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Title: Flags around the Tank by Wal Mart
Post by: 2CardJohnE on July 19, 2015, 01:32:13 PM
It was posted on Facebook about flags being taken down because someone was offended by them, those were American and POW flags.   ...  WHY are AMERICAN FLAGS found Offensive ?   
Title: Re: Flags around the Tank by Wal Mart
Post by: fish on July 19, 2015, 10:14:24 PM
haven't seen anything on fb or the crocker chronicle
Title: Re: Flags around the Tank by Wal Mart
Post by: Lepard LLC on July 22, 2015, 01:49:29 PM
George Lauritson, Mayor of Saint Roberts replies.

I certainly appreciate the comments about the flags. I remember well as the mayor about 15 hears ago a vision to have military vehicles displayed around St Robert. I was able to find two M60 tanks, one came from Fort Leonard Wood (tan one) the other by Wal Mart was at Fort Drum and the city paid 25,000 back then to have it transport it here. The public works director at the time did an assume job coordinating the tanks movement and the requirements for their display. The one by Wal Mart had a pretty good paint job on it. The tan tank was given a fresh coat of paint before being placed by the Marine Detachment. The flag poles were converted from light poles from the old Wal Mart location. Since being elected this past April I have been working to clean up those memorials from no upkeep over the years. Somewhere over the years small flags were put up due to the poles being too close together. Then the cables broke and and flag poles became more rusted. That's when I arrived. After 15 years of no maintence. We have repainted the Camo tank. The tan tank the paint is in. The brushes around them has grown wild over the last 15 years. I decided on the observation of the flag poles condition, size of flags flown and cleanup of the areas. The plan to add the painted rock garden (to be added by Camo tank to recognize units on post, like NTC rotation units). Further upgrades to these memorials. Also, upgrades to the St Robert sign area by Kum and Go. So Please stand by, when making upgrades I thought I was the only one concerned about showing our support and pride by cleaning up these memorials. The focus in the past had not been on them. The tree comment reported is true, 15 years of tree growth and the flags cannot be seen, we need to address the problem, not cut the trees down. Whether a single flag pole at a proper height, good size flag and especially a plan to maintain all of this routinely. Not every 15 years. Again please wait till we are finished making these what I had visioned, something that we can be proud of. Look around St Robert, tanks, patriotic water tower, great welcome sign, Purple Heart city. Signs on walking bridge, etc. flags flown from fire truck. I want more displayed also, more to come, right now it's cleanup and fix up what we have and display it properly.