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« on: June 23, 2010, 04:26:52 AM »
Hopefully I can answer some of the questions asked.  On the golf course, yes it will fit.  We had the golf course designer lay it out with the future road and buildings already added.  We will put the design out in the city building if you want to see it, or I'll see if I can upload it here tomorrow.  We chose a Par 3 course because there is not one in this area.  These courses are great for beginners because they are short and easy to play.  Also great for kids and seniors.  If you have never played, this is the place to start.  We have already been talking about what types of clinics and camps we can do up there next year.
We had to obligate the money fairly quickly because we have a time limit on the bonds we issued as a result of the park tax for the pool.  We have been adding improvements below our estimated costs so we have been able to do more than we thought originally.
The baseball fields and soccer fields would not have worked without tearing out all of the trees and lots of earthwork.  It was just not something that was cost productive.  We are looking at adding fields in other areas.
The fishing pond will be free, but you will have to have a Missouri fishing license.  It will be stocked with catfish, bluegill, and bass.  We are adding fish structures to allow them to grow big.  It should be a nice addition.
We are also considering a disc golf course and hiking trails in the Plattner Park addition.  Is there anything else folks want to see. (Please be serious and think of the cost).  I'll take the suggestions to the park committee. 

County Government Opinion / Re: How's the Prosecuting Attorney Doing?
« on: June 14, 2010, 01:24:42 PM »
I'll have to resign as city attorney for St. Robert and municipal judge for Waynesville.

Mr. Hillman Sir.
I have a question if you don't mind.
Of all the Jobs that you are doing now, how many will you have to give up if You win your bid for the Pulaski county Prosecutor?

County Government Opinion / Re: How's the Prosecuting Attorney Doing?
« on: June 14, 2010, 03:43:55 AM »
I wanted to respond to Darrell's post because I think some of what he wrote needs clarification and a response from me.  I realize it was Darrell's opinion and he was simply responding to what others said, so I have no problem with what he said.  I am just adding my two cents.

1.  On being "relatively new to this county."  I realize this is a matter of opinion on how long you have to live somewhere to not be new, but I don't think I just showed up here.  I have lived in this community for nearly 10 years (I came here in 2000 and the family came and bought our first home here in 2001).  We built our second house here last year and we intend on staying.  We fell in love with the area and the people and chose to stay even though I could have moved several times.  I just wanted to clarify if someone questioned how long my family has been here.

2.  On handling the caseload.  Yes, I was a military prosecutor and I am currently the chief prosecutor in the Missouri National Guard.  I have also been a civilian prosecutor.  For 3 years, part of which I was still in law school, I worked for the Butler County, Ohio Prosecutor's office in Hamilton, Ohio.  This is the suburban county north of Cincinnati and south of Dayton with a population of 400,000.  When I was there the office had 43 assistant prosecutors.  I had the privilege of working up from a law clerk to serving as an assistant prosecutor after I passed the bar.  I handled all sorts of cases, including my own misdemeanor docket where I had charging authority.  I handled nearly 3,000 cases per year and it was busy as I-75 ran right through the middle of my jurisdiction.  I left the office when I came on active duty in the Army to repay my ROTC obligation.  Even in the Army I prosecuted in the civilian arena as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney.  There, I prosecuted misdemeanors and felonies in Magistrate Court and U.S. District Court in Springfield.  I have also handled over 3000 cases per year in St. Robert as the municipal prosecutor, something I am still doing today.  So, my point is that with my experience as a civilian prosecutor I think I understand the difference between civilian and military prosecutors and the way the offices run. I also am confident that I can handle the caseload based upon my experience gained over the years.

3.  My National Guard Service.  I hope that no one holds it against me that I continue to serve my country and state in the Guard.  Military service is important to me, that's why I did 5 years on active duty and have been in the Guard since 2006.  I find it a little odd that my opponents having no military service (save Ms. Hooper's service on Active Duty in the Army which should be commended) is not questioned, and seen as a plus?  I have 2 kids and a wife so I always have a Plan B if I get the call and have to deploy and serve my country.  For the prosecutor's office, it is quite simple.  I plan on hiring folks who I trust, and can trust if that happens.  I would also use my salary while I would be gone to add attorneys.  I would not double dip.  My assistant would become the acting prosecutor and additional assistants would be added in my absence to fill the gap.  I will also note that there are 2 current county prosecutors in the Guard with me, a Circuit Judge, and 2 others running for county prosecutor, so I am not unique.  I do not plan on micromanaging this office so my assistants will be ready and well qualified to fill the void for the 12 months I could be gone if ever deployed.

4.  On not being known.  I'll agree with Darrell on this one.  I am sure that I am not as well known as some others in this race, however I am not sure they are known for the right reason.  On the other hand, I haven't been a hermit either.  I am an active member of the Waynesville United Methodist Church and have been the trustee chair and financial secretary in the past.  I belong to the United Methodist Men and served as the treasurer for a number of years.  I am currently on the Stewardship/Finance Committee.  My family and I didn't start going to church when I decided to run for office, we have been regular attendees since we moved here and became members when we decided to stay here.  I am a member of the Rotary Club and will be on the board of directors this year.  I am a member of Waynesville Lodge #375 A.F.& A.M.  I am also an active member of the Pulaski County Shrine Club.  I am a member of the Scottish Rite. I referee youth and high school soccer.  I have been president of the Pulaski County Bar Association and have been the treasurer for several years.  I am a graduate of the Missouri Bar's Leadership Academy in 2006 and serve as the Chair of the Military Law Committee.  I am the Municipal Judge in Waynesville (hey, for the St. Robert City Attorney to be appointed the judge in Waynesville means someone must think I am ok).  If you don't know me and want to meet me, call me 336-0788 and I am happy to meet for lunch or whatever. 

5.  On Jeff Thomas being the son of a local lawyer and growing up here carrying weight.  I have had quite a few people from Dixon tell me that Jeff did not grow up in Dixon but lived for the majority of his childhood with his mother in the St. Louis area and did not attend or graduate from Dixon High School.  I am only repeating what I have been told, so someone should check into that if it carries weight to you.  I do not think Jeff's father should be an issue except to point out that for every case that his father would serve as defense counsel, the county would have to pay for a special prosecutor.  When I served as a special prosecutor in the past, I billed the county $100.00 per hour.  That could add up to a lot.

6.  My record is available, including my resume with dates, on my website at  My academic record is there as well (I think I graduated from 2 fine institutions of higher learning, Centre College and the University of Cincinnati College of Law).  I always welcome any questions or comments.  Again, if you want to meet me, just give me a call.  I'll also be out campaigning, so just come up and grab me.


B. Kevin Hillman is relatively new to this county, though he has lived here for a number of years. Lots of people outside the legal community don't know him, and while I have had the opportunity to observe his work, not being a "known commodity" is going to be an important problem for a lot of people. He's been a military prosecutor before, but so has Deborah Hooper, and we saw how well that worked out. There are major differences between military and civilian prosecution, the key one being the tremendous fire hose of work civilian prosecutors face, and Kevin needs to answer questions about how he will manage the prosecutor's office and their massive workload. Kevin is also in the Missouri National Guard, and while that's a big positive in my book, some view that as a negative. People need to be aware that he might get called up for active duty and we need to make sure there's a "Plan B" in place in case he's called up. He's been a lawyer in this area for a number of years, though much less than either Wayne Gifford or Deborah Hooper, and the fact that he's worked for Tyce Smith before becoming the St. Robert City Attorney and now also Waynesville Municipal Judge should be taken into account. (Wayne Gifford is also the Crocker prosecutor, BTW, so he also has municipal experience.) He has a track record, though it's thinner than that of Gifford or Hooper. Those who want to vote for Hillman will likely do so because they value experience but believe Gifford is unnecessarily abrasive and Hooper is demonstrably incapable of doing the job.

C. Jeff Thomas is a young lawyer right out of law school, but the fact that he's the son of a local lawyer and grew up in this area can and should carry weight. He also graduated from a law school with a poor reputation, but he's explained to me that he attended that school because he could get through it in one year less than other law schools. That seems like a reasonble explanation to me. Being the son of Jim Thomas is a positive in some people's book and a negative in others, and it needs to be taken into account because unless his father retires, there will have to be many special prosecutors appointed to handle cases in which he or his father were involved as defense attorneys. (That's also an issue for the other two candidates, though it's less of a problem for them because unlike the others who won't have family members currently practicing law, Jeff Thomas' father will still be here in this county and still working.) The major negative against Jeff Thomas is his lack of experience, but the fact is that even with that lack of experience, he was still able to beat Deborah Hooper in a prominent court case. Those who vote for Jeff Thomas will be those who place less value on experience than on knowing the community and being known, and who believe Thomas has proved by beating Hooper in court that youthful energy can be more effective than years in legal practice.
So what's the best answer? That's really up to the individual voters and how much value they put on different types of candidate qualifications.
Two of the three candidates have been prosecutors before and have track records as good lawyers. With the third candidate, people are taking a risk with a young and relatively inexperienced lawyer, but he's already shown himself better than Hooper in the courtroom. And experience is not the sole factor voters should consider: Hooper is the most experienced of all the Republican candidates, but she's had long enough in office to prove she can't do the job. Some people may also say that having a young and aggressive prosecutor who knows the area well is better than having Gifford or Hillman because of specific things about Hillman or Gifford that they don't like.

I've tried to frame the issues, but nowhere in this post have I told anyone how I will vote, other than that as a Republican I will vote in the Republican primary but will cross over to vote for Gifford if Hooper wins the Republican nomination. I sincerely believe a reasonable voter could make an informed decision to support Hillman, Thomas or Gifford, and any of those three will do a better job than the current prosecutor.

County Government Opinion / Re: How's the Prosecuting Attorney Doing?
« on: June 09, 2010, 03:33:14 PM »
I have a question, will it be considered assault on a minor when you are debating Thomas?  Maybe even Assault on a minor with a deadly weapon(the mind can be a deadly weapon right)?

While I believe I have far more legal and prosecutorial experience, Jeff is a nice guy so I don't think I'll be assaulting him.  At least he is showing up.

County Government Opinion / Re: How's the Prosecuting Attorney Doing?
« on: June 09, 2010, 02:35:56 AM »
Hey, you guys are a tough crowd!
On a serious note, if you can't make it to the debate or can't wait to ask a question, please feel free to ask me here.  If you want to know why I want this job, what my qualifications and experience are, or my position on something, ask.  If you don't want to do it publicly, send me an e-mail or personal message.  Call me or stop by St. Robert City Hall and we'll chat.  I am applying for a job from you, the voters, and you have every right to interview me.  That's why I was happy to accept the debate invite and was glad at least one of my opponents did as well.

County Government Opinion / Re: AWOL
« on: June 01, 2010, 10:36:37 PM »
I know from past experiences that he may be AWOL, but if it has not been for more than a few days, he may not have been inputed in the system.  I forget the exact time, but I seem to remember that unless they were a high value one (like AWOL from a court-martial), then it took a little while for the AWOL warrant to be put in the system.  However, if you knew his unit they would have the information and they would like to know of his whereabouts, but may not be able to release info to you because of the Privacy Act.

I'll be there!

over 2 years ago I had a firearm stolen by someone who had already been convicted of felony assult. It was recovered within 48 hours by the PCSD with a confession and the location of the firearm from the person who stole it. I was told it would take a week or 2 to process and we would be able to recover it, next we were told it had been sent to the crime lab and would take a month or so , next we were told it would be 6 months , six months later we were told it still wasnt back , six months after that we were told the same. after a new evidence officer took ove we were told that our firearm had NOT been at the crime lab he had just taken it up himself. The prosicutor told us she wasnt going to file untill it came back from the crime lab with his fingerprints on it so she could get a conviction, Now her office wont even return our calls and are just giving us the run around and wont even tell us whats going on with the case if there is even a case. so much for that whole crime victims bill of rights thing , guess that only applies OUTSIDE of Pulaski County.
Since everyone else seems to be asking questions of Kevin let me throw one out there :
      Is prosecuting repeat offenders who are on probation for violent crimes a priority for you , and do you feel that you can get convictions with a confession even if you dont have fingerprints ?

Yes, repeat and violent offenders are an absolute priority.  I am at the Municipal Judge's Conference right now and we were discussing the difference between someone who screws up once, learns their lesson, and goes on with life.  Then there are the people who do not learn and the second time around need to be put away for as long as possible, to protect society. 

As to the confession question, you can not convict solely on a confession alone.  However, as long as there is some other evidence of the crime, then the confession is a powerful piece of evidence to use against the criminal.  Not knowing all of the facts except what you told me, it seems to me to be enough to go forward with a case.

Your post brings up something else that I have been hearing a lot of from people as I go around the county.  That is the customer service at the Prosecutor's Office is lousy.  Rudeness, not returning calls, telling you different things each time, and blaming law enforcement are not something I will tolerate in my office.

I hope that answers your questions, let me know if it did not.


Local News / Re: PCSD- Burglary Arrests
« on: May 16, 2010, 04:14:04 PM »
I agree. The sheriff is the only one who takes hits to the chin on here who is an elected official. the rest just say off colored comments about this site in newspaper articles . David Day Keeps us informed at the state level. Now I Do Have a Kevin Hillman Sign in my yard, I didnt put it there but I guess Ill let it stay since I did asked him for My kids took pictures of it like it was an alien craft in the yard and woke me up to tell me it was there.I had to laugh. I could use one for the shop as well.

That was my sign crew in action!  I think in your case it was my wife and kids.  I'll have a sign dropped by your office.

JB, I know what you mean by the bullseye on your back!

Kevin, while I am WELL aware you are not a Legislator, I have to sit back and aggressive will you be at prosecuting someone with a small amount of marijuana, who is suffering from cancer, MS, AIDS, etc?  These are things that need to be considered.

Marijuana is illegal for two reasons... first and foremost, the pharmaceutical companies can't make money on it, and two, our Government hasn't figured out how to make money on it, because it is such an easy plant to grow.  If, I had to do over again... the hell with what was legal, I would have done my best to obtained it for my Father's comfort during his passing.

I have never prosecuted, nor have I seen someone prosecuted, for the situation you describe.  Again, medical situations are not what I was talking about.  I am talking about the drug users who are victimizing the people in this county.

bump......please answer, I believe that the prosecutor is the right person to ask about this since i don't currently have the ear of a judge.

I believe they have or are seeking a grant for a drug court like the one that exists in Texas County.  So yes, they are working on it as far as I know.

Kevin... you made a blanket statement "I am not trying to preach and I know we disagree, but K2, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth, etc. are bad things." and that concerns me.  Cocaine is used by Physicians.  One use is to for numbing, so that a broken nose can be fixed.  Have you had a cancer ridden family member vomit excessively, cry out in pain?  Marijuana HAS medicinal properties, has LESS side effects than the "legal" meds used, yet I watched my Father die, and am presently watching another family member suffer, because of blanket statements like that from our Legislators.  Educate yourself about the truths concerning these drugs........

I was referring to illegal uses of drugs, not ones prescribed by a physician.  I am not a legislator, only a prosecutor, so I enforce the laws not make them. 

Nearly 2 months ago I asked several questions, and have repeated those questions occasionally over the past 6+ weeks and still no answers.  We differ on the law itself, no big deal I'd be just as happy to challenge it in court as you would be to defend it.  However, you still have not answered the remainder of the questions posed on the thread.

I have looked at the post I am not sure what you want me to answer as I am not the one who votes on the law.  I merely enforce it.  Do I agree with your assertions that this is big daddy government, no I do not.  Is it Constitutional, yes I believe it is.  Can this be enforced, yes just like any other drug offense.  Was this the right thing to do, yes it was.  Did anyone come and speak out against either Waynesville or St. Robert banning this stuff?  Not a single person.

I am all about limited government, but the one place government is permitted to act and should act is protecting law and order.  Does that mean we need a police state, absolutely not.  I have proudly defended folks whose rights were violated and will continue to do so.  But, drugs and the problems they bring are not about a consenting adult choosing to enjoy a smoke on Saturday night.  They are about the heroin addict I ran into today who was arrested for the 4th time trying to get into Wal-Mart to steal.  He'll move onto someone's house so he can steal something to get some money to buy some more heroin.  He is just that hooked, and will stop at nothing to get more.  I have also been in jail talking to a client who was busted for meth and about to lose his daughter, who meant everything to him.  I'll let you imagine the anguish he felt.  It took several rounds of rehab and jail but last time I ran into him he was clean.  He is the exception.  For many of them, it is a revolving door.

I am not trying to preach and I know we disagree, but K2, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth, etc. are bad things.  I'll throw alcohol in there.  It's not just the people who use who are the victims, it is the innocent guy driving home who gets hit by someone whose drunk, high, stoned or whatever.  Or it is my client's daughter, who had to go to foster care because mom and dad were both in prison because of meth.  K2 is bad stuff, just ask the inventor who called smoking it like Russian Roullette.  The K2 ban was the right thing to do not so much for the users, but for the innocent folks who get in their way.

Kevin I'll take one if you bring it to me  ;D
Just go out the back gate and head south (958 miles) until you reach the Gulf of Mexico then turn east and drive to Navarre Beach..... Honk and I'll come out and get it.  ###$$#@!   ***(((*    :wink1a:   :wink1a:

Can I put it next to the oil slick?


Derek is my husband. You can bring his sign, along with those you were to bring me, to my office.

A Brand New Day: A.C.T. Now!!
107 B Historic Rte 66 E.

Next to Dr. Phil's place.

I'll try and bring them by tomorrow.  You are on the list, I promise!

I, as well as others, have asked several questions on the K2 thread that have gone unanswered.

Your questions about the K2 ban are a question about why should or can the government control what consenting adults want to ingest.  I am not a complete libertarian so my opinion is yes, the government can in a limited manner control what consenting adults ingest.  Let me explain why I come to that conclusion.  I have spent over a decade working in courtrooms prosecuting and defending criminal cases.  My guess is somewhere between 75-80% of crime committed is a result of a chemical dependency or a mental condition.  All of this property crime that is occurring in this county (burglary, break-ins, shoplifting etc) is because criminals are stealing so they can afford to buy another hit of heroin or another round of meth.  It is really sad to see what someone will do to feed their addiction.  Yes, I realize that alcohol has many of the same evils, but prohibition was tried and was a complete disaster.  Is it a perfect solution, no, but it is what the law says.

Therefore, as prosecutor, I intend on prosecuting drug crimes aggressively and fairly.  Many of these folks needs to be sent to prison, many need to be sent to rehab, some to both.  If the State outlaws K2 which seems likely, I'll prosecute those who break the law.

Ask each candidate how many times they have been questioned for over billing hours on legal aid cases?

I have never been questioned over this.  In fact, I have not taken legal aid cases.


I am happy to bring some out.  I sent you a PM for addresses so they are not broadcast to the public.


Our neighborhood could use a couple of your signs!  Our location is simple, almost directly across I-44 from the VFW.  Your opponent has one out there all by come on now!

Speaking of spaghetti and eating, you are all invited to my campaign kick-off dinner, the information is below:
Everyone is invited to a campaign kick-off dinner to support Kevin Hillman for Pulaski County Prosecutor.
Saturday May 15, 2010
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Pulaski County-Fort Wood Shrine Club
26920 Shrine Road (off Hwy 17 South)
Buckhorn, MO
Chicken and Roast Beef Dinner provided and a cash bar is available
Special Guest Speaker: Sheriff JB King
Please contact Allie Hillman at 573-336-0709 or to RSVP
Contributions suggested but not required

I refer such questions to my wife, as I am the expert at getting the stain on the shirt, not off.  I should have said questions about the prosecutor's race.  Thanks for calling me on that Taz:)

I'm in for the debate.  Just let me know the time and place.  Also, you can ask me questions here anytime.

I will have more signs out this weekend.  We have been working west to east.
I plan on voting for Kevin Hillman but he is going to have to get his name out there more if he expects to win.  I see a kazillion signs out there for Thomas and Hooper.  I see very few signs for Hillman.  And some people vote according to name recognition.

County Government Opinion / Re: How's the Prosecuting Attorney Doing?
« on: April 03, 2010, 12:22:55 AM »
Not sure I understand.   The judge  and/or jury didn't do their job because??

No, actually I think everyone did their jobs in that case.  As this case happened on Fort Leonard Wood, it went to the Federal Grand Jury for an idictment for felony DWI.  The Grand Jury indicted this individual based on Auctioneer Ed's testimony.  This individual was on probabtion from the State of Missouri for other cases, which was revoked and he was sent to Missouri state prison for 10 years if I remember.  He then entered a plea of guilty in Federal Court to felony DWI and received a Federal prision sentence that was consecutive to the Missouri sentence.

County Government Opinion / Re: How's the Prosecuting Attorney Doing?
« on: March 31, 2010, 04:12:04 AM »
Here are my answers to Darrell's questions.  Sorry for the delay, my girls had a soccer game tonight.  My oldest scored 2 goals any my youngest had an assist!

Others will ask lots of questions so I'll leave the obvious ones (i.e., why do you want the job, why vote for you and not your opponents) to others. I'll be asking those things later in a formal interview closer to the Republican primary in August.

But here are some more specialized questions others probably won't ask.

Question 1: Please describe your understanding of the Missouri Sunshine Law and how, if elected prosecutor, you will handle city councils, school boards, the county commission, and other government agencies that you believe are violating it.

I deal with the Sunshine Act on a daily basis in my capacity as city attorney for St. Robert.  Basically, everything is an open record/open meeting unless it deals with very specific exceptions.  The main ones that we deal with on a daily basis are personnel issues, pending litigation, and real estate purchases/sale/leases. 

I would try and advise each of the boards of the rules of the Sunshine Act to help with compliance.  Keep in mind that the prosecutor is the attorney for the county commission, but each city and school board has their own separate attorney to advise them.  I will have to be careful not to interfere their attorney's advice.  If it is a serious violation, one that I think was knowing and purposeful, then criminal charges may be appropriate.  That would be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Question 2: Sheriff JB King appears to have already endorsed you on this board and even more clearly on the "other board." Please outline your relationship with local law enforcement agencies, how you will treat requests from them to file charges, and how you will handle situations where you do not believe the police officer or deputy has given you enough in the probable cause statement to file a credible charge against an alleged offender.

I believe that I have a good relationship with the local law enforcement agencies.  I have worked very closely with St. Robert PD and have worked with the Waynesville PD as well.  I have also gotten to know many in the Sheriff's Department and I am very proud that Sheriff King has expressed his support so strongly.  I have not worked with the police departments in Crocker, Richland, and Dixon as much because I have been in St. Robert.  However, I think I am a pro police prosecutor.  What I mean by that is I am here for them.  If they need to call me in the middle of the night to ask me a questions, that is fine with me.  I would rather them get it right, instead of trying to fix the screw up later.  I also am here to try and make their lives easier.  I will do everything in my power to try and take their viewpoint into account.  There are times when the prosecutor and police will disagree.  But, if I tell them why and explain it, then we both come out ahead.  I plan on filing all charges that warrant being filed.  If it does not meet the standard that I set, which is that I am convinced that the case is solved, then I'll ask for more investigation and explain why.  The prosecutor is charged with not just winning every case, but seeking justice. 

I hope that answers your questions!


County Government Opinion / Re: How's the Prosecuting Attorney Doing?
« on: March 30, 2010, 10:08:07 PM »
I filed for prosecutor today and welcome any questions folks may have about what my plans are, who I am, my experience, why I want the job etc.  I hope to have my website up and running tonight.
Kevin Hillman
Candidate for Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney

County Government Opinion / Re: How's the Prosecuting Attorney Doing?
« on: March 20, 2010, 05:22:22 PM »
I believe that meet the candidate night is for school board candidates only.  The Chamber and the Senior centers do some later in the summer for the August/November election.

Ok, let me try and answer all of the questions.  If I miss one, I apologize.  The ordinance does not go into effect for 14 days, so those individuals and stores could get rid of what they had.  After that date, it is illegal to possess or sell.  There is not going to be any compensation.
This was not done to raise revenue.  After speaking with the store owners who were selling this stuff, my guess is the city is going to lose money based upon lost sales revenue.  The revenue that is generated from marijuana cases is very minimal, and is easily consumed by the costs of the case i.e. police officer, tests, prosecutor, clerk, judge etc.
Finally, if the state would legalize medical marijuana, their statute would trump a local ordinance.  I wouldn't hold your breath on that one, as my guess is it is far more likely that they are going to outlaw K2.
I am as big supporter of limited government as you will get, what is going on in Washington makes me sick.  However, the one area that I do believe government, especially local government, has a legitimate place is law and order.  I believe that this is what this ban is about.  I realize many disagree, but that's what this board is all about.

I realize you do not agree with this ordinance, but it was done with the blessing of the command of the Freedom Fighters you reference.  Just because there is not a chemical test does not mean we should not do what is right.  Have you seen what the doctor who invented this stuff said about human use?  He called using it Russian Roulette. 
I am not sure if you were trying to imply we were targeting soldiers, but that is not the case.  Keep in mind that many on the St. Robert Board of Aldermen are retired military, married to retired military, or are DA civilian employees.  In addition, I am a veteran and still serving in the Guard and the City Administrator is a retired Marine.  This City is proud to support our military.
I'll be happy to spend time in court on this one so a 14 year old does not buy something they have no business doing or trying.  That's what they pay me to do!
Again, I realize you don't agree and I have seen the debate on drugs and alcohol.  However, it is our opinion that this K2 stuff is dangerous and that is the sole reason we acted.  I suspect the state legislature is getting ready to do the same thing, except they are going to make it a felony.
Kevin Hillman
St. Robert City Attorney

My former neighbor is correct, the ex post facto clause of the Constiution prohibits criminal laws to be retroactive.  As such, it will not be retroactive but take effect on Monday more than likely. 

Look for this to be on the agenda at the St. Robert city council meeting on Monday at the request of the police chief.  We know of lots of it being sold in stores in St. Robert with the target audience being military members.  I believe that the legislature is going to make it a felony to sell or possess this but we want to be proactive and stop the sale of it right now as it does appear to be dangerous.

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