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Local News / Scholarship Availability
« on: November 28, 2007, 02:40:48 AM »
News Release
Scholarship Availability
Pulaski County Sheriff J. B. King
Nov. 27, 2007
Pulaski County Sheriff J. B. King is pleased to announce the availability of the John Dennis Scholarship for criminal justice majors only. The Missouri Sheriff’s Association will award the scholarship. The scholarship, in the amount of one thousand dollars, will be presented to sixteen college-bound Missouri high school seniors who intend to pursue a criminal justice career and who will be attending a Missouri college or university. Applicants must be in good standing with their school, have a good reference from their school counselor, demonstrate financial need, have a 2.0 GPA or greater, and be active in extra-curricular activities. They will also be required to attach a paragraph to their application that details their goals ten years after high school graduation.
Students interested in applying for the scholarship may contact the Missouri Sheriff’s Association and Training Academy, 6605 Business 50 West, Jefferson City, Missouri, 65109 or they may call 1-573-635-5925, extension 10 or they may send an email to to obtain an application. Applications must be submitted by January 31, 2008.

Local News / Drug Arrest
« on: November 26, 2007, 04:50:17 PM »
News Release
Drug Arrest
Pulaski County Sheriff J. B. King
Nov. 26, 2007
At approximately 2:06am on 11-25-2007, a Pulaski County Deputy on I-44 near the 147-mile marker observed traffic violations committed by the driver of a westbound vehicle. The Deputy stopped the vehicle and as he approached the truck he noted a strong smell of marihuana. The Deputy requested backup and additional units responded to the scene.
Both subjects in the vehicle were taken into custody when a search of the truck reveled approximately 84 grams of marihuana along with several items of narcotic paraphernalia. A follow up investigation indicted the passenger in the vehicle was not aware of the large amount of marihuana that had been found hidden in a toolbox in the truck bed.
A statement of probable cause was sent to the Pulaski County Prosecutor and a single felony count of possession with intent to distribute was filed against the driver of the vehicle. The passenger was released from custody. The driver/owner of the vehicle was also cited with several traffic tickets that related to the operation of the vehicle, the registration of the vehicle and the vehicle insurance.
At this time the driver of the vehicle is being held at the Pulaski County jail in lieu of a $25,000.00 bond on the warrant. The subject has not yet been arraigned in Pulaski County Circuit Court and his name will not be released at this time.

Local News / Warrant Arrest & Vehicle Recovery
« on: November 18, 2007, 05:15:57 PM »
News Release
Warrant Arrest & Vehicle Recovery
Pulaski County Sheriff J. B. King
Nov. 18, 2007
On November 15th, 2007 at approximately 3:00pm, Capt. Tom Cristoffer of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department was on routine patrol in the Buckhorn area when he noticed a black 2003 Dodge dual wheel pickup at the gas pumps of the Buckhorn Shell station. Something about the vehicle attracted his attention and he requested a routine license check. The license check came back to another vehicle. Capt. Cristoffer made contact with the driver of the truck and after a few minutes of discussion requested a wanted check on the driver. The driver was found to have a suspended Missouri driver’s license and he had two active felony warrants for his arrest. The driver was identified as Tony Trotter, age 48, of Waynesville, Missouri. The warrants were for felony non-support from Pulaski County and felony drug violation from Greene County Missouri. Trotter was arrested and taken to the Pulaski County jail.
Additional checks of the 2003 Dodge pickup revealed that it had been reported stolen to the Springfield Missouri Police Department. The vehicle was seized and removed to a local salvage yard for safekeeping. There were two boxes of prescription drugs in the vehicle that belonged to another person and a follow up investigation concerning these drugs continues. The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and the Springfield Missouri Police Department are working together on the investigation of the stolen truck.

Local News / Robbery
« on: November 18, 2007, 05:13:38 PM »
News Release
Pulaski County Sheriff J. B. King
Nov. 18, 2007
At approximately 3:34am on Nov. 15, 2007, the Pulaski County 911 Communications Center notified the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department of a physical disturbance in progress inside room 104, of the Ft. Wood Inn near the Buckhorn overpass. Upon arrival at the scene the Pulaski County Deputy determined that the disturbance had actually been a robbery in progress. The two occupants of room 104 had been assaulted with a baseball bat and a laptop computer had been stolen. A silver Ford Focus passenger vehicle had left the scene occupied by the two suspects in the robbery. Both people in room 104 were flown to a Springfield, Missouri, hospital for treatment of head trauma.
As the Deputy and Waynesville City Police officers searched for the suspect vehicle a second 911 call was received at 6:03am from a residence on Reporter Road outside the Waynesville City Limits. The people at this residence were reporting that two suspects had broken into their residence and had pointed a handgun at them. The homeowners also told the 911 Communication Center that one suspect had fled the scene and that they had tackled the second subject and had him pinned to the floor. The Deputy on duty responded to the Reporter Road address. As the Deputy approached to within a few city blocks of the house he observed a silver Ford Focus driving near the residence on Reporter Road. The Deputy went after the Ford Focus and requested that a Waynesville City Police officer respond to the residence for the suspect the homeowners were holding by force.
The Deputy followed the Ford Focus north on Rt. T from Reporter Road and conducted a stop on the car. The driver of the vehicle was found to be in possession of a pellet pistol and a laptop computer matching the description of the one stolen in the Ft. Wood Inn incident. The driver of the Ford was arrested without incident.
A Waynesville City Officer responded to the Reporter Road address and assisted the homeowners with the second subject until the Pulaski County Sheriff could arrive on the scene. The Waynesville Officer then transported the juvenile suspect to the Sheriff’s Department.
Investigation at the Reporter Road scene revealed that two suspects had entered the home and were challenged by the homeowner. The suspect at the front door pointed a handgun at the owner and the owner responded with his own firearm. The suspect in the doorway then fled the scene. The second suspect, a 15-year-old juvenile, who was in the living room of the home attempted to get to the front door but was tackled by the homeowners. A bloody baseball bat was found in the living room and was seized as evidence. The homeowners were not injured in this incident.
At this time the juvenile suspect has been released to the Juvenile Officers of the 25th Judicial Circuit and has been detained by the juvenile authorities. The adult suspect was identified as Michael E. Holmes, age 26, of Devils Elbow, Missouri. At the time of the car stop the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department was in possession of an active Federal felony warrant for his arrest. The charge was a felon in possession of a firearm. Holmes has since been released to the custody of the United States Marshall Service. It is expected that local charges will be filed within a few days on both of these incidents.
Under the new HIPPA law the release of medical information with regard to injured persons has become more difficult. At this time we believe that at least one of the persons from the Ft. Wood Inn has been released from the hospital.

Local News / My baby girl Audrey is 3 today.
« on: November 05, 2007, 04:10:01 PM »
Daddy loves you more than anything sweetie, happy birthday.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Business Opinion / Walmart return policy.
« on: October 28, 2007, 07:11:59 PM »
Bought a VCR DVD player at Walmart maybe 4 months ago, it quit working. Mylisa took it back yesterday and they said it is over 3 months old and said pretty much see you later. Since when do these electronic companies only stand behind their producs for 3 months, or is it just Walmart?

Sports Opinion / Waynesville Tigers beat Washington
« on: October 27, 2007, 03:36:13 AM »
Tigers 44  Washington 7
Waynesville is tied for 4th in the Class 5 State Poll. Their only loss is to Farmington who is ranked 3rd. Waynesville beat Rolla last week by a score of 35-13. Looks like Camdenton put a little better shellacking to Rolla.
Camdenton 42 Rolla 0
Spoke to a Camdenton Coach today, he was saying they were hoping to get by Rolla, looks like they did. I had said Rolla would be a cake walk.
I did tell him expect a loss to Waynesville, he giggled... He mentioned how he was impressed by Tailback L.J. Fort from Waynesville, and we also talked about Lyle Cox.

Local News / Piranha found in Lake of the Ozarks
« on: October 26, 2007, 11:32:10 PM »
Another Piranha was caught at the Lake Of The Ozarks at the 5 mile marker. They say that the Piranha are tropical fish and shouldn't survive the winters here. They believe people are just releasing them into the lake from their private collections.

Local News / Website Traffic for Pulaskicountyweb is setting new records.
« on: October 20, 2007, 07:35:36 PM »
I don't check traffic reports very often and the last time I had looked Unique IP's were around 10,000 per month, before that they used to hover around 12,000 per month, I was surprised at the decline. Now they are almost 15,000 per month as this pasted report will show. That means unique IP's. Laymans terms, 15,000 different computers. This does not include the message board that averages about 6000 page views per day, as you can see by looking upwards this board is stored on a more modern server of mine. Mysql, PHP etc. were not around when Pulaski County web started, it's server does not offer that product, thats why I stored this board elsewhere.

Period Totals for Last 30 days

Individual Clients    All Clients       Hits       Page Hits     Kilo Transmitted

               14902       25627     352458      53196      3863774.75

Local News / Are they reffering to us again?
« on: October 19, 2007, 01:31:57 AM »
Daily Guide today.
 Economic developers begin touring area communities
Published: Thursday, October 18, 2007 5:44 PM CDT
Darrell Todd Maurina

RICHLAND — An Illinois company began touring Pulaski County’s five cities this week as part of its plans to prepare an economic development plan for Pulaski County.

The Prager Company, based in Evanston, Ill., will use a grant by the Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment to develop a marketing strategy that will attract non-military employers to the area. Fort Leonard Wood is by far the largest employer in Pulaski County with 3,970 Department of Defense jobs and about 3,400 other federal civil service jobs.
Prager was the company that did a 2005 economic development study for the Fort Leonard Wood Regional Commerce and Growth Association. While Richland officials weren’t happy initially with selecting Prager, those concerns weren’t evident at Tuesday night’s Richland City Council meeting.

The 2005 plan didn’t take into account the Richland city limits, which cross from Pulaski County into Camden and Laclede counties. The new plan prepared by the Pulaski County Economic Development Committee will include the entire territory of the city of Richland.

Richland City Administrator Anita Ivey said she spent more than 90 minutes Tuesday giving a tour of the city to Prager representatives.
“Part of their scope of work is to help us identify industries that we might have no knowledge of,” Ivey told her city council members.

“(Local developer) Randy Becht uses these studies a lot and other people do, too,” Prager said. “We think if we put a lot into it, we’ll get a lot out of it.”

Prager representatives met Wednesday morning with the Pulaski County Commission and plan to meet during daytime hours with elected officials from the county’s five cities. However, Richland Alderman Mac Myers said the company should try to schedule evening meetings.
“Did you tell them that our elected officials work for a living?” Myers asked.

Ivey said she did convey that information to the Prager representatives.

A key part of the plan will include producing an inventory of available business sites in Pulaski County and preparing a comprehensive and accurate web site detailing county economic and population statistics. Considerable misinformation about Pulaski County exists on the Internet, according to county officials and Prager representatives, including one web site that erroneously states that Pulaski County has little available land for development.
County officials have said implementing a marketing plan will likely require hiring a person to promote the county and its five cities, comparable to people who have been hired to work in Laclede and Phelps counties.

While much of the available flat land in Pulaski County near Fort Leonard Wood has already been developed, county officials have said the northern part of Pulaski County may be able to benefit from having more flat land available and having better access to railroads. One military contractor, NITAR Corporation, has already set up shop in Richland’s city-owned industrial park.

Local News / Flu shots today at The St. Robert Community Center
« on: October 16, 2007, 04:14:24 PM »
From 10am to 2pm they are giving flu shots at the Community Center. They are offering a drive through service. Go let Mylisa Lepard give you your flu shot if you dare. LOL

Local News / Illegal Dumps in Pulaski County
« on: October 14, 2007, 10:53:58 PM »
3.6 Pulaski County: [/b][/size]There were 15 illegal dumpsites found in Pulaski County. Eleven were located on the county roads and four were on the forest roads of MTNF. Four dumps were in valleys along road banks, eight were piles by the side of the roads and three were trash dumps scattered along the sides of the roads. Nine of the dumps were small dumpsites, four were medium and two were large dumps. Four of the sites clearly had an environmental impact on the water as their locations were within sight of water sources. A "No Dumping" sign existed at one site and staff hung "No Dumping" signs at four of the dump locations. Two locations were old dumpsites. Household waste, appliances, furniture, construction waste, waste tires, dead animals and other miscellaneous items like a fertilizer spreader and the hood of a truck were found at these illegal dumpsites.
3.6.1 Lexington Road (GPS UTM 0572724, 4190489 elevation 763 feet): This site was visited on 4-8-03. This dumpsite is located across from St Robert Bio Solids Land Management Area. It is a medium-sized dumpsite with 70 percent being household waste and the rest appliances, furniture and waste tires.
3.6.2 Lexington Road (GPS UTM 0572906, 4190431 elevation 778 feet): This site was visited on 4-8-03. This dumpsite is also located on Lexington Road, the same road as site 3.6.1. It is a medium dumpsite with 70 percent being household waste, 20 percent furniture (couch, sofa) and 10 percent white goods. Much of the household trash was dumped in trash bags.
[/font]ORSWMD Illegal Dump Survey 27
3.6.3 Laramie Road (GPS UTM 0574134, 4190590 elevation 862 feet): This site was visited on 4-8-03. Laramie Road is located off of Highway Y. There was trash scattered along both sides of the road for three tenths of a mile, with two spots seeing major activity. This was a medium-sized dump. About 30 percent of the trash was waste tires, another 30 percent was furniture and another 30 percent was construction waste. The other ten percent was appliances. A water heater, electric fan, and mattresses were among the trash and the household waste was dumped in trash bags.
3.6.4 Belle Road (GPS UTM 0560386, 4205212 elevation 796 feet): This site was visited on 4-15-03. Belle Road is connected to Highway U. This site was next to two waterways. The county road crew informed staff that during flooding, this site would be seven to eight feet under water and the trash would be washed away. At the time of the survey, there was an indication that trash had been partly washed away and much of what was left was covered by leaves. The size was approximately 40 feet by 10 feet. Based on the amount of trash at the time of survey, staff classified it as a small dump with half of it being general household waste. The rest was a couch, TV, and farm waste. Staff posted two "No Dumping" signs at this site.
[/font]ORSWMD Illegal Dump Survey 28
3.6.5 Brooklyn Road (GPS UTM 0559170, 4200096 elevation 869 feet): This site was visited on 4-15-03. Brooklyn Road is connected to Highway BB. This site is next to two waterways and located beneath a bridge. Trash was scattered on the bank of the stream. The size of the dump at the time of survey was small, with general household waste, tires, fertilizer spreader, a toilet seat, smashed toilet and bathtub. There was no appropriate spot to post a no dumping sign at this site.
3.6.6 Brooklyn Road (GPS UTM 0562407, 4199555 elevation 972 feet): This site was visited on 4-15-03. This was a second dumpsite on Brooklyn Road which is a county road connecting to Highway BB. This site is a small one along a streambed. General household waste was thrown into the stream. There was also a bed, mattress, couch and the hood of a truck. There was no appropriate spot to post a no dumping sign at this site.
3.6.7 Ripple Road/Picture Window Road (GPS UTM 0565165, 4197061 elevation 1156 feet): This site was visited on 4-15-03. Ripple Road is a county road leading to Highway 17. This site is a small one on a hillside next to the road. About half of the trash was general household waste and another half was waste tires. There was also one refrigerator in this dumpsite. Staff posted one "No Dumping" sign at this site.
3.6.8 Riverside Road (GPS UTM 0563858, 4196064 elevation 790 feet): This site was visited on 4-15-03. Riverside Road is off Highway 17. The dumpsite is next to a stream that drains into the Gasconade River. There was trash scattered along the road as well as along the Gasconade River. Schlight Spring, an old mill and a private golf course are in the same vicinity. This dump was classified as a small site and had household waste, a bed frame, counter top, cabinets, mirror, metal table and tire. Staff posted one "No Dumping" sign.
3.6.9 Rawlins Road (GPS UTM 0558458, 4195349 elevation 980 feet): This site was visited on 4-15-03. The dumpsite is in a dry creek bed, which may only carry water during rainy periods, or it may be a losing stream. It is a medium-sized dump. Staff was told by the county road crew that people have been dumping at this site for about 40 years. Trash found at this dump was 25 percent household waste, 25 percent appliance, 25 percent furniture and the rest was construction waste (reinforcement wire mesh), tires and miscellaneous items (hub cap, cooler and gas tank). Staff posted one "No Dumping" sign.
3.6.10 Rose Finch Road (GPS UTM 0552863, 4194058 elevation 943 feet): This site was visited on 4-15-03. The dumpsite is at a school bus turnaround. It is a small dumpsite. The county road crew informed MRPC staff that a house on this land had burned several years ago, leaving the area vacant and more available to dumpers. Trash found at this dump was 70 percent appliances (refrigerators and washers), 20 percent construction waste and 10 percent household waste. There was also a water heater. Staff posted two "No Dumping" signs.
[/font]ORSWMD Illegal Dump Survey 29
3.6.11 Skagway Road (GPS UTM 0566524, 4172265 elevation 1094 feet): This site was visited on 4-15-03. Skagway is a county road connected to Highway E. Land on both sides of Highway E belongs to the MTNF. The dumpsite is at a spot where a black top road and gravel road meet, making it a convenient place for drivers to turn around. This was a small dumpsite. The county road crew told MRPC staff that MTNF maintains this road. Trash found at this dump was mainly household waste. The county road crew said they had removed several appliances from this site. The county road crew had already posted a "No Dumping" sign at this site.
3.6.12 Forest Service Road 1620 (GPS UTM 0562453, 4179362 elevation 1220 feet): This site was visited on 5-22-03. It is located in the MTNF, Forest Road 1620 (sign was missing) off Highway 17. This was a large dumpsite. About 40 percent of the trash was household waste and 30 percent was furniture (chairs and carpets). The rest was appliances, construction waste and tires.
Picture 3.6.12: Dumpsite on FS Road 1620 in Pulaski County.
3.6.13 Forest Service Road 344 (GPS UTM 0560469, 4176719 elevation 1208 feet): This site was visited on 5-22-03. It is located in the MTNF, Forest Road 344 (sign was missing) off Highway 17. This location had three small dumps along the side of the road, approximately half a mile between each dump. About half of the dump’s contents were household waste and another half was construction waste (shingles and bricks). There was already a "No Dumping" sign on a tree in the area.
[/font]ORSWMD Illegal Dump Survey 30
3.6.14 Forest Service Road (GPS UTM 0578264, 4166164 elevation 1116 feet): This site was visited on 8-11-03. It is located on a small road in the MTNF. This small forest road had no number or road sign posted. This location had several piles of trash in one large area and was a large dumpsite, though there were no signs of recent activity. About 70 percent of the dump content was household waste. The rest was construction waste (pieces of metal) and furniture.
3.6.15 Forest Service Road 1716A (GPS UTM 0579752, 4183723 elevation 1079 feet): This site was visited on 8-11-03. It is located in the MTNF with an existing "No Dumping" sign posted by the entrance to the road. This was a small dumpsite that appeared to have been bulldozed away with some residual waste leftover. About 80 of the dump contents was household waste. The rest was construction waste.

Local News / Student at Licking charged with threat.
« on: October 13, 2007, 03:17:39 PM »
LICKING, Mo. -- Investigators believe a student who didn't attend classes on Wednesday made a threat to the safety of students at Licking High School that day. The Texas County Juvenile Office is handling charges against the student. The Licking Police Department says its investigation is not over. Police did not say what the nature of the threat was.

Local News / Assorted JB King Press Releases
« on: October 13, 2007, 01:30:15 PM »
News Releases
Pulaski County Sheriff J. B. King
Oct. 13,2007
At 9:40pm on Oct. 12, 2007, a resident in the Dixon area near Rt. O reported that two helicopters had just landed in a field near his home. Pulaski County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the scene and located the helicopters. The aircraft were from a Missouri National Guard Unit located near Jefferson City and had landed because of an equipment issue. There was no crash, no injury or damage on the ground reported. One helicopter later returned to Jefferson City and one aircraft remained on the ground. Pulaski County Deputies secured the aircraft until Military Police officers from Ft. Wood arrived on the scene to guard the craft.
At 2:43pm on Oct.12, 2007, the Laclede County Sheriff’s Department notified the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department of a tractor-trailer unit with a reported stolen trailer that was eastbound on I-44 at the 143-mile marker in Laclede County. Capt. Tom Cristoffer of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department located the eastbound truck at 2:55pm and stopped the vehicle at the Mo. 17 and I-44 overpass in Pulaski County. Additional Deputies and one local Trooper from the Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to back up Capt. Cristoffer. Several violations of the commercial vehicle code were observed and a request was made for a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) unit from the Missouri State Highway Patrol to assist with the investigation.
The investigation into the reported stolen trailer revealed that the Green Bay Wisconsin Police Department had taken a stolen vehicle report on the unit on Oct.2, 2007. The trailer unit was searched by a drug dog with negative results and was then taken to a local tow company for storage. The Patrol’s CVE officers placed the driver of the tractor-trailer unit out of service and two citations for violations of commercial vehicle laws were issued. The driver was taken to the Pulaski County jail on a 24-hour hold while the criminal investigation of the stolen trailer unit continues.
On Oct. 11, 2007, Pulaski County Deputies responded to 22710 Hector Dr., St. Robert, Missouri (outside the city limits) for a reported kidnapping of a five-year-old child. The Deputies were able to locate the child who was not harmed and one suspect was taken into custody. A statement of probable cause was sent to the Pulaski County Prosecutor and one count of child abduction was filed on Bruce C. Bagley, age 37, 22693 Hector Drive, St. Robert, Missouri. Bagley’s bond was set at $50,000.00 cash only and he remains in the Pulaski County jail.
At 6:35pm on Oct. 9, 2007, the Pulaski County Ambulance District was notified of an unconscious and unresponsive person at 13900 Haystack Lane, Dixon, Missouri. At 6:37pm assistance from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department was requested. When Deputies arrived on the scene it was determined that the subject was deceased. Detectives from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene for a detailed investigation.
The deceased was later identified as Jason R. Mellroy, age 19, 13900 Haystack Drive, Dixon, Missouri. An autopsy was performed and at this time the probable cause of death is a drug overdose however the results of the toxicology tests will not be known for some time and the investigation in this death continues.
On Oct. 5, 2007, at 10:40pm, the Pulaski County 911 Communication Center reported a person had been shot at 22865 Hardy Lane, St. Robert, Missouri. The location was not in the St. Robert City limits. Upon arrival on the scene Deputies from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department found one person dead from a gunshot wound. Detectives from the Sheriff’s Department were called to the scene to conduct a more detailed investigation. The deceased was identified as Albert J. Eagan, age 25, 22865 Hardy Lane, St. Robert, Missouri.
At this time all indications are that Mr. Eagan died as the result of a self inflicted gunshot wound. The investigation continues.
On Oct. 2, 2007 at 9:03pm a Pulaski County Deputy on routine patrol, who was accompanied by a reserve Deputy, observed a vehicle going west on I-44 near the Mo. 17 overpass make an unsafe lane change. The Deputy conducted a routine traffic violation stop on the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was determined to have two active warrants for her arrest. Her Missouri driver’s license was revoked and the insurance coverage on the vehicle was expired. A male subject in the vehicle had an active felony warrant from the Sheriff’s Department at Colorado Springs Colorado.
The Deputy observed items in the vehicle consistent with narcotic use and a search of the vehicle resulted in the discovery of a small amount of methamphetamine and heroin. All three subjects in the vehicle were arrested and taken to the Pulaski County jail.

Local News / Bill Ransdalls comments about this site.
« on: October 12, 2007, 09:54:05 PM »
And I quote Daily Guides quote saying that Ransdall has said, "Somebody was searching for Pulaski County and got the gossip site, I don't think that's where we want people to go to find out about our county.

Local News / Is Farnham acting paranoid? Copied from Daily Guide.
« on: September 30, 2007, 04:10:04 PM »
Farnham: Longview Road mess to be fixed next week
Darrell Todd Maurina

Residents of Shalom Mountain and Northern Heights Estates who use Longview Road to reach their homes via Highway 17 should finally get their road paved.

Presiding Commissioner Bill Ransdall said he’s “getting a jillion calls about Longview,” but Commissioner Bill Farnham, whose eastern district includes the area north of Waynesville, said people should call him instead.
“This is the problem: a lot of people who don’t like me come and talk to you, but they need to come and see me,” Farnham said. “Let me tell you what’s going on with Longview. Bobby Laughlin is in the process of making the necessary rock to put out on Longview. We were going to start filling the holes today, but we’ve got to have rock to put in them.”

The Laughlin family owns a gravel pit southwest of St. Robert and one family member, Jerry Laughlin, is the developer of Northern Heights Estates.

Jerry Laughlin has proposed donating all the rock needed to put on Longview Road and then paying $14,070 — half of the asphalt cost from Willard Asphalt, which provided the low bid for the road repairs — to put a hard surface on the road. Ransdall asked if the county’s road budget could handle the remaining expense of $14,070 to accept Laughlin’s offer.
Farnham said he’s saved money in his department by not immediately filling several employee vacancies and didn’t appreciate Ransdall’s efforts to explain how the budget would need to be amended to allow a transfer between line items.

“You don’t need to give us a tutorial in finance,” Farnham said.

Farnham then proposed that the county commission go into closed session to discuss unspecified legal matters pertaining to the road and bridge department. After the closed session, Farnham said he’s been advised by attorneys not to explain what road issue prompted consideration of legal action.
Farnham said it’s important for motorists to pay attention to road workers when they’re passing county workers trying to repair Longview Road.

“I wish those people out there would slow down,” Farnham said. “They’re wanting their road fixed. It takes time and a lot of work and a lot of machinery to do it, so I wish they’d be patient and leave home a few minutes earlier.”

Commissioner Dennis Thornsberry had another suggestion on how to deal with Shalom Mountain and Northern Heights Estates residents who don’t slow down for road workers: calling in sheriff’s deputies.
“If they’d write a few tickets, word of mouth would slow them down,” Thornsberry said.

Farnham said he plans to ask deputies to address speeding issues that endanger road workers.

Ransdall urged patience as well.
“We’re going to have to ask the people to work with us,” Ransdall said. “It will take some time, but when the road workers get done, the people up there will have a new asphalt surface on their road two thirds of the way up the hill.”

The problems on Longview Road are just one example of major problems Pulaski County will face in the future, Farnham said, unless something is done to address road finance issues.

“We have growing pains and from what I hear on the radio and what I read in the paper, it’s just going to continue as we get more military folks in,” Farnham said. “I don’t want to be the commissioner who tells someone on the phone that we aren’t going to fix their road because we don’t have the money. I’m just not going to do it.”

Local News / Someone stabed in Waynesvile?
« on: September 28, 2007, 03:26:36 AM »
Anyone heard any more details about this?

National News / Gates expects to approve Army expansion
« on: September 28, 2007, 02:12:17 AM »
Gates expects to approve Army expansion By ROBERT BURNS, AP Military Writer WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday he's inclined to approve an Army proposal to spend nearly $3 billion extra over the next four years to accelerate an expansion of its force. Army Secretary Pete Geren said speeding up the growth of the force, stretched thin by wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, would mean recruiting faster and increasing the number of soldiers who re-enlist.

"I'm probably going to recommend they go ahead and give it a try," Gates told reporters at a Pentagon news conference. Appearing with Gates was Gen. Peter Pace, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who is retiring on Monday after 40 years in the Marine Corps.
The defense secretary cautioned that he would not accept any accelerated expansion of the Army that would lead the Army to lower its recruiting standards, including levels of education required.

"I'm inclined to approve it," Gates said. "My questions have focused principally on whether they can do it, in terms of recruitment and whether they can do so without lowering standards and, in fact, to begin to move back toward the high standards of not too many months ago."
Gates mentioned, as an example, that the percentage of Army recruits with a high school diploma has dropped to about 76 percent, compared with over 90 percent in recent years. "We'd like to see that get back up," he said.

Geren, in an earlier interview with a group of reporters, also said it was possible that even while five Army combat brigades are withdrawn from Iraq between December and July, the number of non-combat troops there could stay the same or even increase. He stressed that he was not predicting any particular level of support forces in Iraq in 2008 but also was not assuming the number would be lower by then.

It has generally been assumed that the number of support troops in Iraq would decline next year as part of the plan announced by President Bush earlier this month to withdraw five combat brigades by July.

Gates told the Senate Appropriations Committee on Wednesday that commanders in Iraq have not yet worked out in detail what portion of the support force will be pulled out next year. He mentioned, as one example, that an Army helicopter unit might remain. In all, about 8,000 extra support troops were sent in the first half of the year as part of a troop buildup in Baghdad and Anbar province.

Among the issues still on the table, Geren said, is this: Would a reduction in the number of combat brigades mean more need or less need for troops performing support functions like training the Iraqi army and police?

"That's a possibility," he said. "I'm not saying it's a likelihood."
Because of that uncertainty, among others, it is not possible to know yet how soon the Army will be in position to shorten Iraq deployments to 12 months, Geren said. Tours were increased to 15 months in January in order to enable commanders to maintain a higher level of forces in Iraq until next spring.

Also in January, when Bush announced his intention to send five extra combat brigades to Iraq in a change of war strategy, he approved a plan to increase the size of the active-duty Army by 65,000 soldiers over five years, to a total of 547,000. Geren said Thursday that the Army also is planning to increase the size of the National Guard and Reserve, for a combined increase — including the active force — of 74,000. He did not provide details on growth targets for the Guard and Reserve.

The rationale for the expansion is that the Army needs to get bigger in order to sustain a long-term commitment in Iraq and Afghanistan without wearing out the troops and alienating their families.

The Marine Corps also is expanding for the same reason.
Geren said the Army now sees a need to accelerate its growth plan, as strains on troops continue to mount. He said the Army estimates it will cost an extra $2.7 billion to $2.8 billion — mainly in added personnel costs — to accomplish the 74,000 increase in four years rather than five.

"We have concluded that we could expedite the growth by a year, and that would reduce stress on the force," Geren said.

The Army secretary also said that one of the key lessons from the Iraq war is that the proper role of private contractors in a war zone needs to be examined more fully. He noted the controversy that has arisen over accusations against Blackwater security contractors in connection with the killing of 11 Iraqis on Sept. 16 in Baghdad. Those contractors were working for the State Department, not the U.S. military, but Geren said it highlighted an issue that needs closer scrutiny.

Geren said the Army has put Jacques Gansler, who was the Pentagon's technology chief from 1997-2001, in charge of an independent commission that is studying the role of private contractors in war. The study is due to be completed at the end of October, he said. (This version CLARIFIES that proposed expansion is for the entire Army, not just active-duty force; corrects that growth target for active force is 547,000.)

Local News / County struggles to pay for road work. Daily Guide
« on: September 21, 2007, 08:19:35 PM »
County struggles to pay for road work
Published: Friday, September 21, 2007 12:13 PM CDT
Darrell Todd Maurina

Someone has placed signs on two roads saying county road crews aren’t doing their jobs and urging people to call the county commissioners to complain.

Both roads are in Commissioner Bill Farnham’s eastern district, but Farnham said Thursday that one of the two roads, Halt Road, off Highway 28, isn’t even a county-maintained road but rather a private road.
The other road, Longview Road which leads from Highway 17 to the Shalom Mountain and Northern Heights residential developments, is part of the county’s road system. However, Farnham said he’s repeatedly tried to explain to residents why their road is in poor condition.

“It’s very frustrating; we’re limited on time and money and are doing what we can do,” Farnham said. “It’s not that we aren’t doing anything, it’s that my guys are busy with other people.”

Presiding Commissioner Bill Ransdall asked for assistance in explaining why the repair work isn’t finished.
“Maybe with the help of the media, we can tell people the game plan is to dig up the soft spots and then pave it before winter,” Ransdall said.

Farnham warned that the county’s property tax revenue for the road and bridge department isn’t keeping pace with road needs and said he’s overspent the budget for his half of the county.

“We’ve got to do something or we’re going to have a bunch of irate citizens if we don’t fix their problems,” Farnham said.
Ransdall asked whether it’s possible to use the county’s general fund sales tax revenues to pay for road work; commissioners said they’d look into the issue and determine whether funds could be transferred between departments funded by two different revenue sources, and if so, whether it would have to be a loan between the departments or a direct transfer.

In other road matters, Bobby Laughlin, the owner of a rock quarry on Superior Road, offered 250 to 300 loads of rock to the county if the county would grade Superior Road.

“I want to get that road fixed because it’s getting a lot of traffic down there,” Farnham said.
Farnham called Eastern District Road Supervisor Stan Crismon to the commission meeting and arranged for county crews and Laughlin gravel employees to coordinate work, with the quarry owner sharing in the cost by providing free rock to county employees.

While some county roads have adjoining property owners such as Laughlin who pay for the county to do work on their roads, that’s not the case everywhere. Farnham said a decision will need to be made soon on what to do about maintaining the county’s road system.

“We’ve got all these new subdivisions we’ve taken in and a lot of them have asphalt roads,” Farnham said. “When those start tearing up, like Longview Road already has, we’re going to be in a heap of trouble.”
Ransdall said he’s received some criticism for not upping Pulaski County’s road and bridge tax rate to the maximum allowed without a public vote, but Farnham said he supported that decision.

“I am firmly opposed to raising taxes without a vote of the people, and I think it’s the citizens who make the decision whether to raise taxes or not,” Farnham said. “We’re growing so much, we’ve got so many extra roads. We’re not wasting material, but we’ve got a lot to take care of.”

“We’re working on a shoestring budget, and it’s got to stop,” Farnham said.
Farnham said a major difference between the eastern district and western district is that many of his eastern district constituents are from urban areas and aren’t used to living on unpaved roads.

Commissioner Dennis Thornsberry didn’t like that answer.

“I have a simple answer for that; if you don’t want to live on a gravel road, don’t buy a house on a gravel road in the county,” Thornsberry said.
One additional revenue source, Ransdall said, may be a Missouri Department of Transportation road-funding program that may allow a state cost-share to help maintain certain roads that provide access to state-owned property such as river accesses.

While the Pulaski County road and bridge department is over budget, Ransdall said that doesn’t include FEMA reimbursement funding for the January ice storm of $145,349 for disaster relief, including rentals of chippers and bucket trucks, and $119,282 for salaries.

County Clerk Diana Linnenbringer said she’d tally those FEMA funds into the budget reports by Monday.

Sports Opinion / Waynesville Versus Farmington.
« on: September 15, 2007, 02:12:36 AM »
Defense was the strong point of both teams tonight. Latest score is Waynesville 14 Farmington 9. 11:49 left in game. Waynesville penalties have plagued the team tonight.

City Government Opinion / Waynesville does not really want industry.
« on: September 14, 2007, 05:41:15 AM »
Waynesville neighbors nuke city plan for industrial park
Darrell Todd Maurina

Residents of the Waynesville’s Briar Pointe, Glen Haven and Long Addition subdivisions say they don’t dispute that their city needs more jobs and a place to expand the city’s utility shed.

However, more than 60 who turned out Tuesday evening for a Waynesville Planning and Zoning Commission meeting strongly objected to plans to put a light industrial park on 16 acres of city-owned property near their homes and adjacent to Waynesville United Methodist Church.
Planning and Zoning Commission meetings rarely have many people attending, and commission members said they were surprised by the overflow attendance that filled the city council chambers and spilled into the hallway.

None of those who spoke supported the city’s plan to rezone the land to allow the city shed and unspecified light industrial businesses to relocate to the property, which city leaders purchased in 2001. Many asked what types of “light industrial” businesses were planned for the park.

Danny Graves, the city’s water, utilty and gas superintendent, said the intent is for a business to relocate that would make kitchen countertops, but the business owner didn’t attend the meeting.
That didn’t reassure residents.

“This just is not right. Every other place has industrial parks, but they are on main roads or out on the interstate,” said resident Karen Drossel.

Drossel challenged Planning and Zoning Commission members to consider what they would want near their own homes.
“If you lived in our neighborhood, I’m sure not one of you would want this in your back yard,” Drossel said.

Commission Chairman Erv Morris said he didn’t know of any commission member who had publicly stated a position on the project and said that just because the project was proposed for city-owned land didn’t mean it would receive easy approval.”

Resident Susan Petrich said using the land for an industrial park shouldn’t even be considered.
“I think it’s a crying shame that we’re even thinking of putting this up around our neighborhoods,” Petrich said. “We’ve heard promises and we’ve read things over and over in the paper, and it didn’t follow through.”

Morris quizzed Petrich on what she meant and emphasized that he hadn’t made any promises.

Resident Doug McCouch joined many other residents in warning that Highway T is already a dangerous road and said adding industrial traffic would only make it worse.
“I know the city has good intentions,” McCouch said. “There are too many ‘ifs’ on what is going in there.”

While industrial park proponents have said making kitchen countertops isn’t a “smokestack” use that would cause problems for neighbors, McCouch said he is a former shop teacher and warned that making kitchen countertops requires resins and other chemicals that may be harmful to the area.

That could cause even worse problems for some neighbors such as Mary Blewett, who said her son has asthma and cannot live in an area with polluted air.

“I have been a homeowner for three months,” Blewett said. “If something like this goes through, we have just taken out a 30-year loan for an oxygen bottle.”

Jon Morrissey, a former member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, said there’s no reason the project needs to be built on Highway T, and said that if it must be built there, the project should be zoned for I-1 industrial use, which allows a less-intensive category of businesses.

His wife Chris Morrissey concurred.
“We may not have a concern with that business, but without a doubt there will come a time that business sells or closes down,” she said.

Morrissey said Waynesville’s standards as a “bedroom community” depend on careful zoning that separates residences from incompatible uses, and said subdivisions have “gone downhill” because of zoning issues.

Bob Perry concurred, saying standards have changed since he moved to the area 27 years ago.
“I feel betrayed,” Perry said. “We didn’t want to buy out in the county where somebody could buy next to us and put in a junkyard, a car lot, a pig farm or an industrial park.”

Several residents referred to problems with developments whose owners haven’t followed through on their pledges.

Morris agreed.
“That whole area was proposed to the city as expensive townhouses,” Morris said. “If somebody proposes something and doesn’t follow through, hopefully they have some money.”

After closing the public comment period, Planning and Zoning Commission members unanimously and strongly rejected the rezoning, with some citing the failure of the countertop business owner to appear and others objecting to other failed projects.

“In terms of rationale or reason, I have heard nothing that makes any sense to me... I don’t see how you could create a bigger sore thumb,” said Planning and Zoning Commission member Joe Rapone. “That guy did a worse job than Sherman did on Atlanta, and we have to look at it every day.”

Councilman Alan Clark, who is a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, made the motion to reject the city’s proposal.

“That is going to wind up being the most dangerous intersection in the city,” Clark said. “You start putting tractor-trailers on that, it is going to be a death trap. I do this for a living, and I know what I am talking about.”

Local News / Commissioners at it again, cut from Daily Guides pages.
« on: September 13, 2007, 12:53:50 AM »
Sheriff’s glass request questioned
Published: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 12:10 PM CDT
Darrell Todd Maurina

Pulaski County Sheriff J.B. King wasn’t at Monday’s county commission meeting — he’s handling bailiff duties for a murder trial in a Phelps County case being heard by a Pulaski County jury — but commissioners addressed several jail issues in his absence.

Presiding Commissioner Bill Ransdall received a call from the father of a Pulaski County resident who was arrested in Pulaski County but is being housed in the Phelps County Jail.
“This gentleman was complaining that Phelps County is full and his son is sleeping on the floor, and our jail is not full,” Ransdall said.

Commissioner Bill Farnham said he didn’t have a problem with inmates sleeping on the floor and reminded commissioners that his own son has a criminal record.

“You know, there’s a real good simple solution to that: if he hadn’t got in trouble, he wouldn’t be in jail,” Farnham said. “I don’t have a lot of sympathy for those in jail.”
Most of Pulaski County’s overflow inmates are currently held in the Dixon City Jail, Miller County Jail and Phelps County Jail. Ransdall asked whether Pulaski County Commissioners had been able to work out an arrangement with Laclede County to offer a lower rate that would make it financially feasible to send inmates to Lebanon. Ransdall recommended that due to the upcoming Highway 17 bridge construction project, commissioners should send a letter to Laclede County asking what the price would be to house Pulaski County inmates in Lebanon.

“I tell you, with as high as fuel has been I’m not sure it wouldn’t be cheaper to send them to Laclede County than to drive them to Tuscumbia for their jail,” Thornsberry said.

Tuscumbia is the county seat of Miller County.
King also submitted written bids to County Clerk Diana Linnenbringer for security glass and a speaker system for the county jail’s public access window. Thornsberry said he didn’t appreciate receiving a written request without King being present to explain it and answer questions.

“He can come in and talk to us when he wants to buy things, not just drop things off on Diana. He’s always unavailable when we want to talk with him,” Thornsberry said. “He needs to come over here and visit with us about this stuff.”
Comments are limited to 200 words or less.
Watcher wrote on Sep 12, 2007 6:54 PM: " Hey there obey the laws. You apparently aren't aware of the fact that people get picked up every day through no fault of their own. Quite often because of spouses, are any one who has a grudge against them calling in a false report. It happens all the time. This probably won't do any good to make you aware of it, because you appear to be mentally unable to comprehend that this does happen on a regular basis. You sound like one of our wonderful deputies. Did you ever hear of mistaken identity? Quite often the law is only as good as the people that are supposed to be trying to enforce it. I have met at least 2 of the deputies in this county that are bigger crooks then the people they arrest. You may be one of them. I have no complaints against our sheriff because I believe he is doing the best he can with what he has to do with. "
Sheriff J. B. King wrote on Sep 12, 2007 6:19 PM: " Since this blog has taken on a life of its own I would like to point out that several weeks ago I did appear in front of the Commission and the issue of the security glass was discussed in great detail. The Commissioners were the ones who wanted additional bids on the project. I did not think I needed to appear again when I submitted the bids they requested. "
Carl wrote on Sep 12, 2007 4:33 PM: " In keeping with good ol' boy tradition, if Mr. King would be a little better palm greaser, things would go much smoother for him and his department. What a breath of fresh air, in this odious bureaucracy, Mr. King is. God bless Mr. King in all he does to protect and serve the citizens of Pulaski county. "
Newsflash wrote on Sep 12, 2007 4:11 PM: " Here's a newsflash for "Dont even hear ya'll anymore..blah...blah". JT Roberts was the biggest whiner/complainer. He whined/complained so much until he got a lawyer and sued the county which cost us taxpayers about $250,000.00. That money sure would have come in handy for Sheriff King. So hell yes lets vote him back in we have money to burn! "
Me,Again! wrote on Sep 12, 2007 2:57 PM: " Why is it that when something is questioned the Sheriff can find the time to respond on this board, but we never hear from the "2 stooges"? Who really wants to set the record straight?, and who is it that is playing stupid, petty games? Get to work gentlemen, you were elected to do a job!!!!! "
JT Roberts? wrote on Sep 12, 2007 12:47 PM: " If you want him again you are on something that isn't legal. He ran the dept on the fringe of legality, illegal search/seizure, no tracking of evidence (JB King corrected all this), gestapo like tactics and let's not forget about the Pulaski County Navy!!! The boat and motor issue that has floated around. As for me I like a legal law enforcement establishment! "
Jenjen wrote on Sep 12, 2007 12:24 PM: " It's clear that the animosity that has built up is in the way of a professional working relationship. This type behavior sends a red flag to me as a Pulski County register voter that change is needed and long over due. Safety and emergency preparedness should be a priority in today society. Issues should addressed and necessary resources should be provided in a professional manner. Grown men publically displaying their lack of positive communication skills. I'm amazed they are in the positions they are in. "
me! wrote on Sep 12, 2007 11:38 AM: " THANK YOU, SHERIFF J.B. KING!!! "
Dont even hear ya'll anymore..blah...blah.. wrote on Sep 12, 2007 11:36 AM: " Sure hope JT Roberts runs again in the next election. So sick of the constant whining and complaining!!! "
Hmmmmm wrote on Sep 12, 2007 10:56 AM: " Hmmmmm! Just a thought here. But if Pulaski County built a state of the art prison facility, say maybe a farm, couldn't other counties store their overflow here and pay Pulaski county to house their inmates? Farnham and Ransdall could get jobs there serving as cooks because I think their current post will be filled by another soon. If we build a prison farm we could raise cattle and feedlot operation and benefit from new laws and credits coming. Inmates incarcerated could actually pay for their stay and learn to work and not cause trouble. Or, the could sit and rot and sleep on the floor. "
Smokey wrote on Sep 12, 2007 8:27 AM: " Dennis T. Here is a simple reason JB put in the purchase request. I will write real slow so you can read it. SAFETY. The door to the sheriff’s office is right next to the window to the office that receives visitors. If someone wants to do harm all they need to do is to shoot through the glass and kill a deputy. Get it? "
Sheriff J. B. King wrote on Sep 12, 2007 7:13 AM: " I feel the need to comment again. First the article above was not correct, I was not doing bailiff work on the murder trial. There are a total of four Deputies assigned to that trial, 2 from Pulaski, 1 from Texas County and 1 from Phelps County. There were also two other Judges in action and Pulaski County had to assign a bailiff to both courtrooms. I took one and a reserve officer took the other. On Thursday the 13th we will need at least three extra bailiffs because we will have 2 murder trials in progress at the same time. So I will again miss the Commission meeting to work. The Sheriff of the county where the trial is held is responsible for any extra bailiffs that are needed. The four bailiffs that are working the murder case are under the 25th judicial circuit and they go where ever needed for the big cases. Since the court is my responsibility I am there. It also frees up a Deputy to respond to your calls for help. "
extremely concerned citizen wrote on Sep 12, 2007 4:36 AM: " It seems to me that the sheriff is doing his job to the best of his ability. Now, before someone accuses me of it, no I am not a cop. I am a mom, and a good one at that. I am sure that if the money is needed, and people see that, then the tax can be passed, maybe we need a petition started to get this ball to rollin. As far as prisoners sleeping on the floor, I don't believe that for a second, there are laws that prevent things like that, and lawsuits are not as common as they were because prisoners get too much comforts of home stuff. If the jail is full, then the jail is full, and prisoners must be sent elsewhere. Maybe we need more officers to police the crime, and maybe we need a new jail, you think? "
Obey the LAWS, watcher!!! wrote on Sep 12, 2007 4:14 AM: " I completely agree with Mr. Farnham, they put themselves in a position to have probable cause to arrest them!!!! If people don't put themselves in those positions and obey the laws, they won't be arrested!!!! Simple as that watcher!!!!!!!! "
To; sic & tired wrote on Sep 12, 2007 3:38 AM: " "sic & tired, you evidently don't know that to "reduce the crime rate"it takes more Deputies out patrolling, and two commissioners already complain about the gas they use now!!! If you want crimes reduced and have protection against criminals, you have to pay for it!!! You can't have it both ways!!! "
YOU DON'T GET IT!!!!! wrote on Sep 12, 2007 2:54 AM: " Who crowned you God Almighty, Dennis Thornsberry??? Sheriff King does have priorities!!!"HIS JOB"!!! He can't just "come over here and visit with you", at your convenience!!! If you had any BRAINS, you'd know that!!! Sheriff King's job is 24/7,unlike yours,2 mornings a week!!! If you and Ransdall would put the Law Enforcement Tax on the ballot, he could have more Deputies to help him!!! You just made it very obvious once again, how bad the Sheriff needs more Deputies!!! And paying other towns or counties to house Pulaski County's prisoners isn't too smart either!!! Then you complain about how much gas they use to haul those prisoners all over the place!!! The more the county grows,(as Pulaski Co. has and still is) the more criminals you have,the more Deputies you need!!! Then more money to haul them to other towns or counties and pad their pockets!!!DO YOU GET IT THORNSBERRY AND RANSDALL??? You need to stop sitting on your brain and be more responsible with the taxpayers money!!! BUILD A NEW JAIL WITH THAT MONEY INSTEAD OF GIVING IT TO OTHER TOWNS OR COUNTIES!!!!!!!! "
Hmmm wrote on Sep 11, 2007 11:35 PM: " Sic... ya see the same crime because there is pretty much the same number of deputies and the crime rate is skyrocketing with the population. Whine.... Seems to me that the Sheriff was upstairs in his courthouse! Why does he baliff instead of a the deputy can stay on the road protecting US! Seems every modern Sheriff's Dept. I have seen has bullet proof everything!! Why do you think they call them secure areas? "
Carl wrote on Sep 11, 2007 10:35 PM: " Amen! "
Huh wrote on Sep 11, 2007 8:59 PM: " Does anybody find Farnham's comments regarding a prisoner sleeping on the floor inappropriate? Personal opinions aside, he is a commissioner who should be providing for the welfare of his constituents. It is my belief these 'gentlemen' should check their personal opinions at the door and do a better job of serving we who live in this county. Don't even get me started on what is really petty. Like badmouthing the JB King while he is doing his job. Unbelieveable! And whay can't he submit a purchase request through "Diana"? If his request spurs questions seems like you can request he provide something to substantiate his request before you approve it. Grow Up! I find it amazing that anyone wants to be the Sherriff knowing they have to deal with the commissioners. Keep up the good work JB! "
Sheriff J. B. King wrote on Sep 11, 2007 8:36 PM: " FYI, the Laclede County jail has operated at max capacity all this year. The Laclede County Sheriff is looking for space for his inmates. Phelps County is at max most of the time. Miller County continues to grow but they can only go so far. Within the next 3-4 years there is a good chance that Pulaski County will find themselves with a large jail list and no where to go. And for the record Pulaski County operates at or close to max capacity every day. Our budgeted inmate board amount for this year will disappear soon and we will be in the red. I repeat once again we need a new jail. "
Killed? wrote on Sep 11, 2007 8:31 PM: " Is it going to take a Sheriff's Dept employee getting killed to wake these 2 idiots up???? The dispatcher is 3' from the person on the other side of the window and this isn't Mayberry! I feel sorry for those people in the Sheriff's Dept. having to depend on Ransdall and Thornsberry for their safety. THORNSBERRY READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL AS WELL AS THIS BLOG. DON'T RUN FOR RE-ELECTION. REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR BUDDY CRISMON! "
Hot Dog wrote on Sep 11, 2007 7:23 PM: " Oh boy, since Dennis and Billy R. want to be Sheriff lets let each of them pull graveyard shifts. Billy R. and Dennis send Diana to Sheriff King to deliver THEIR notes and messages. So it isn't okay for the Sheriff to do the same especially since he is busy? What is Diana, Dennis and Billy R.'s personal assistant and the Sheriff isn't allowed to have her deliver written requests? Dennis has to go and so does Billy. The first paragraph in this "waste of ink" article states the Sheriff was in court. So the rest of it is a pure attack on Sheriff King nothing more and shame on the media for even thinking this is news worthy. "
duh wrote on Sep 11, 2007 6:26 PM: " The sheriff works five days a week ...sometimes more. He rarely works only 8 hours a day. Now let’s think this out. The stooges work 2 days a week. Seems to me they could arrange to meet the sheriff when HE has free time. They sure have enough of it (free time). I would be curious as to what the stooges’ salary works out to hourly! I think that would show the county who’s over paid. Something’s wrong with this picture. "
Whine, Whine, Who Got the Biggest Whine wrote on Sep 11, 2007 6:03 PM: " I hope King is bailiff for a Pulaski County trial being held in Phelps... otherwise what is our county sheriff doing bailiff duties for Phelps county... clarify why bailiffs are hired by the courts but county sheriffs who are so busy are doing that duty over deputies... etc? Sure is clear the law enforcement folks are doing editiorial comments again... Why do they have the attitude that others should, "Shut up and give us the damn money!"? Improvements are one thing... palacial jails are another... perks are another... it is a safety issue at the dispatch that should be addressed, but, When they go outside to smoke do they take a safety body shield with them? Geezzzzzzzzz... talkin' about gettin' a life! "
watcher wrote on Sep 11, 2007 5:59 PM: " Hey Farnham what ever happened to (innocent until proven guilty)? Anyone can wind up in jail for any number of reasons, and be held until the law decides what they are going to do. That includes innocent victims of mistakes made by our less then great law officers. It happens all the time. Perhaps it should happen to you and you get to sleep on the floor. "
sic & tired wrote on Sep 11, 2007 5:56 PM: " now i admit king is doing a better job then roberts, but if you want to get down to the nitty-gritty. instead of always asking for money, maybe they should try to reduce the crime rate. because in that area, i haven't seen much of a difference since j.b. has taken over "
remedy wrote on Sep 11, 2007 5:42 PM: " Thornsberry will always be this way. Maybe a replacement in the next election is due. "
confused mechanic wrote on Sep 11, 2007 4:30 PM: " What is there to explain about security glass and a speaker system for the county jail’s public access window Mr. Thornsberry? I got it in one short written sentence why didn't you? Seems to me the Sherriff should be out doing his job of protecting the people not answering questions about a straight forward bid. "
Just Me wrote on Sep 11, 2007 3:16 PM: " Again, the commissioners are on the attack. They KNOW where the Sheriff is and why he is not there to get on his knees to beg for what is needed. Of course, the commissioners aren't the ones needing bullet proof glass are they? They aren't in danger like the deputies inside that little room. The commissioners need to quit whining and just do theri job with a minimum of fuss. Particularly Thornsberry and Ransdall. I guess it is anything to call attention to your self-importance huh? "
Wondering wrote on Sep 11, 2007 2:38 PM: " Why is it so important for the Sheriff to be there....they all know where the Sheriff works, can they not make an appointment with the Sheriff to discuss these things.....he is trying to do his job also....I think this is just petty....are they above going and asking him themselves if they have questions.....I just cannot comprehend why they cannot go over and visit with him on these things.... "
The stupidity continues! wrote on Sep 11, 2007 12:47 PM: " Wow so much commissioner ignorance. 1. I saw the Sheriff working as a baliff when the commissioners were meeting. Guess he should just tell the judge in the murder trial that he has to go answer to the 2 stooges. 2. Lets just let a dispatcher get assaulted or shot! What stupidity. It's a safety issue!! Those poor dispatchers deal with over 1,200 people a month at that window. Let's protect them. Doesn't the county have a multi million dollar fund for courthouse improvements? 3. Inmates on the floor. Well if the 2 good ole boy commissioners would support the SALES tax that the people want there would be a new jail that operates in the black and we wouldn't be sending our $$ out of county. OK nuf said....lets get Thornsberry out of office at election time so we can fix the rest of the Law Enforcement Issues of OUR county! "

National News / Police Find Man's Body, Guillotine In Wooded Area
« on: September 12, 2007, 11:30:38 PM »
Police Find Man's Body, Guillotine In Wooded Area ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- The body of a 41-year-old man was found in a wooded area next to a guillotine he built and used to kill himself, police said.
The man, from the Detroit suburb of Melvindale, was discovered Monday by workers from a shopping center near his home.
Allen Park Deputy Police Chief Dale Covert said the roughly six-foot tall guillotine was bolted to a tree and included a swing arm. Covert said police also found several store receipts detailing the materials used to assemble the device.
"I can't even tell you how long it must have taken him to construct," he said. "This man obviously was very determined to end his life."

National News / Kid Rock and Tommy Lee fight at MTV VMAs
« on: September 10, 2007, 04:26:24 AM »
Kid Rock and Tommy Lee fight at MTV VMAs
LAS VEGAS - Not only rappers fight at award shows: Kid Rock and Tommy Lee tussled in the audience at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night.
MTV VJ Sway said on the post-show that he saw Kid Rock walk up to the Motley Crue drummer, who was sitting next to Diddy, and "deck him." The incident was confirmed by Palms Hotel and Casino public relations representative Larry Fink.
Both Lee and Kid Rock are ex-husbands of Pamela Anderson, who was a presenter at the show and delivered her lines from atop a table in the audience. Although it was not clear whether the two rockers were fighting over Anderson, it was hard to imagine another scenario.
The incident provided a lot of mock rebukes from the hip-hoppers in attendance.
"They say it's only rappers," said Sway. "I told you rockers fight too."
Diddy noted: "It's not just the hip-hop artists that sometimes have a problem."
Jamie Foxx took it still further: "Stop all this white-on-white violence."

Local News / Bank Robery in Springfield
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Another robber hits a bank in Springfieldby KY3 NewsAnother Bank of America/FBI/KY3By Gene Hartley
SPRINGFIELD -- A man robbed the Bank of America branch on Glenstone Avenue at Battlefield Road on Thursday afternoon. Tellers told police that he walked in, showed a note, pulled a gun, got some money and left on foot. ----
Edited FBI news release:
On Thursday, at approximately 3:30 p.m., a man walked into the Bank of America at 2940 S. Glenstone Avenue. The man displayed a pre-written bank robbery demand note. The teller complied and provided the robber with some money. The note said the robber had a gun but he didn’t show it. The robber fled around the west side of the bank
Anyone with information about this bank robbery can call the Springfield Police Department at (417)-864-1810 or the FBI at (417)-882-3303. The robber could be armed and dangerous.
The robber is white, about 5-foot-5 to 5-foot-6, about 160 pounds, has short sandy blonde hair with unshaven facial hair, could be in his late 40s, and was wearing a dark baseball cap with an unknown logo on the front, a dark short-sleeve collared shirt, black sunglasses, black or blue jeans, and tennis shoes.

Things that make you go HMMMM / Drive by Lowe's at night.
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If you drive by Lowe's at night part of the light on the sign is partly out. It now says Love's..

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