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Local News / Re: EMBEZZLEMENT theft at Waynesville School District ?????
« on: January 28, 2015, 08:39:07 PM »
"I do believe that the school district's insurance carrier did pay a claim covering much of the estimated loss and most of any restitution would be owed to the insurance company.  The case, as it was presented to me, was not ready for charges to be filed.  I requested a higher authority, the AG's Office, to take over.  I fail to see how a referral to a higher state agency for investigation was somehow covering this up.  " 

THOSE WORDS say so much.  Insurance companies are not in the business of paying claims when they can get out of it fact, most of the time they will fight tooth & nail to deny payment on a claim even if it has merit.  So what are we supposed to believe?  To your knowledge the ins. company covered the theft? 


 " This case arose from an audit conducted by the school district.  The auditor estimated a loss amount they believed may have been suffered.  The audit report was turned over to my office for possible criminal charges  However, the audit report was not sufficient to initiate a criminal prosecution in my opinion because it was mostly based on estimations and a criminal prosecution would need verified amounts with documentation. " 

I do think a Sunshine request should be made so this whole debacle can see the light of day.  Every citizen in Pulaski County who ever runs afoul the law is trotted out for public consumption in the media under the guise of innocent until proven guilty BUT none the less their purported transgressions are for public consumption regardless.  Why is this not the same for the person responsible for this transgression?  Why are they afforded the anonymity for what ever reason (fill in the blank).  I also find it hard to believe that any agency responsible for possible prosecution would refrain from doing so based on lack of record keeping when the person responsible for the transgression in the first place would of been instrumental in SAID record keeping to keep their theft covered up.  That is somewhat ludicrous wouldn't you say?  Oh.....  we don't have enough evidence because the person responsible did an excellent job (somewhat) of hiding their theft.  Really?  I mean REALLY? ...oh that makes it ok.  No biggie..... 

My anger over choosing not to prosecute a former public servant does not mean that I think similar crimes should be allowed to go un-prosecuted.  Two wrongs don't make a right, however, public servants are held to a higher standard.  You rely on the criminal to provide you with the records necessary to investigate them and hold them accountable??  That totally makes no sense and is ludicrous.  The fact that the ins company PAID the claim speaks volumes.  I would like to think that the citizens of Pulaski Co. WOULD want to know what is going on and what happened.  I would also like to think that there would be fair and equitable reporting of this investigation as I indicated earlier. 

We shouldn't have to rely on the SUNSHINE LAW to make an investigation of a public servant, paid by tax payer money, who STOLE from our school district, in order to have a transparent investigation.  Tax payers and our children deserve better.   

I have never seen this persons name on any of 'your lists' that you regularly publish for alleged infractions of the law in Pulaski Co.   Why is this?  Again, why should any citizen have to utilize the SUNSHINE LAW and dance around the proverbial bush to afford this individual their anonymity. 

Local News / Re: EMBEZZLEMENT theft at Waynesville School District ?????
« on: January 16, 2015, 04:01:42 AM »
...... as usual    *crickets*

Local News / Re: EMBEZZLEMENT theft at Waynesville School District ?????
« on: January 06, 2015, 04:39:05 PM »

You would think wouldn't you?  There is a wide schism in this county & surrounding area when it comes to prosecution of crime(s).  A lot depends on who you are, etc.  The fact that this individual stole thousands & thousands of dollars from our school district, our children, the taxpayers MEANS NOTHING to those that are 'investigating' it.  I'm sure that most likely the person involved was allowed to quietly make some sort of restitution of the monies in question & the authorities will most likely hope & pray that this just slowly dies on the vine.  Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh quiet.  Let's hope that the good citizens of Pulaski County forget all about it right? 

Now let us focus on all the other folks out there that are doing similar crimes involving money/theft.  The ones writing bad checks to local businesses which is also a theft of goods/monies.  They get their fannies handed to them by our local establishment.  They ARE held accountable for their actions even though their theft of goods/monies PALE in comparison to what this individual stole.  PALE IN COMPARISON.  They too, have to make full restitution for the money.  However the caveat is that THEY ARE PROSECUTED.  They have a criminal history.  They do not get afforded special consideration/treatment/handling. 

Yeah....  right.  Thoroughly & utterly DISGUSTING. 

I didn't forget.  I won't forget.  I am hoping that there are several others in Pulaski County that won't forget as well. 

We are watching & waiting. 

Local News / EMBEZZLEMENT theft at Waynesville School District ?????
« on: January 06, 2015, 06:47:45 AM »
I find it odd that this theft that was in the thousands of dollars has literally been swept under the rug.  Equally distressing is other criminals are being prosecuted for so much as writing a bad check(s), yet this individual will most likely never see the interior of a court room and receive punishment for their crime.  This is disgusting on many levels.  Kevin, I had posted about this from time to time and your response is always that it was turned over to another jurisdiction.  Wow....  does this not bother anyone other than me? 

Kevin your own words..... “These sentences send a strong message that criminal behavior will not be tolerated in Pulaski County,” said Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman. ...   

I guess it depends on who it is doesn't it?

Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: May 26, 2013, 02:32:08 AM »
Sorry, I am just not seeing this conspiracy theory you speak of in either case.

And I have seen nothing that doesn't disprove one either.  Tell me how long it takes to conduct an investigation when they (Waynesvillle School District) already conducted one enough to know that the money was gone in the first place and even had a dollar amount ?  Hillman backed off due to his ties to the many of the folks involved (and this I CAN understand) but really....  how long does it take with no word, no updates, no nothing.  Then tell me something to make me believe that something isn't being done to cover something up... because I CAN tell you if it were anyone of lesser status in the community their name would be ALL OVER THE PLACE....... 

Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: May 24, 2013, 05:35:36 PM »
That is EXACTLY the point that I am trying to make.  The person responsible for taking the money from the Waynesville School District is widely known by many folks (albeit some are still in the dark).  They have never been named even as an alleged embezzler because of their status in the community.  If it would of been Joe Schmoe you can better bet the farm that their name would of been emblazoned in every type of media available.  But no, they are being afforded different treatment because of who they are and the powers that be. 

Kevin Hillman has come out and stated that he has basically stood back because of his ties on numerous levels to this case.  This I can understand.  What I CANNOT understand is why there has been no further activity (and please do not insult me and tell me that it takes time to do such an investigation) as that is a true insult.  A crime was committed pure plain and simple.  I can tell you that I WOULD bet the farm that they are being given privileges that are not afforded to the common person. 

There has been NOTHING and I mean NOTHING said, no updates no nothing....   and like Rhonda's situation... it sickens me.  Just sickens me.  To think that the very people that I trusted with my safety and the safety of my family are this corrupt.  I know I know...  welcome to the real world right?  *sigh*...  this just sickens me...   

Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: May 24, 2013, 03:06:34 PM »
We are not a bunch of idgets on this board and for the most part everyone knows that you cannot release a name until charges are filed.  I'm sure the person involved is just waiting for someone to slip up and use their name and then they will be all over them like a chicken on June bug....   for the most part, I'm sure that everyone who knows anything in this county 'knows' who this person is.  The fact that nothing has been announced, no updates have been provided about the 'ongoing investigation (cough cough)'...   that we all know the flipping reason.  Call me whatever you wish, but I just have this little hunch that things are happening the way that they are so that the funds can be put back...  presto chango all is well....    No crime no foul ....    now you let a person of a different socio economic class in the county become the alleged perp and this would be emblazoned across the Waynesville Daily Guide and beyond. 

Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: May 24, 2013, 02:29:50 PM »
Kevin you don't need to trot out the same comments as before... we all understand the 'whys' ....  I want to know WHY it still hasn't been resolved and the information made public?  THAT part is what is annoying the tar outta me and I'm sure several others in this area.  A theft occurred.  MONEY IS MISSING and it isn't chump change either.  I know the wheels at the state level can move slow but c'mon now... this slow?  No updates nothing?  We are not mushrooms.  We are tax paying citizens and we deserve the right to know what is going on (if anything).

Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: May 24, 2013, 12:31:06 AM »
I know exactly who it is and I agree... NOTHING, nada, zippity do dah, ......   like what happened is just going to get swept under the proverbial good ole' boy rug....  or forgotten....  OOPSY..  I don't think so....     

Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: May 23, 2013, 07:37:38 PM »
Speaking of a 'coverup'....  why have we STILL not had a resolution or any more news on the MONEY MISSING FROM THE WAYNESVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT ???  All we hear is that the state is investigating.   Well I pay for all my state office holders salaries...  I would like some answers on that while we are talking about coverups....   

Pulaski Enquirer / Re: happy birthday carpenter
« on: June 04, 2012, 10:15:57 PM »
Thank you ! BBQ Brisket is in the slowcooker...homemade cake courtesy of my husband Mike...   all in all today IS a good day....  thank you again for the well wishes...   ::D:


 I think it is a choice.. some say there is a gay gene and some people are born gay.... NO one will know until we get to Heaven and talk to God. All I ask is DON'T flaunt your belief in my face. Don't make out and grope your significant other in public for my children to see.  I don't grope and make out with  my husband in public. It is called respect of others and yourself!!! I took my children home from a public pool because two women were groping eachother and making out in the pool. I would have taken them home even if it was a man and women. I think some not all gay couples want to make a big deal about being gay and want attention. Why else would you put on a public display like those two women did at the pool?

c'mon now....using that analogy as a basis for your beliefs against homosexuality is just 'out there'.  I have been more offended in my 50+ years on this planet by opposite sex couples groping/making out and I can count on ONE hand and have many fingers left over the times that I have even remotely or mildly been offended by a same sex couples PDA display. 

Comments like this don't serve to do anything other than to sensationalize a situation.  Lets use your comments as a benchmark for all same sex couples.  Your disclaimer that not all same sex couples falls flat...kind of like giving someone positive feedback but then saying "BUT".. and totally negating everything positive that you just said ...   There are always going to be folks in ALL walks of life that are over the top and out there with anything and everything that they do.  To use that as the basis of your argument proves what? 

Sorry but I don't buy into that though process .....

My reference in using breast cancer research was to show a highly relevant side to medical research and gene tracking which was obviously lost to you - go figure .    ***(((*

Another comment you made " why have some former gays reverted back to hetrosexuality "  First of all the word is HETERO not hetro and have you looked up the word bisexual?  To say that because a person who has had sexual relations with both women and men , although one sex solely for any period of time only to revert back to the opposite sex does not mean that they are homosexual.  It means that they are BISEXUAL and they are drawn to both sexes. 

I think (might be wrong but I doubt it) that you are a true homophobe.  You lead a very rigid and sheltered life overall.  Wildly lashing out at anything that you feel is against what you hold as "normal".  You truly do not understand the concepts presented,  so well thought out relevant posts to you are just a waste of time and space.   You never answer questions posted to you nor do you respond to facts when given that are widely supported by the medical community.  Other than to say comments like  "
but you can't prove there is a gay gene because there ain't one! "...  like that is a well educated thought out response.   I could turn around and say pardon the NEENER NEENER NEENER ...  YOU CAN'T SAY THAT THERE ISN'T ONE BECAUSE THEY HAVEN'T FOUND IT YET ~! 

Such ideology is akin to the nutjobs of Westboro Baptist Church where they spew hatred just because they can.  You can't present any relevant factual information to them because they don't care.  All they want is chaos and discord.  They don't want to understand, they don't want to listen.  Very close minded and shuttered with hate and contempt.

....   My dad's old saying comes to mind (God rest his soul)...   I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

'nuff said 

Yet again you deflect proven medical research with words ....  easy to hide behind words isn't it?  I'll answer your inane parry with my proven facts.  It took medical science YEARS & YEARS and millions of dollars of research to prove a fact that was widely surmised I.E. Breast Cancer genetic link. So the fact that they haven't been able to isolate something similar with homosexuality makes it ?

The comment made about male breast cancer being rare and somehow laughable since you don't see the relevance is deplorable.  It shows just how little regard you feel for your fellow man.  That somehow something that takes lives is indeed LOL LOL according to you. 

Tell that to a former close friends of mine (family) who lost their husband/brother/father to breast cancer. 

Rest in Peace
Robert Dee Scott
Date: October 19th, 1948 - September 19th, 2007
Waynesville Memorial Chapels

I'm sure that they would take offense to your LOL LOL....   

I feel sorry for you...  and glad that I am not like you.....

Maynard that was a good one...   

Fish...  your argument is lame, there is much research to show that there IS something to support that some folks are just born oriented a certain way.  Just like the research into what causes diseases... for example breast cancer.  Millions of millions of women and even men have died from breast cancer over the years.  Drs. just knew that in many instances that there had to be a genetic familial link but couldn't prove it.  Millions of dollars of research went into this and it took YEARS for them to finally find a marker gene that is showing some promise in helping those with a genetic coding for this insipid disease. 

Now using your own thinking...   all those years that families suffered death after death, "knowing " that there had to be something to the fact that breast cancer ran in their family.  Does the fact that science just now is finding this out make the deaths of their loved ones not significant or relevant to the facts?

You can't cherry pick and use words to support your stance that you are a homophobe and anything or everything to do with homosexuality is taboo to you.  We get that.  We understand that .  That is your right to feel that way.  Just be prepared to garner attention when you post information on a public open forum that doesn't fall in goose step with your thinking. 

I just don't see the big whoop about all of this.  I have plenty of friends and acquaintances that are straight, bi or homosexual.  I treasure them for the beautiful people that they are and not what they do in the privacy of their homes.

That is your opinion (which you are entitled to)  Please understand that numerous studies from reputable researchers have proven otherwise.  I'm not just talking about biased reporting supporting opposing views but actual investigative research for research sake so there isn't an agenda to prove or disprove. 

Also you are splitting hairs with your comment made " same sex marriage is an abnormal relationship ".  You say you aren't calling them abnormal but in fact you truly are. 

I have never understood folks who slam and bash something that they don't understand or don't believe in themselves.  I'm not a Jew but I don't denigrate their practices and beliefs.  I'm not Muslim either (and contrary to popular belief true Muslims ARE peaceful people)...etc...  I seek to peacefully coexist with my fellow man.  As long as they are decent and kind people what difference does it make what they do in the privacy of their homes just the same as what difference does it make to me what YOU do in the privacy of your home? 

I was raised not to judge another man lest I be judged.  Who am I to castigate and persecute someone who doesn't share my practices and beliefs. 

I respect your right to your own beliefs...  but until you have been singled out and denied a right that that should be yours to have you will never understand why they protest, march, etc.  Go back and read your history.  Civil Rights movement, Women's right to vote movement, etc.  The folks involved in those situations thought that their issues were a big deal so why would Gay individuals feel any different and moreso why should they?

My gosh.. I think I understand you know.. how dare they think that they could have the same rights as you or I have?  That is why they march and demand their rights.  It is because they DON'T have the same rights that you and I enjoy.  Then again, those type of drastic actions have been taken by other persecuted races/groups over the passage of time right?  So that means that they were all wrong as well?  No, it means that you don't agree with their lifestyle therefore you lash out at them ... I'm not asking you to embrace their choices but your comments you make are the very reason they march....

I will weigh in on the subject.  Some of the comments made absolutely sicken me.  To tell someone that they are abnormal and therefore could not contribute in a positive way is discrimination pure and simple.  Where do we stop?  What about the hetero couples that cannot have children without artificial reproductive assistance?  Lets go further.  Those that are severely disabled (mentally and/or physically)..  I could go on and on...  I am not homosexual nor bisexual but you can be damned sure that I am not going to go around and castigate and judge another person because I am not a homosexual/bisexual person.  What consenting adults do between them is THEIR business and it surely isn't mine.  If I judge a person it is based on their capacity to love and to be a good individual. 

I honestly don't even care if someone wants to judge me because of my stance.  It doesn't bother me one little bit....  I am very comfortable with who I am , what I believe (faith) and I know that my God is a loving god........ 

State News / Re: Mo. woman wins $5.8M in 'Girls Gone Wild' case
« on: May 01, 2012, 03:44:19 PM »
Just because a person is wronged in such a manner comments made that could sully her reputation in a derogatory manner are just as repugnant as the whole Girls Gone Wild company.  She was in a bar having a good time and she was not an active participant.  That alone is supported by the court findings.  To suggest that she can now pay for augmentation or would even want to (or need to) is sexist and debasing.  She is someone's (now) wife, mother, sister, and daughter.  I don't blame her for being upset ...she found out about her "15 minutes of fame" after she was married and someone came to her and told her about the video ...

Military Opinion / Re: Don`t disrespect Obama
« on: April 30, 2012, 07:54:08 PM »
Have you not ever heard the quote "take the high road"...  if you are trying to provide insightful commentary as well as have some semblance of intelligence and integrity WHY do you engage these people that you state stalk you and post derogatory remarks ? 

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...  most often it IS a duck.  Your point is ???

You are no better than they are by engaging them in conversation.  You lower yourself to their standards and you just cannot help yourself to comment.  Sometimes a wise man says nothing....

think about THAT .....   :wink1a:

Military Opinion / Re: Don`t disrespect Obama
« on: April 30, 2012, 04:50:45 PM »
Again you are not seeing MY point.  I too am not interested in being "popular" on this website.  Goodness gracious my KARMA bounces up and down on the whim of whoever I have pi$$ed off (btw I don't care).  There are folks that do care it seems as evidenced by their constant back clapping head nodding ways (more power to em')  ***(**&

I can see where you are coming from in sharing information that you find relevant or even thought provoking...  BUT...  it means more when you are able to digest that information and actually speak from YOUR own point of view instead of just parroting another person/author. 

Mark, again please listen to what I am saying.  Be inquisitive, be thought provoking, but TRY to just be YOURSELF.  All anyone sees on this website is the Mark that copies/pastes ad nauseum and when someone dares say something against what you have posted you attack. 

AGAIN...  think about it.....   ???

Military Opinion / Re: Don`t disrespect Obama
« on: April 30, 2012, 03:43:20 PM »
Mark....   There are times when copying/pasting is indicated...but I think what frustrates/annoys/irritates folks on this board is that you do it ALL the time.  Very rarely will you digest the information that you specifically state that you research (per your post) and relate your own thoughts on it IN your own words. 

I'm all for clarity when posting a quote is indicated but that seems to be 95% of what you do. 

I don't know you well ....  and you very well might be an intelligent well read person BUT you really detract from yourself when you repeatedly do this.  It gets old... almost like you cannot think for yourself.  You cannot formulate your own thoughts on things...that you feel that you have to copy/paste verbatim what someone else has taken the time to write. 

Think about it....

Military Opinion / Re: Don`t disrespect Obama
« on: April 30, 2012, 03:10:25 PM »

I will wade into the fray.  I'm curious though.  WHY is it whenever anyone questions you on a post or comment that you have made you immediately go on the defensive and start attacking someone in such a fashion as

" must have a education past the third grade to understand my posts! Going to the third grade for four years doesn't count. My suggestion to you is: put down the bottle, divorce your sister, go back to school and try a little harder this time, then do fifty years of constant reading and research. and maybe...just maybe you can understand the Markster! "

I'll bite....  I have an education WELL past your criteria limits (college educated AND school of hard knocks tyvm) I drink very rarely, I'm not married to my brother, I read incessantly and am always learning ( I'm a curious person)  I'm not a sheeple either.  I ALSO WANT IT TO BE KNOWN THAT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU.  From time to time I think I might see a glimmer of some point you are trying to make but you typically will totally trash that with all the other rhetoric that you post. 

With all that said, I am now wondering if
A: you will ignore my post
B: Try to come up with something witty that has nothing to do with it or
C: Try to attack me? 


Restaurant Opinion / Re: Stefano's
« on: April 23, 2012, 03:24:39 PM »
I can understand a boss being demanding regarding his employees but there is much more to this situation.  There were issues long before he opened his own restaurant ( he worked for years at Alex's in Rolla).  He has issues that are crystal clear to anyone that has ever worked closely with him.  Our daughter worked for him off and on and saw much.  Issues weren't just with employees...   I wish him all the best and hope that he can make a go of it again ...  he did have a good product...  just hope that he learns to deal with the other not so cool problems......

Hope that this works out well for everyone involved.  You get mold because of moisture issues.  Even if you fix the moisture issues you will still have a long standing issue of mold riddling that entire structure.  Using bleach does not make the problem go away - look at all the sites up from CDC / EPA and others that professionally treat moldy buildings.  My DH has taught in that school for years and it was bad very very BAD.  Slapping on some more paint, putting flooring down over the wet carpets/floors, or putting more wallboard up does not fix the mold issues.  That is what was done at least in the areas that he observed.  What happened?  The mold came right back and why?  Because it wasn't eradicated in the first place. 

There is not one male nurse that runs the entire E.R. Mark...  that is just an utterly ridiculous statement.  This young lady was in the hospitality room which I believe is like a room for families to stay in (remember we don't have a Ronald McDonald House in this area) while their loved one is in the hospital.  This young lady had just had a baby I believe 4 days prior and I believe the little one was slightly premature ..not due til the end of the month so he was still an inpatient.  She was found deceased in her room (the hospitality room)...  without knowing I am leaning towards an embolism which can happen after delivery.  Lost a good friend of mine years ago from this.  We were both pregnant at the same time and she had her baby a few days prior to mine and was the picture of health.  Threw an emboli and she was dead before she fell to the floor.  It was tragic...     

Pulaski County Sheriff Press Releases / Re: PCSD- Identity of Fire Victim
« on: January 19, 2012, 10:25:27 PM »
If he was raised from such a young age by someone surely there has to be some knowledge of his blood relatives?  How would a child at such a young age end up in a predicament like that....  very glad to know that he was a beloved member of the it seems indeed he did have family.. his chosen one which when you think of it..means more ...   

Pulaski County Sheriff Press Releases / Re: PCSD- Death Investigation
« on: January 18, 2012, 03:40:11 PM »
*sigh*...  so sad ----  I know him ....   

Crime Stopper / Re: Hwy 28 Break-ins
« on: January 17, 2012, 04:18:35 PM »
We are lucky ... someone is always at home... along with some very very large dogs that are uber protective.  One being 130lb Heike our Great Dane calf that will great you "if" you manage to get in the door - among other surprises ....   :wink1a:

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