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Author Topic: Commentary from Canada  (Read 587 times)

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Commentary from Canada
« on: August 08, 2009, 03:00:07 AM »


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  President of the United States--Dictator-in-Chief Obama, Union thugs, Hitlerian, True evil Obama Tells US Citizen Opposition to Shut Up--or Else 
By Sher Zieve  Friday, August 7, 2009
Showing once again that he is no statesman--let alone President of the United States--Dictator-in-Chief Obama told his Union thugs to “get out there” and fight back against any and all US citizens who oppose both him and his programs.  So, at Town Hall meetings in both Tampa, FL and St. Louis, MO they did.  In Tampa, Randy Arthur was shoved up against a wall by purported SEIU thugs resulting in Arthur suffering chest injuries and a ripped shirt.  At the same meeting, a Democrat Party official--Karen Miracle--was photographed assaulting Barry Osteen who had disagreed with Miracle’s husband on ObamaCare. 
Note:  Obama has now advised his rent-a-thug groups to attack anyone who disagrees with him and to then say it “was the other side’s fault” for expressing opposition to the soon-to-be-US-Emperor.  This is also the same Dictator and Usurper Obama who said of US citizens opposing him:  “If they bring a knife to this fight, we bring a gun!” Please also note that Obama is the only one who has called for violence.  Obama now sounds more like a gang member than even a community organizer.  And this is the “leader” who represents the USA to foreign powers?
Then, at a Town Hall meeting in St. Louis, MO, Democrats snuck in SEIU union thugs (see below referenced video) who are shown attacking, beating to the ground and kicking patriot Kenneth Gladney.  This is Hitlerian, folks, and the same things that were affected by Hitler’s brownshirts in 1940s Nazi Germany!  Again--no one except Obama’s minions are fomenting violence.   Obama’s Internment and Resettlement camps
 Obama has also established a website for his supporters to report anyone and everyone--including their friends, neighbors and family members--who voice opposition to the dictator.  The White House and the Office of the President of the United States of America are now being used to oppress and shut up the American people.  And it appears that soon, those who have been “turned in” to the tyrant may soon begin to populate one of Obama’s Internment and Resettlement camps.  Never before in the history of the USA have we encountered this type of an elected leader--a leader who is considered to be the most powerful one in the world.  And he is now in the process of taking names, numbers etc. of his opposition for the eventual (if he is allowed to remain in office) roundup and “resettlement” of US citizen ObamaDissenters. 
Question:  Can you say concentration camps?  This truly and realistically is where all of Obama’s insatiable power and now overt true evil is leading us.  The only way to correct it seems to be a real revolution, folks, as it appears Obama and his adherents are not going to allow us to proceed peacefully. 
Dems Assault Obamacare Opponents at Tampa Bay Town Hall:
Democrat Official Karen Miracle Attacks Obama Opposer:
Tampa town hall meeting with Kathy Castor:
ObamaThugs beat patriot at St. Louis Town Hall meeting:
White House snitch blog:

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Re: Commentary from Canada
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2009, 06:22:14 PM »
I think this is probably overblown and I can't agree with yelling at the unions, at least not yet. I've spent a lot of time around union people in Michigan because blue collar workers  -- often unionized or benefitting from union pay scales at nearby plants that forced competitors to pay the same wages to compete -- were the foundation of the "Reagan Democrat" movement. My experience is that the union leaders and the rank-and-file are very different groups, and that there are a fair number of Ike Skelton equivalents on social issues and patriotic issues even at the top levels of the unions.
My general opinion is that the hecklers and screamers at the town halls prompted this response. There's a big difference between a civil discussion and some -- not all -- of what I've seen on these YouTube videos.
Yes, some of the protests WERE being organized by conservative or Republican groups. That's not a bad thing. But we can't expect conservatives to organize a noisy and screaming protest and liberals not to respond in kind with their organizing abilities.
The violence, however, is a whole different ball game. That must stop, it must stop quickly, and I suspect the union leadership will soon make very clear that one bad television shot or viral YouTube video could do as much damage to the unions as the Rodney King beating did for police.
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Re: Commentary from Canada
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2009, 06:46:58 PM »
The one that happened in St. Louis was AFTER the townhall meeting for Carnahan.  It was on the street and they genlteman they attacked was not engaging in the behavior of which you speak.  In my opinion, had he been armed, he would have been totally justified in shooting the hell out of them.  4 to 1 odds is not a good thing when you are the 1.  Fear for your life comes into play and the odds need to be narrowed.  If someone is seriously injured or killed, I lay it on the doorstep of Obama as he is the one encouraging the violence.  Chicago style politics is not going to work for an entire nation.  BTW, sometimes the only way to get those elitists in congress to listen is to shout and get your point across.  They don't want to hear anything that remotely disagrees with their plans for us.