17 Deputies and the Jail Administrator working the incident.

Four members of the reserve Detective unit reported in for duty. Three of them have cars assigned and they went straight to the scene. The fourth had to come to the office and it took him some time to find a car he could use.

I will not talk about the details of the St. Robert Police investigation nor about parts of our investigation but it will be sufficient to say that we had multiple crime scenes at multiple locations that needed to be processed for evidence by Detectives. There were I believe a total of 7 Detectives available counting the St. Robert Detectives. We needed about 15 to cover everything.

There were four gunshot victims at the club. Three had wounds that were serious to critical in nature. So we had lots of EMS people on the scene. With 300 possible witnesses to the shooting there was no way we could talk to or ID everyone who was there when the shots were fired. I believe the correct word is chaos. However numerous leads were developed very quickly. These leads sent officers and Deputies to several other locations. Within a few minutes we had priority jobs waiting for the next available officer and we were out of officers. We could have used 40 officers with ease.

Everyone who reported to the scene took his or her orders from the St. Robert City Police Department’s Operations Lieutenant who was in charge. One of the jobs he assigned was to locate a possible suspect in the shooting at a residence off Hackney Road, which is in the County outside the city limits. Two Deputies responded to that location. As they drove up to the house people were leaving. The Deputies made contact with them and while questions were being asked one Deputy noticed that there was a rifle and a pistol on the ground under the car next to these possible suspects.

Then the situation got worse. Another vehicle approached the house, saw the Deputies, and turned to leave. That turned out to be an older male with a 15-year-old female and drugs in the vehicle. They said they were not involved in the shooting they were just stopping there to buy more drugs. This touched off a daylong effort by the Reserve Detective Unit of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department to apply for and serve a total of four search warrants on both ends of the apartment duplex in question. I believe they finished by 4:00pm Saturday afternoon. And yes the search warrants were a success with guns, ammo, and drugs recovered.

While all of this was going on we were also looking for a person of interest in this incident and we had searched high and low for him all night. Once we got to a point Saturday afternoon where we could spare officers we sent them home for some sleep because we had already reached the conclusion that a retaliation shooting would be possible on the Saturday evening/Sunday morning shift and we were going to use all hands once again.

I am happy to report that the Saturday/Sunday shift was fairly quiet at least until 3:00am Sunday when I went home. There was one situation were shots were fired about one AM or so in the Misty Mountain area that turned out to be several “adults” sighting in a deer rifle. They had the opportunity to speak with a large number of concerned officers who conducted a surprise visit to the premises. The shooting stopped.

At this point I guess I feel a little better for I have vented. The Sheriff’s Department needs more help. As of 12:17 pm on Sunday March 2, 2008, our case number/calls for service count already stands at 1,462 for the year. I am listening to the scanner as I write this column. My two Deputies on duty are busy. One is currently working an open door on a residence that just had a burglar alarm sound and the other Deputy is headed for a domestic disturbance and will get backup from the St. Robert Police at that scene. I believe the MSHP was backing us up on the alarm call. Like I said we need more manpower to enable us to promptly and efficiently handle the workload that is thrown at us. This is a fact of life and it will only get worse.

In closing for this week I would ask all of you to drive careful and to stay legal. I know warm weather is just around the corner and everyone will go wild but please do not come to visit the jail, we do not need your business. But if you must visit the lights are on!

Local News / Re: BREAKING NEWS Club Shooting at Oasis
« on: March 02, 2008, 05:34:47 PM »
Rumor came in that one has died.. Do not know this to be a fact.