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Local News / Re: Waynesville summer school?
« on: April 15, 2010, 12:13:45 AM »
I was told that by May 6th the state will have a decision on whether or not they will fund summer school if they do not fund it the school board then has to decide whether or not as a district we want to pay for summer school to be in session. If they do have it and we have to fund it as a district it is going to be very limited and the possiblity of only the highschool running summer school is high. If I hear anything else I'll be sure to let you guys know!

Military Opinion / Re: repeal of don't ask don't tell
« on: February 28, 2010, 04:59:28 PM »
As people have said before you dont have to hang out with anyone outside of the work place. If your not comfortable with someone being gay then what does that have to do with the work place? Just because you don't know someone is gay doesn't mean they arent. If they are gay then they've been gay the whole time you've worked with them and you'd never know but just because everyone knows about their sexuality they are all of a sudden a different person? That shows alot about someones character. I read on someones post that it comes down to differ in values. To me values and religion are alot alike. They are different for every person nobody believes the EXACT same thing. There are small details that are different for everybody or the extent you take it in your life may not be that of someone else. What you believe is what you believe and everyone is entitled to their own but why judge someone else based on theirs? People don't automatically label you off because of your relgion so why should sexuality be any different? It's a personal issue and if someone wants to discuss it then they opened up that box. A gay person will go through most of the same struggles a straight person goes through and has many of the same stresses. So why is it necessary to judge someone based on what they do behind closed doors? You only have to work with them and you work with them EVERYWHERE. You don't have to discuss their sex life or anything about them personally but that has nothing to do with the job! Which the is the whole reason you are at work not to make friends but to make money and accomplish the job you are being paid for.
As for recruitment if people no longer want to join the military because of gay people they have a rude awakening coming in the rest of society. Every job I have ever had I have worked with atleast one gay person and they did their job just like everyone else. The military has benefits that most other jobs dont offer and has a secure income with many other slight perks. If a straight man/woman doesnt want to join the military because he could possibly be working with a gay man/woman its time to catch up on society. It's adapting and one day gays will be allowed to get married and do everything that a straight couple can do with obvious exceptions that just arent possible. Why not put the military in motion as well?

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