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City Government Opinion / Crocker City Council at it again?
« on: April 18, 2008, 02:16:59 PM »
More of a question right now. What are the rules for closed sessions for City Councils? My understanding is they can only have a closed session for real estate, and a personnel problem? Why exactly is Crocker having closed sessions so much and not letting certain people in? Like pretty much the whole City Hall:  Mayor, Admin, etc.
Seems to me some people are thinking they run this town, and are trying to get rid of all the workers here. Since I know most of them, and know they do their jobs, is this a grudge,  from the last fiasco (when they let someone there go for not doing their job) which is a BIG issue with some of the guys (hmmmm) or an honest attepmt to help Crocker? (Doubtful)
We freaked when the Mayor resigned, whom has came back since then....but the same person who wanted him to go is still raising a fuss. Having closed session ALOT, and with some people but not others..... So back to the original question: What are the rules for closed sessions?

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