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Local News / Tires Slashed at St. Robert Wal-mart
« on: June 25, 2010, 04:33:59 AM »
Wed. night, June 23 approximately 8 Wal-mart employee's vehicles had their tires slashed. Wal-mart employees usually don't make that much money and now they are burdened with the cost of paying their insurance deductibles, or just paying outright for new tires. I don't know if they caught the person(s) that did it, but I sure hope so!

I take pictures for Memorial Day I went to the Thompson Cemetery and it was so overgrown, I couldn't tell where the headstones were. Is there someone looking for an Eagle Scout project? Or a group looking for a volunteer project? Or just a couple of people that can spend a day working to clean this cemetery up? You will need garden shovels (the kind that is curved to a point, to dig up large plants), heavy-duty weedeaters, & something to cut weeds with. To get to the cemetery you have to go through Ft. Wood. It is NOT ON Ft. Wood property, though.
Directions: From St. Robert, go to Ft. Leonard Wood. From Missouri Ave., turn left onto First Street. Just after crossing the railroad tracks, turn left onto FLW K to go towards the SPORTMAN'S CLUB. [When youturn left, it will be 5.1 miles to the cemetery.] Go past the Sportman's Club following the curve to the left. Go through the "Boundary Gate" 1.7 miles to the first cemetery sign (brown). Turn left at this sign. Go 1.6 miles until the road ends. The cemetery is at the end of the road.
All help is appreciated!  ::)

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