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I have heard that the City of Waynesville is trying to adopt a City Ordnance that there City Building Inspector along with the Waynesville Police Department Escorting them, If voted in they could apply for an Adminstrative Search Warrant for someones private property through there City Judge. Has anyone heard anything about this? WHY is the City of Waynesville getting into the business of issuing City Search Warrants? And ESPECIALLY with the Police Department escorting the Building Inspector going onto someones private property entrying someones house, apartment or whatever and if the Building Inspector is there for building code violation or violation's or because there is a large amount of trash in the yard or the building is causing an eye sore, why a POLICE presence? So if an officer sees something criminal in nature HOWEVER he/she is not there for criminal activity could it not lead to a criminal case because he/she was escorting the BUILDING INSPECTOR and it became plain view to the Officer. I am all for getting criminals HOWEVER in my opinion the means does not justy the ends what are the boundaries of the POLICE? What do you think about this?

Hereís a way maybe we can win some money for one of our local fire depts. I really donít care which one you go vote for since they all do an outstanding job and they all really need the money badly.  So email all your local friends and get the ball rolling, we only have till the end of the month to get entries in.  Someone has got to win so why not one of our local depts.  Circuit City and are sponsoring this contest. 
I have included the link for you to go enter, only one entry per email addy.  I think we can all spare the 10 to 15 minutes it may take to enter for being able to sleep well at night knowing these dedicated folks our here for us. 

Link to go enter:

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