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County Government Opinion / Should Judge's Impose Stiffer Bond's?
« on: August 04, 2012, 02:32:54 PM »
As a lifelong Pulaski Co citizen, I see the same people getting arrested time and time again. I see that the Judge's are setting petty bonds allowing the criminals to bond out. Why not set stiffer bonds? For one thing, you will have the bondsman more vested, and if they jump bail on lets say $100K, you can bet your last dollar that the bondsman will find them. Another thing, if they are imposing these petty $20k bonds, these criminals can post that without hesitation, then they are right back out selling, cooking drugs, stealing...etc. I believe we should all lean our Judge's and make sure they are setting stiffer bonds. We put them behind that bench to protect us! They say that they don't want to flood the system with "non violent" offenders. I say they are all "violent" offenders. We don't want thieves and or drug abusers, cookers, or dealers on our streets, just as much as we don't want murderers, molesters, or rapists.  Lean on our judge's! Make sure that they know that they work for us. The police force works hard to catch these criminals, and I feel the Judge's are slapping them in the face when they set a petty bond for these people to bond out! Call them, email them, whatever we need to do to get our point across, needs to be done!

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