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Title: Paramedic’s Corner: Bits and Pieces
Post by: darrellmaurina on March 05, 2009, 12:04:46 PM
The title of this week’s article is “Bits and Pieces” as none of the topics for this week are very long. First the recent snow storm: Sudden heavy snowfalls always present special challenges for an ambulance company. First of all, the motor vehicle crashes (MVC): Many of the crashes, fortunately, are slide-offs with minor injuries or no injuries. However, the ambulance is still required to respond and check out the people involved in the crash. The second big problem is that ambulance services are about not only emergency care and treatment of the sick and/or injured, but also transport. Therefore, a vehicle response is required and hence we face the same problems as everyone else: the possibilities of sliding off, crashing, or getting stuck. Getting up steep hills is always a challenge. The next huge problem is the interstate and the hospitals being thirty miles or more away. The next topic I wanted to explain to the readers concerns transports to the Harry S Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital in Columbia. The PCAD is glad to and will take our citizens to the VA hospitals, and we frequently do; however, the appropriate procedures must be followed. These are the VA’s procedures, not those of PCAD! The VA Hospital in Columbia does not have an emergency room. Therefore we are expected to take any emergency patient to an ER first and then transfer can be arranged later by the physicians. Read More on Pulaski County Daily ... (
By Gary Carmack, Ambulance Director