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County Government Opinion / Re: Pulaski co Sheriff dept losing evidence
« on: September 27, 2007, 03:43:40 PM »
Morale is the responsibility of the leader-in=charge.  Would an army officer complain  to his charges about the condition of his battalion's equipment  or their outdated vehicles?  Would a teacher complain to his students about the lack of textbooks or desks?  Would a plant manager tell his workers that production is impossible due to the conditions in the plant?  No.  These people are responsible for positive output.  They are responsible for high morale in the workplace.  The leader-in-charge let's his or her superiors handle complaints, needs, and morale busting issues. Nobody wants to be around a whiner.  Nobody enjoys a complainer.  This woe-is-me attitude is leading your 'troops" nowhere and sending the public a message that your office is in complete disarray.  We want to hear the positives.  Tell us about your existing officers-not the "great" ones that are leaving.  Give us pictures of their day at work.  Do they ever have positive moments?  Do they ever go to the schools, resthomes, and businesses?  Do they like to hunt or fish in their spare time?  Yes, they are extremely busy when they are on duty.  Tell us the good things that they are doing.  Leave your complaints about the vehicles for your superiors to take care of.  We, the public, need to have confidence in your  department.  When I read your column, I just get a feeling of hopelessness about your department.  I wonder how such a sad-sack outfit could keep me and my loved ones safe.  You are not only dragging the morale of your men down, you are dragging the morale of the public down as well.  Snap out of it.  Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.  Quit your bellyaching and tackle the job with confidence and enthusiasm. Show us that you like your job and that you are capable of  doing it.  Show some signs of mature LEADERSHIP.

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