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Title: Prosecutor's Office Press Release 11-13-15-Response to Marijuana Rally
Post by: kevinhillman on November 13, 2015, 06:23:56 PM

I have become aware of efforts by a marijuana legalization advocacy group from Kansas City called Missouri Cannabis Restoration and Protection Act to question my actions in charging Delbert McKinnon of Crocker with the class C felony of Possession of a Controlled Substance, namely 62 grams of marijuana.
This group alleges that Mr. McKinnon is a Korean War veteran who uses marijuana for medicinal purposes.  To date, neither the defendant nor his attorney have provided any records of Mr. McKinnonís service to myself or my office.  In addition, I have not been provided any medical records or letters from doctors about the defendantís condition or why he needs to use marijuana.  If those records are provided, they will be taken into consideration as they are in every case we prosecute.
As this is an ongoing case, neither I nor any of my staff will comment further in regards to this specific case.  However, I want to assure the public that my office takes all factors into consideration when charging a case, and as facts become available during the course of a case, we consider those as well.  We will treat this defendantís case as we treat every case we handle, with fairness and in accordance with the law.
I have a duty as the Prosecuting Attorney, to uphold the law.  I took an oath to do just that.  The law in Missouri is that Possession of Marijuana is illegal.  It is defined by the Revised Statutes of Missouri as a controlled substance.  I understand that there are efforts underway, by groups such as this one, to legalize marijuana for multiple purposes, to include recreational use and medicinal purposes.  They have an agenda that they wish to promote and they are trying to use this case and this defendant to promote their agenda.
The proper place for that debate is with the legislature, who makes the law, and at the ballot box.  Until the law is changed, I will continue to enforce the laws at they were enacted by the both the Citizens of Missouri or their duly elected representatives in a fair and just manner.  That is the job for which I was elected to perform as the Prosecuting Attorney of Pulaski County.
Please direct all questions to Kevin Hillman, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney.