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Local News / Swedeborg Residents Be Aware
« on: June 08, 2008, 04:14:45 AM »
Hello.  I wanted to make residents in Swedeborg aware of an attempted robbery.  At Approx. 5 AM this morning my father was asleep on his couch, when he awake to someone opening his front door.  We never use the front door, so he realized right away that something was not right.  He yelled "Who Is It?"  And he heard a male's voice yell "Run".  He jumped up and tried to see if he could get a look at them but was unable to see anyone.  Its pretty scary because they have plenty of things like lawn mowers etc outside that could have easily been taken.  But whoever they are must of really wanted to get inside.  I just thought residents should be aware.  I know that crime is everywhere, but its creepy when it takes place in a little town like Swedeborg.  Also, if anyone has any information, please feel free to contact the Sheriff's Dept.  Thank you!

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