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Kevin Hillman, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney, announces that today in the Circuit Court of Maries County, George Harry Widener of Jerome, Missouri was sentenced to ten years confinement in the Department of Corrections with the Court retaining jurisdiction under section 559.115 R.S. Mo on the charge of involuntary manslaughter while intoxicated.  Mr. Widener had pled guilty to the charge in December.  By the Court retaining jurisdiction, Mr. Widener has the possibility of being released earlier and being placed on probation if he successfully completes a substance abuse program and the Judge allows it.
The victim in this case was Donald Nelson, a Waynesville teacher, baseball coach, and radio announcer.    Mr. Widener struck Mr. Nelson, who was on a motorcycle, on Old Route 66 after Mr. Widener turned the wrong way into oncoming traffic in a truck.  Mr. Widener was intoxicated at the time with a BAC of .214%.
ďAlthough I had asked the Court for the maximum of fifteen years, I believe that the ten year sentence is appropriate punishment for this crime.  I do not support letting Mr. Widener out early as his reckless behavior has taken away a valuable member of the community from all of us and a father, brother, grandfather, and uncle away from the members of his family.  I hope that this case sends a message that drinking and driving will not be tolerated and the effects of such reckless behavior can be devastating on innocent victims,Ē said Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman.
The Prosecutorís Office wishes to thank the Nelson family for their assistance and the St. Robert Police and Fire Departments, especially Sgt. Butch Hohman and Ofc. Dan Wogan for their hard work responding to and investigating this case.  The Prosecutorís Office also wishes to thank former Prosecuting Attorney Deborah Hooper and Assistant Attorney General Ted Bruce for their prior work on this case.

Please direct all questions to Kevin Hillman, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney.



Kevin Hillman, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney announces that he has restarted the Prosecutorís Office aggressive bad check collection program.  In order to assist merchants with the losses caused by bad checks, the Prosecutorís Office has available guides for merchants that give information on how to accept a check that allows for future prosecution in the event of a dishonored check.  In addition, the Prosecutorís Office has signs available for merchants to display indicating that they are participating in the Prosecutorís Office bad check program.

ďAlthough the use of checks has declined with the increase of debit and credit cards, bad checks remain a problem.  Failing to pay after a check bounces is a form of theft.  This behavior drives up prices for everyone and law abiding citizens in Pulaski County should not be victimized by this conduct.  My office will be aggressive in order to try and minimize the damage bad checks cause,Ē said Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman. 

If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of the bad check guide or a sign, please contact the Prosecutorís Office at 573-774-4770 and ask to speak with the bad check clerk.  In addition, if you are the victim of a bad check, please contact the office to inquire how to properly report the offense. 

Please direct all questions to Kevin Hillman, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney.

161 boxes of closed cases out of the prosecutor's office today.  Boy, talk about Spring cleaning.  A special thanks to the Western District Road crew for all of their help today.  We worked pretty hard!  This storage area was completely empty when we started today.

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Kevin Hillman, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney announces that charges have been filed against John Davis-Raikes for the Christmas Day shooting of a Labrador Retriever named Lillie in Crocker with an air rifle or pellet gun.  The charges filed are property damage, a class D felony, animal abuse, a class A misdemeanor, and armed criminal action, an uncategorized felony.

This case was investigated by the Crocker Police Department. 

The Prosecutorís Office reminds everyone that these charges are merely an accusation and this individual remains innocent until proven guilty.

Please direct all questions to Kevin Hillman, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney.

The Pulaski County Prosecutorís Office is seeking applications for a part time criminal clerk.  The criminal clerk is responsible for assisting the attorneys with preparing documents, filing, assisting in court and other tasks as assigned.  Starting pay for this position is $9.00 per hour and is currently a 20 hour per week position with the possibility of more hours in the future.  If interested, please respond by January 10, 2011 with a resume to  The Pulaski County Prosecutorís Office is an equal opportunity employer.

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