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Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / SHERIFF'S VIEW # 16
« on: April 29, 2013, 02:43:54 PM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long

   The headliner for this past week seemed to be the alleged crime spree of felony suspect, Chad Lange, along with his pursuit and apprehension. The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and the Dixon Police Department were working multiple cases where Lange was the suspect, ranging from Auto Thefts to Burglaries. After felony warrants for such were issued for Lange’s arrest, officials began tracking the suspect. On Thursday evening, yours truly (I) engaged in a car chase with suspect Lange, which began in the 15700 Block of Cave Road, located just south of Dixon. In my thirty-three years of law enforcement, I have witnessed few cases of such reckless driving as Chad Lange was demonstrating. If a vehicle would have been traveling down Cave Road at the time and location of this pursuit, without a doubt a serious or fatal accident would have occurred with Lange’s vehicle.

   After bursting through a farm gate and 4-wheeling up a logging trail, Lange was able to elude me and escape to other parts of Pulaski County. A multi-agency dragnet for the suspect was unsuccessful, so the search was discontinued in the early morning hours. Several hours later, the Lebanon Police Department engaged in a pursuit of the same vehicle and it wreck out. The driver (believed to be Lange) also eluded them. I would like to thank all agencies that assisted with the search for suspect Lange, especially the Missouri State Highway Patrol who send multiple troopers and their helicopter.

   A small task force compiled of full time and reserve Pulaski County deputies began tracking Chad Lange. Less than twenty-four hours later, fugitive Lange was located in a motel room in Rolla. A special greeting party of Pulaski County PCERT (tactical) deputies, and Rolla police officers, extracted Lange from his motel room. Fugitive Lange is now in the confines of the Pulaski County Jail, awaiting legal proceedings. In addition to his warrants, Chad Lange will be facing many additional felony and misdemeanor charges. Trust me in saying that you can be proud of the quality work your Pulaski County deputies demonstrated in bringing fugitive Lange to justice in such a timely manner, because I certainly am!     
   With the warm weather closing in, lake and tourist traffic will be increasing on our Pulaski County roadways. This is a good thing regarding local commerce but unfortunately, injury and fatal accidents will increase. Before leaving office, Sheriff J.B. King applied for and was awarded a traffic grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation. This grant is intended to pay deputies overtime to work traffic enforcement details. Therefore, regular patrols throughout the county “will not” decrease but traffic enforcement by our agency will throughout the summer. This is a $5,000 grant that encourages and enables law enforcement agencies to engage in traffic enforcement details (i.e. checkpoints), without depleting any manpower and costing additional monies to the county. I will be announcing further details about these traffic enforcement endeavors in the near future.

   On Saturday morning I was honored to be a guest speaker at the Women of Significance annual banquet, which was held at Westside Baptist Church. I was impressed to see the large turnout of concerned citizens from Pulaski and other neighboring counties. This annual event raises needed funds for women and their children, who are in need of food and shelter, due to abusive spouses. I recall seeing our local shelter grow from a small home to an impressive facility. The fact this type of facility has to exist in sad, but it is encouraging to see such an organization aiding and battling unnecessary domestic violence.

   Once again, I am mentioning the Conceal to Carry a Weapon (CCW) permit. Today (Monday), I will be standing on the steps of our Capital in Jefferson City, shoulder-to-shoulder with many other sheriffs from this state. We will be there supporting new legislation regarding your CCW permits, which will be transferring the entire process from the State to local sheriffs. This legislation will help further protect your rights as a gun owner, along with addressing current privacy issues. I certainly do not mind taking over this additional duty, to further protect your rights. 

   Our Town Hall meeting last Tuesday was in Devils Elbow, in which the turnout was very impressive. Devil’s Elbow residents packed the building and had many great comments and questions. I now have locations for our meetings in Swedeborg and Big Piney, which will be announced in a few days.

For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook.

As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community. See you next week.

Sheriff Ronald Long


The suspect of a week long crime wave has been apprehended by the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, and is now in their jail. Thirty-eight year old Chad Lange was arrested in Rolla last night by deputies from Pulaski County, along with officers from the Rolla Police Department.

Suspect Lange was initially sought by authorities after felony arrest warrants were issued for the offenses of Auto Theft and Burglary. Efforts to apprehend Lange intensified after several pursuits with law enforcement, along with being accused of a growing number of crimes.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department committed a large number of full-time and reserve deputies to locate and apprehend suspect Lange. Around midnight last night, Lange was located and arrested at a hotel in Rolla. Suspect Lange was then taken to the Phelps County Regional Hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries that were sustained prior to apprehension. Lange was released from the hospital a few hours later and is now in jail awaiting legal proceedings.

According to Pulaski Sheriff Ron Long, in addition to his warrants for Auto Theft and Burglary, charges are being sought for numerous other felony and misdemeanor crimes Lange is suspected of committing throughout Pulaski and Laclede counties. This investigation also led deputies to other individuals of which criminal charges will be filed against.

Sheriff Long wishes to thank the community for their assistance in helping locate and apprehend Chad Lange.


A manhunt continues in Pulaski County for a fugitive that has lead law enforcement officials on a county wide search, which began early Thursday evening and continued throughout the midnight hours. The suspect, 38 year old Chad Lange, is wanted for numerous felony charges, including Auto Theft and Burglary.

Law enforcement officials initially began searching for suspect Lange after he was named as a perpetrator in numerous car thefts and burglaries in the Dixon area over the past week. The Dixon Police Department, the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies have been actively seeking fugitive Lange since warrants were issued for his arrest.

Thursday evening the search escalated when the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department discovered Lange hiding out in the 15,000 Block of Cave Road, just south of Dixon. A car chase ensured, in which suspect Lange was driving a stolen pickup truck. During the pursuit, Lange demonstrating a willful disregard for life and property, and was operating his vehicle in an extremely dangerous manner. Lange was able to elude the sheriff after crashing through a farm gate and driving his 4-wheel drive vehicle up a dilapidated logging trail.

Citizen sightings, along with information developed by authorities, lead law enforcement officials to the Crocker area. The search for Lange was discontinued in the early morning hours after all leads had diminished. Sheriff Ron Long advised this was a multi-agency endeavor, in which every law enforcement agency in Pulaski County assisted in, including Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers and their helicopter.

The stolen vehicle Chad Lange was driving at the time of Thursday evening’s pursuit was later discovered by officers in Lebanon. As of this time, fugitive Lange is still at large.

Sheriff Long is asking the communities assistance in locating Chad Lange. Fugitive Lange has an extensive criminal history, and should be considered armed and dangerous. Therefore, do not attempt contact with this individual, if sighted. If you have any information regarding the location of Chad Lange, please contact the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department at 573-774-6196 (also 911), or by calling your local law enforcement agency.

Local News / Manhunt
« on: April 26, 2013, 03:57:27 PM »
On 4-20-2013 at 3:28 am a Dixon PD officer noticed a wanted subject at Casey’s in Dixon. He attempted to effect an arrest and the subject escaped out the back door of the store. A female companion was outside in a stolen vehicle and picked the suspect up. The vehicle then left Casey’s and crashed into an electric pole near the intersection of Ellen Street and 5th Street. Both suspects fled on foot. The female suspect was taken into custody on 4-22-2013 and is waiting on formal charges to be filed by the Pulaski County Prosecutor’s office. The male suspect is identified as Chad Lange and is still at large.

If anyone has any information on his whereabouts please call the Dixon Police Department or your nearest law enforcement office. Do not attempt to apprehend the suspect as he considered armed and dangerous.

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / SHERIFF'S VIEW #15
« on: April 23, 2013, 02:50:46 AM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long
            Unfortunately, I must begin on a sad note. Late Saturday afternoon, Pulaski County Assessor Roger Harrison was fatally injured in a construction accident. Roger was a friend and gentleman to all who knew him, along with being a respected public official.  My condolence goes out to the family of our friend, Roger Harrison; he will be greatly missed.       
            I attempt to cover new topics each week but there is nothing in this county right now that I receive more questions about than gun control and the Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit. Since the unveiling of our state disseminating CCW application information to Washington a few weeks back, I have received many inquiries about “why did this happen and what is being done about it”.  The first question about “why”; I don’t have a creditable answer, yet, but I can assure you that many residents of this state and elected officials are not too happy about what has occurred.
            A concerning issue for law enforcement officials right now is the growing reluctance of some to obtain a CCW permit. With our currently laws allowing for a law abiding citizen to possess a firearm, some feel they will carry a pistol how they see fit, and roll the dice in the event they are discovered carrying a concealed weapon. For those wishing to walk the gray zone, let me assure you that Missouri sheriffs are proceeding at warp speed to correct this questionable leak of information and protect our citizen’s rights. So PLEASE, abide by your laws, and have faith and bear patience that your sheriff and other officials in this state are working hard to correct this problem. Representative from the Missouri Sheriff’s Association are conveying to us (Missouri Sheriffs) that we may soon be solely responsible for the entire CCW process. So, possibly in the next month or two, Missouri Sheriffs will completely handle your CCW permits from start to finish. When this occurs, I can assure each of you that Sheriff Long “will not” be sending your personal information to Washington D.C! 
            Two weeks ago I wrote about several grants we were seeking here at the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department. This week I will be submitting the DSSF grant, which supplements deputy sheriff’s pay for all of our commissioned deputies. In addition, Chief Deputy Groves is currently working on the Vest grant, which will supply bullet-proof vest for a number of our deputies. Some more good news came down the pipe this week from a Wall Street headliner, approving a sizeable equipment donation to this sheriff’s department. Once received, numerous computers throughout this agency will be replaced, which is much needed. Once the donation is in-hand, I will publish additional information about the contributing organization and equipment to be purchased.
              On many occasions in the past I have written or spoke about how essential the Pulaski County Reserve Unit is to the daily operations of your sheriff’s department. Beginning the first week of May, local media will be given an insider’s view of the reserves, which will be relayed to you via multiple media outlets. This will be a very enlightening feature that will be of interest to many.
              Our next Town Hall meeting will be in Devils Elbow on Tuesday, April the 23rd. We will be meeting at 6:30 PM, at the Whimsical Bend store located at 13400 Highway Z (intersection of Hwy. Z and Treetop) in Devils Elbow.  I am currently in the process of scheduling the Big Piney meeting and following it, one in Swedeborg.
For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook.
As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community. See you next week.
Sheriff Ronald Long

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / SHERIFF'S VIEW #14
« on: April 16, 2013, 02:39:33 PM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long
            The nucleus, as reflected in many definitions, is the controlling mechanism (or hub) of a living organism or mechanical device. It is the “how or why” things happen. With some things in this world I am unable to explain the nucleus of an organism, event or mechanical device but this is not the case when it comes to crime in Pulaski County. Drugs, both illegal and un-prescribed pharmaceutical medicines, are the nucleus of crime in this county, along with many other locations throughout our nation. In an ongoing effort to combat drug related crimes, many of you have heard or read about our strike on local drug offenders this week, so let me take a few minutes to explain in further detail about this operation.     
            During the early morning hours last Thursday, approximately fifty law enforcement officers from this county and Phelps, went door-knocking at the homes of some local drug pushers and meth cooks. A birds-eye view of our staging area would have reflected cop cars from about every agency in Pulaski County, along with members of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Lake Area Narcotics Enforcement Group and the Rolla Police Department. The Maries County Sheriff Department also assisted with the housing and transportation of our special guests. The Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Circuit Court Clerk Rachelle Beasley, and Judge Collin Long, also assisted with this project.
            With fifty-five suspect’s names on felony arrest warrants (some with multiple offenses), law enforcement officials began sweeping this county at the break of dawn. Within the following eight hours, almost thirty felony drug offenders were in custody. As one might conclude, not all of the warrants were able to be executed due to the transient nature of the illegal drug world, but I can assure you that vigilant efforts are being made to apprehend the remaining fugitives. Just a few words of discomfort for those who are still on the run: “you will be found.”
            An operation such as this also opens the door for other criminal cases to be made. A few examples include additional drug arrests being made Thursday, along with the confiscation of what appeared to be a large methamphetamine laboratory. The suspected meth lab was seized in the Highway W area, which was in the possession of some local career offenders.     
            Personally, one of Thursday’s highlights from me was seeing the results of this multi-jurisdictional endeavor; a team concept working for the betterment of our community. Since taking office I have met with every public safety agency in this county and conveyed my intentions to work with them to combat crime and make Pulaski County a safer place. Last week’s roundup reflects the approach to crime that all Pulaski County law enforcement leaders wish to utilize. Joint efforts like this are conducive in many ways, including diminishing jurisdictional boundaries that give criminals safe havens, and making attacks on crime more affordable in these financially trying times. As we continue to cut the grip that drug abuse has on our community, we will see our crime rate and drug overdose related deaths fall. This type of approach is a win-win for Pulaski County law enforcement and citizens. 
            Concerns regarding Federal gun control issues, along with personal CCW license information being forwarded to the Feds, continue to escalate. Recently, I have received numerous calls from Pulaski County residents who wished to voice their concerns about both matters.        As promised, I will continue to fight both of these issues and I do believe that within the next two weeks, results of the Missouri Sheriff’s Association efforts will reflect significant (and positive) changes to the CCW license procedure that will further protect Missourians.
            I am also in the process of compiling crime statistics from the first quarter of 2013, which I should be making public within the next two weeks. I do believe many of you will find these of interest. Accompany the statistics will be an explanation of what they truly mean, along with comparisons to the past two years.
            On a parting note, a reminder to get out and support our local Special Olympic athletes this Friday at the Track and Field event being hosted by the Waynesville Middle School. In addition to competing against fellow athletes, our Special Olympians are nothing less than thrilled with seeing community support. So, please come out and help your law enforcement officials in making this a very special day for these athletes. 
              Our next Town Hall meeting will be in Devils Elbow on Tuesday, April the 23rd. We will be meeting at 6:30 PM, at the Whimsical Bend store located at 13400 Highway Z in Devils Elbow.  Meetings in the Big Piney and Swedeborg areas will soon follow.
For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook.
As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community. See you next week.
Sheriff Ronald Long

At approximately 4 a.m., on April 11, 2013, members of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Lake Area Narcotic Enforcement Group (LANEG), and the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department concluded a long-term narcotics investigation in Pulaski County.
Over approximately 24 months, officers with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and LANEG were able to conduct a series of narcotic investigations involving the possession, distribution, and sale of methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and prescription medications.
The investigation involved 48 loosely affiliated individuals in and around the Pulaski County area. Warrants for each defendant (multiple counts on many) were obtained through the Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office prior to the mass arrest operation this morning.
Arrest teams consisted of members of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, Waynesville Police Department, St. Robert Police Department, Richland Police Department, Crocker Police Department, Dixon Police Department, Rolla Police Department, and LANEG.
Individuals arrested in conjunction with this investigation were transported, processed, and held for bond at the Pulaski County Jail. The following individuals were arrested as a result of warrants issued for the listed offense(s):

Latisha Cocroft, 31, St. Robert, MO, sale of a controlled substance (two counts).
Amy L. Quesenberry, 36, Laquey, MO, production and possession of a controlled substance.
Shane H. Green, 27, Waynesville, MO, production of a controlled substance.
Stella M. Harper, 36, Waynesville, production of a controlled substance.
Dennis A. McMurtrey, 52, Crocker, MO, production of a controlled substance (two counts), attempt to produce a controlled substance, and possession of a controlled substance.
Alyssa Bowers, 26, Waynesville, producing a controlled substance.
Linda M. Green, 62, Waynesville, production of a controlled substance.
Michael W. Harper, 35, Waynesville, production of a controlled substance.
Michael P. Bahr, 50, Crocker, possession of a controlled substance and producing a controlled substance.
Curtis W. Winters, 34, Dixon, MO, possession of a controlled substance.
Kenny D. Jennings, 34, Crocker, possession of a controlled substance.
Cherie L. Kelly, 36, Crocker, possession of a controlled substance.
Charles W. Pitts, 53, Crocker, production of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance.
Carl A. Terry IV, 25, St. Robert, sale of a controlled substance (two counts).
Lacey C. Martin, 29, St. Robert, possession of a controlled substance (two counts).
Deborah M. Spurlock, 47, Waynesville, possession of a controlled substance (four counts).
Curtis L. Spurlock, 48, Waynesville, possession of a controlled substance (four counts).
Desiree O. Rozar, 42, Dixon, possession of a controlled substance (two counts) and possession of a controlled substance (two counts).
Earl M. Gamblin, 43, St. Robert, sale of a controlled substance.
Jerome A. Miller, 26, Laquey, producing a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance (two counts).

The following individuals were previously incarcerated within the facilities of various jurisdictions when arrested on charges stemming from this investigation:
Anthony D. Haggard, 30, Springfield, MO, sale of a controlled substance (two counts).
Joseph D. Newsome, 30, St. Robert, possession of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance (three counts).
Star'Lynn P. Gann, 25, Dixon, possession of a controlled substance and producing a controlled substance.
Marc A. Faulkner 35, Crocker, selling an imitation controlled substance.
Benjamin C. Johnson, 31, St. Robert, sale of a controlled substance.
Jermaine D. Haggard, 30, St. Robert, three separate counts of sale of a controlled substance.
William R. Elms, 45, Dixon, sale of a controlled substance.
Richard D. Pirtle, 33, St. Robert, two separate counts of sale of a controlled substance.
Donna J. Sidwell, 56, Crocker, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Arrest teams consisted of members of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Pulaski County Sheriff's Department, Waynesville Police Department, St. Robert Police Department, Richland Police Department, Crocker Police Department, Dixon Police Department, Rolla Police Department, and LANEG.

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / SHERIFF'S VIEW #13
« on: April 08, 2013, 04:14:02 PM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long

   As I begin another weekly article, I am sitting here watching (and listening) to the local weather alerts coming across the TV and my cell phone. Accompany our warm weather comes the spring storm season, so I would like to remind all to invest in some type of storm warning alert system. This small investment can be a real life saver. Unlike winter storms and hurricanes, tornados can come as a thief in the night, so be prepared. Weather alert radios are sold in most major stores in your area. Also, some weather alerts are free over your cell phone. One can get cell phone apps and alerts via your cellular providers, along with ones from television and radio stations. In addition, make preparations for shelter in the event that a severe storm or tornado warning/watch is issued.

   As mentioned in prior articles and relayed at your local Town Hall meetings, one of the primary objectives of the Pulaski County Sheriff Department is a team approach within the agency and with other law enforcement, EMS and fire departments in this area. Therefore, on May the 2nd and 3rd, the Pulaski County Sheriff Department will be training with other local emergency services in handling emergency and violent situations within our schools. In this two day training seminar, law enforcement, fire and EMS officials will work through numerous scenarios that could occur within the doors of our educational buildings. Sadly, school violence has escalated to unimaginable levels throughout this nation, and internationally. Officials here in Pulaski County want to be prepared in the event a violent situation did occur locally, along with taking all measures possible to be proactive and prevent such incidents.     

   Today, I took a short drive to Sellers-Sexton Ford and put eyes on the first of five new police interceptor vehicles that were ordered in February. GM Mike Freeman assured me the other four vehicles were in hot-pursuit of the new arrival, so the new fleet of county patrol vehicles will be on the road soon.  In a move to “clean house” of older vehicles, we recently sold (mostly for salvage) approximately two dozen old patrol cars, which had been stored at numerous locations throughout the county. The proceeds from this sale were placed back into the General Revenue budget.

Teenagers throughout this county have been asking for several weeks when their sheriff will begin accepting applications for the Sheriff’s Teenage Advisory Council. The time has arrived, so later this week I will announce via the schools and local media, how teens can apply for this position. If you are a teenager who might be interested in donating your time and talents to this endeavor, stay tuned to your local media this week for further details.

   Last Thursday, representatives from the sheriff’s department and Waynesville Mayor Luge Hardman met with the producer of the television documentary about methamphetamine, which they have been wanting to film in this area. The producer and his representatives assured us they would be focusing on how Pulaski County deals with this problem, focusing on enforcement, drug court and community rehab support systems. After a two hour meeting, the producer and his two representatives were given a tour of Pulaski County and Ft. Leonard Wood. They all seemed very impressed with this area and what we can offer for this educational program; therefore, step two has begun. The producer was instructed to submit a written proposal and an outline of program objectives to me as soon as possible, so they can be presented to local business and government leaders, along with the Pulaski County Commissioners, for a final decision. I will be giving updates as these negotiations continue.

     Our next Town Hall meeting will be in Devil’s Elbow. I will be announcing the time and location in my next new’s article. Meetings in the Big Piney and Swedeborg areas will follow. So, stay tuned for dates and locations.

For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook.

As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community. See you next week.

Sheriff Ronald Long

Pulaski County Election Results / Election 2013 Pulaski County
« on: April 03, 2013, 04:12:55 PM »
1,701 people voted out of 20,824 voters registered in Pulaski County

Dixon R-1 School District Board of Education

Kevin Shepherd 334

Doug Roam 427

Cesar Salais 206

Laquey R-5 School District of Pulaski County Board of Education

Mary Ann Miller 119

Patrick Sanders 59

Danny Click 138

Richland R-IV School District of Pulaski County Board of Education

Eric Graves 56

Jenny Patton 90

Brian York 65

Shad Hilton 103

Daniel Novak 37

Richard A. Allen 25

Mary Howlett 61

Warren Powell 160

Robert "David" Mooney 21

Luke Waters 11

Waynesville R-6 School District Board of Education two winners
Butch O' Riley 401

Dorsey Newcomb 312

Charles Quinn 288

City of Dixon for Municipal Judge for two-year-term

Diane Shultz 70

Patricia Williams 6

Douglas Solan 158

Scott Jones 30

City of Dixon for Alderman-Ward 1 for two-year term

Marlene Blackburn 28

Allan Kuehl 36

City of Dixon for Alderman- Ward 2 for two-year term

Quentin Davis 35

Steven Parker 78

Joann Chilton 10

City of Dixon for Alderman-Ward 2 for one-year unexpired term

Jessie Fleming 27

Travis Rollins 94

City of Waynesville for Council Member Ward 3 for two-year term

Jim Mathews 81

Joseph P. Krill Jr. 18

Nebo-Falcon Fire Protection District for Board of Directors, two-year term

Gary Neher 3

Douglas C. Christlieb 0


Should the City of Dixon, Mo, issue its general obligation bonds in the amount of $970,000 for the purpose of extending and improving the streets in said City?

Yes 224

No 28

City of Richland for Mayor, two-year term

Lucy Henson 171

Harold Needs 67

City of Richland for municipal judge, two-year term

Sheila L. Needs 44

Harry R. Eckman Jr. 30

Rodney Blanchard 136

Richard Pentecost 27

Uncontested Results:

City of St. Robert for Mayor – two year term

George Sanders 74

City of St. Robert for Aldermen – Ward 1, two year term

James Phillips 30

City of St. Robert for Aldermen – Ward 2, two year term

Sylvia (Butchy) Newkirk 8

City of St. Robert for Aldermen – Ward 2, 1 year unexpired term

Linda Daniels 8

City of St. Robert for Aldermen – Ward 3, two year term

Allan Johannsen 17

City of St. Robert for Aldermen – Ward 4, two year term

Bill Shaw 17

City of Waynesville for Council Member uncontested races
Ward I Councilwoman Diana Stanford
Ward II newcomer William J. Paolicelli
Ward IV Councilman Michael J. France 2 year term
Ward IV Councilman Michael Curtis 

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / SHERIFF'S VIEW #12
« on: April 02, 2013, 03:43:41 AM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long

   Spring is here, and with it we humans and Mother Nature become a lot busier. For your Pulaski County sheriff, this is the season (and month) to submit a multitude of grants that are due before the end of April. Therefore, in addition to all other duties involved with this office, Sheriff Ron will be working some additional late hours. As you know, our government is tightening its money belt these days, so I want to take advantage of any financial opportunity that comes our way. These grants, if awarded, will supply this agency with monies for salaries, equipment and radios.

   One of the above mentioned is the Deputy Sheriff’s Supplemental Salary Fund (DSSSF), which is probably one of the more vital grants for our sheriff department. As one might decipher from the grant’s name, the DSSSF grant supplements sheriff deputy pay throughout Missouri. With this grant, every deputy in our state is guaranteed a yearly income of at least $28,000. For example, if a Pulaski County deputy’s yearly base pay is $25,000, the DSSSF grant supplements an additional three-thousand dollars to make up the difference, along with the extra tax withholdings that come with the pay. If a deputy makes over the $28,000 benchmark, they receive an extra one-hundred dollars per-month; all sheriffs are excluded. So as one can see, the DSSSF grant is very important to all of your deputies. I will explain other grants to you in future articles.

   Once again, I would like to give an update on the renovations to your county jail. As of Monday morning, inmates once again are being housed at our jail facility. The inmates will notice many improvements, which included: new/renovated restrooms and showers, a fresh paint job, new smoke detectors, and a new air conditioning and heating system, along with repairs to the building’s plumbing network. I would like to thank our many volunteers, construction workers and PCSD employees who helped with this project, along with the Pulaski County Commissioners and Building Committee who made the funds possible.

   In addition to the above improvements, several staff members and I met with representatives from a national jail vendor service to discuss modern changes and additions to our jail’s telephone and commissary systems. If terms between this county and the vendor are agreed upon, the service will bring modern technology into our jail, allowing for upgraded phone services and commissary items for inmates. Also, commissary and bond money could be internet fed to inmate accounts and money kiosks would be at our facility. This will alleviate the handling of “any” money by our staff. All profits generated by these services will be returned to the jail fund to aid in the operation of the facility; this would be a win-win situation for all involved. 

   I would like to mention a few upcoming events where you will see the Pulaski County Sheriff Department involved. We have been contacted by local representatives who are involved with projects regarding our veterans, asking for support and sponsorship of community events with them.  In a joint endeavor, we are planning a bicycle rodeo for our local young residents, which will probably be held in May or early June. This event will show our young riders many safety tips, along with giving them an opportunity to meet some of their local veterans and deputies. Also, within the week you will be seeing numerous ways to assist or donate to our Special Olympics. This year the Waynesville Middle School is hosting their spring track meet on Friday, April the 19th, so please come down and cheer them on. As mentioned in a previous newsletter, law enforcement agencies throughout Missouri are huge supporters of the Special Olympics, along with this sheriff’s office.

   This week we have once again scheduled a meeting with the producer of the television documentary (and possible series) regarding methamphetamine and its effects and recovery, in Pulaski and several other counties in this State. Our prior two attempts have been cancelled due to inclement weather this winter. I will be reporting more on this in my upcoming articles, regarding a final decision to our participation.

     We are currently in the process of scheduling Town Hall meetings in the Devil’s Elbow, Big Piney and Swedeborg areas. These should resume in two weeks so stay tuned for dates and locations.

For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook.

As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community. See you next week.

Sheriff Ronald Long

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / SHERIFF'S VIEW #11
« on: March 26, 2013, 02:42:27 AM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long
            I can’t find a more appropriate set of words than “very strange” when referring to the eerie silence contained within the walls of the Pulaski County Jail this weekend. During the early morning hours last Friday, deputies and correction officers began transferring our inmates to neighboring jail facilities, leaving our county jail completely empty. 
            As some of you know, the Pulaski County Jail has been around for about four decades. Due to natural aging, along with intentional damage caused by inmates, repairs to the jail became a necessity. In January, the Pulaski County Commissioners made funding available to make needed repairs, and the Bales Construction Company was awarded the bid to take on the task. Saturday morning the construction crew began working around the clock to complete the project so our inmates can return as soon as possible. On any given day the Pulaski County Sheriff Department has custody of approximately eighty (80) prisoners; about one-half of those are incarcerated in Pulaski County, with the remaining being sent to neighboring county facilities. This outsourcing costs our county approximately $35 a day per inmate. Due to the expense of outsourcing inmates, the construction company has agreed to work around the clock to quickly make the necessary repairs. Security reasons prevent me from giving the exact date for the inmates to return but we are expecting them back before the end of March.
This past week, Chief Deputy John Groves and I found ourselves back at high school, and not as remedial students. We accepted an invitation from the Waynesville High School American History classes to be guest lecturers, speaking about Due Process and our United States Constitutional Amendments.  It is always a pleasure to interact with our young adult citizens and due to their many questions; I do believe the students appreciated us being there. Reaching out to our teenagers and gaining their trust and confidence is a goal of this administration, so we always welcome invitations such as this one.
In additional to making guest appearances, this agency is in the process of developing training and educational programs for our county high school students and teachers. Last week I had a meeting with a local school superintendent to discuss ways the Pulaski County Sheriff Department can help in protecting and educating our students and teachers. Training programs for educators regarding Drug Awareness and Campus Security are currently being prepared, so over the next 4-5 months members of the Pulaski County Sheriff Department will be combining efforts with local school systems to assure the continued safety of our children. Also, next month local law enforcement, EMS and fire departments will be attending a training session relating to the response and handling of school emergency situations.
Last week this office was contacted by a local citizen, advising of Gypsy groups in this area seeking repair jobs to residential homes and driveways. Gypsies groups have been in our country for several centuries now, engaging themselves in schemes of fraudulent nature. Spring and Fall storm seasons seem to be target dates for elevated Gypsy activity.
 Some of our modern day Gypsy schemes involve roof and driveway repairs. These schemes consist of Gypsy representatives making contact with the homeowners and advising they are working this area due to storm damage to roof and driveways, which was caused by hail and excessive rains. These individuals then ask to conduct an inspection of the home or driveway at no cost to the homeowner. Often times while inspecting roofs and shingles, these fraudulent offenders will intentionally damage them. The Gypsy representative will supply the homeowner with a very low repair estimate and will ask for a cash advance before they can begin work. Once the cash payment is made, the Gypsy representative may disappear before any services are performed. If Gypsy groups are employed to complete driveway repairs, a quick shot of tar over existing gravel is usually the extent of their blacktop repair job. If any repairs are actually made, they are usually substandard, leaving the homeowner little chance of getting their money back.
To avoid being victimized by fraudulent Gypsy (or similar) schemes, take a few simple precautions. First, always check the business that is offering to make your repairs. Contact the Better Business Bureau, local Chamber of Commerce, the Secretary of State’s Web-site, or just conduct a quick Google search to see if the business is legitimate. Also, NEVER pay an advanced cash payment to a repair business that you are not familiar with. Most home repair businesses will accept credit cards and if they don’t, write a check. Another resource is your insurance company, whose claim agents are familiar with most car and home repair services. Fraudulent home repair schemes and Gypsy groups usually prey on senior citizens. If you believe a fraud group is attempting to “rip you off”, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. 
            Our deputies continue to keep their pace of responding to a high volume of calls, and investigating criminal cases. In a few weeks I will be submitting a news media release summarizing our first quarter statistics. Stay tuned, this might be of interest to you!
              Our Town Hall meeting last week was in St. Robert, where we had a smaller but inquisitive group that kept us answering questions until the nine o’clock hour. Due to scheduling problems, we will need to skip the next two weeks but meetings in the Devil’s Elbow, Big Piney and Swedeborg areas will be coming soon.
For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook.
As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community. See you next week.
Sheriff Ronald Long

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / SERIFF'S VIEW #10
« on: March 18, 2013, 02:38:10 AM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long

   Last week Mother Nature gave us a small peek of warm weather and, as expected, we saw a significant rise in calls for service. We are running approximately one thousand (1000) calls for service each month, with an expected increase as warmer weather prevails. Some may ask what is considered a “call for service”. This is simply explained as an incident reported to the Pulaski County Sheriff Department (PCSD), which requires law enforcement intervention of some type. When you compute the ratio of reported incidents to our number of staff, the mathematical results show that your sheriff’s department is very busy. Pulaski County deputies have been working extra hard due to the shortage of patrol staff over the past ten weeks, and I commend them for their extraordinary and professional efforts. 

Over the past couple of weeks we have released for full duty, two deputies from their field training program; this gives our community additional law enforcement coverage. Two additional new-hires will remain in training for another month or two, and we are expecting them to be fully trained before the end of April. Our Field Training program supplements the State mandate of approximately seven hundred (700) hours of initial law enforcement academy training required to be a Missouri Peace Officer. Once these last two deputies are fully trained, along with a veteran deputy returning soon from military duty in the Middle East, we should be up to full staffing. Before releasing a new hire to solo patrol duties, the PCSD mandates that each completes their full field training program, along with passing an interview board. These stringent requirements far exceed the minimal 120 hour academy and two week field training program I went through as a rookie officer at St. Robert P.D. thirty-four years ago. Definitely, a change for the better.

   Until we reach full staffing, the Pulaski County Reserve Unit continues in their full-throttle mode to serve our community. In February, reserve deputies donated approximately 560 hours of law enforcement services to our county. These duties involved working patrol, investigating criminal cases, K-9 patrol, assisting in transporting prisoners, giving law enforcement training classes, along with other supplemental duties. I could place a very conservative estimate of $8,500 for their services but to steal a commercial line from MasterCard, what the PCSD Reserves do for this county is actually priceless. In the near future, we will be having a media week demonstrating the full services of the Pulaski County Reserve Unit. This will be very enlightening and interesting, so please stay tuned!

      This past week, myself and representatives from the St. Robert and Waynesville Police Departments, attended a meeting at Troop I Headquarters in Rolla, regarding a special event that will be occurring in Waynesville on Friday, April the 19th. On this date, the Special Olympics are coming to town, at which time their athletes will be competing at a Track and Field meet at the Waynesville Middle School. Competitors from central Missouri will be traveling here for fun and games in our community.

Law enforcement agencies are involved in many things throughout their communities, other than just fighting crime and working traffic. Programs such as the Special Olympics and Shop with a Cop are a few of our favorites. Lt. Steve Davis from the Missouri State Highway Patrol is the regional law enforcement coordinator for our area, and is working hard to promote this event. Therefore, you will see law enforcement officials throughout Pulaski County working with other community organizations and businesses, raising money to help support our Special Olympic athletes. You will also see numerous troopers, officers and deputies working at the April 19th event in Waynesville, and we challenge each of you to also help support the Special Olympics. Additional details about this event and how you can help/donate will be coming soon.

     Our Town Hall meeting last week was at the Laquey High School, and local citizens turned out in good numbers. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions, address crime and gun control issues and meet seven deputies that accompanied me. This week’s Town Hall meeting will be on Tuesday, March 19th, in the St. Robert Municipal courtroom at 6:30 PM. So, please plan on attending and bring your questions, suggestions and a friend with you. Meetings in the Devil’s Elbow, Big Piney and Swedeborg areas will be coming soon.

For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook.

As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community. See you next week.

Sheriff Ronald Long

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / THE SHERIFF'S VIEW #9
« on: March 10, 2013, 09:23:27 PM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long

   The first few days of last week I spent attending the spring Missouri Sheriff’s Conference at Osage Beach, with over 200 fellow sheriffs and other law enforcement officials. With the constant changing of laws (criminal and case law) and the many challenges that go with being sheriff, these conferences are always beneficial, and welcomed. It was also good to meet other Missouri sheriffs to discuss common issues, build professional relationships and develop plans for joint endeavors.

   One of our Keynote Speakers at the conference was Attorney General Chris Koster, who spoke of numerous topics concerning Missouri sheriffs. One of Mr. Koster’s topics was issues surrounding the Concealed to Carry a Weapon (CCW) permits. Over the past week I have received several phones calls from Pulaski County citizens asking questions and voicing their concerns about rumors that some Missouri Driver’s License Bureaus were selling/giving unauthorized information from personal CCW permits to outside entities. According to AG Koster, numerous counties throughout this state were actually requesting entire CCW permit applications from local sheriff departments, scanning the information into their databases and then selling (or giving) this information to outside entities. AG Koster advised there is ongoing legal action curtailing such deeds, and to deal with those agencies who were actually engaged in this. I can assure all Pulaski County residents this “is not” a practice of either the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department or our local driver’s license bureau. For those individuals possessing CCW permits, out of your entire CCW packet, the only form sent to the driver’s license bureau by us is the small blue form, which contains minimal information.

Another topic I am sure is of interest to many of our local citizens is an update on your Missouri Sheriff’s stance on the proposed gun control legislation in Washington D.C. Without a doubt your Missouri sheriffs, along with this one, is against the legislation being proposed in your nation’s capital right now. We feel that our current laws are adequate enough to address our gun violence problems; where the battle lies is within our State and Federal courts, addressing the mental health issues and demoting violent behavior within our teenage population. Therefore, the Missouri Sheriff’s Association is being very proactive in an effort to protect your Second Amendment rights.

   On a different note, some of you have been a victim of a crime or motor vehicle accident and are in need of a law enforcement report for either insurance or personal reasons.  Acquiring a copy of a law enforcement report is, for the most part, a very simple task. Unless your case is a very complex one, our deputies have a five day completion requirement for all reports, and many will be done sooner. You just need to request such copy from the front desk at our sheriff’s office and pay a five dollar copy fee. If your report involves an ongoing investigation, it will not contain investigative details. There are a few other rare factors which can affect the disbursement of a law enforcement report but these will be addressed to the recipient on a per-case basis.

With the warm weather moving in, spring fever is hitting most of us. Fishing, boating and canoeing is foremost on many of our minds. Personally, put me in a canoe on one of our local rivers with a fishing pole in hand, and life just doesn’t get much better. We are fortunate in Pulaski County to have some of Mother Nature’s best when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors. Our Missouri Conversation Department just happens to be one of the finest in our nation in protecting and nourishing our waterways and wildlife, which benefits us all.  I want to encourage each of you to take advantage of our natural resources and beg that none of you abuse them. Let us all make the small effort to clean up behind us and to not take advantage of the natural resources we have. As the weather continues to warm, you will be seeing Pulaski County deputies working in conjunction with local canoeing/campground businesses and waterfront property owners, along with some state agencies, in an effort to keep your waterways clean and crime free.

For security reasons I can’t give you the exact dates but within the next four weeks the Pulaski County jail will be receiving some necessary repairs. I bet you would not have ever thought to see the following words but during this process our jail will be CLOSED. Yes, I did say “closed” but please don’t confuse this with our ability to incarcerate those accused of crimes. During this process we will be using available bed space in some surrounding jails.  This is just one of the many changes and improvements currently planned for our jail.

     Our Town Hall meetings will continue this week as we meet on Tuesday, March 12, at 6:30 PM at the Laquey High School. The following week, Tuesday, March 19, we will be meeting in the St. Robert Municipal courtroom at 6:30 PM. So, please plan on attending and bring your questions, suggestions and a friend with you. See you there!

For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook.

As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community. See you next week.

Sheriff Ronald Long

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / THE SHERIFF’S VIEW #8
« on: March 04, 2013, 02:26:47 PM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long

            As with our Missouri winter weather, my eighth week in office came in and left with a roar. To begin with, no different than you, our days filled with ice and snow presented its share of challenges. In making use of our 4WD vehicles, along with patrol car trunks loaded with sand bags, we were able to adequately respond to all of our calls for service. I have to confess the deputies and I are really looking forward to those new All-wheel drive patrol vehicles to assist us with this inclement weather.

            Regarding the new patrol vehicles, I am continually asked how we are affording new cars with this year’s budget cuts. Currently, we have a fleet of older, gas guzzling patrol cars that we are continuously pouring money into excessive maintenance and fuel costs. Therefore, the money we will be saving in both gas and maintaining our older cars is expected to equal the cost of these new vehicles. Plus, the new patrol cars come with a 100,000 mile warranty and six-cylinder motors, so one can easily see how this will save money. For you weekly readers of my article, I know this is redundant information but due to the above question being frequently asked, I felt it necessary to repost my response.   

In am sure many of you that drove past the ARK in Buckhorn Friday evening, or live close to it, were caught up with the many sights of patrol cars, ambulances and fire trucks lighting the snowy night with their “red-and-blues”, along with the constant thunder of sirens. Originally, I elected to accept the invitation and attend solo, but soon after arriving I realized I was greatly outnumbered. I had to call for backup units to assist with the one hundred boys and girls who were attending the ARK’s Local Heroes Night. What a great event it was, with many children being able to meet with their public service officials, local doctors, a railroad train engineer, and others. Seeing the lasting smiles of the young boys and girls as they sat in our patrol cars flipping switches and pushing buttons, made it worth the visit for sheriff department personnel. It is very important for our young citizens to understand, trust and like our law enforcement officers, so an event like this was very much welcomed. I want to thank the promoters at the ARK for sponsoring Local Heroes Night and for our invitation to attend.

            We are continually working on property and drug crimes but it seems that when we arrest one, a new violator surfaces.  Despite the numbers and odds, we are diligently attacking these problems on a daily basis. In my weekly articles I like to highlight a few cases or types of crimes we are currently working, so this week I would like to brag on one of my new deputies. As you know, since taking office we had some turnover and I could not be more please with the quality of deputies we are hiring to fill these vacancies. This past week, one of our new deputies was assigned a burglary case where the victim had thousands of dollars worth of property stolen. Within a very short period of time our new deputy had the case solved, with most of the property recovered and two suspects in jail. This type of work is reflective of the mentoring our new recruits receive from our senior deputies during training, along with the skills of the new deputies themselves.

As the restructuring of our agency continues, we are constantly looking at ways to better serve our community.  The days of federal and state grants coming to our aid for personnel and equipment shortages are rapidly fading away; therefore, we have to re-evaluate our daily operations to squeeze every ounce of service that we can offer. With manpower being one of these topics, this week we implemented a new twelve-hour shift schedule, which appears to be a win-win situation for both you and our deputies. With these twelve hour shifts we are able to have more deputies on the road at a given time without hiring additional employees. This will also cut down the overtime hours, and will be giving our deputies more days off to be with their families.

            In my promise to keep our agency a transparent one, I have to tell you that last week one of my deputies was involved in a motor vehicle accident on Highway 17 North. My deputy and the third party were transported by ambulance to area hospitals with minor injuries. To assure a proper and fair investigation of the incident, we immediately requested the Missouri State Highway Patrol respond to the scene and conduct the accident investigation. As summary of this accident can be viewed on the MSHP Crash Reports Web-site.

            Your crime tip for the week relates to the rash of mail box vandalisms and mail thefts that have been occurring throughout the county. First, PLEASE do not have Rx drugs delivered to a mailbox that is not easily observed or checked throughout the day. If this is a necessity, ask a neighbor, family member or trusted friend to check the box on the date you expect the arrival of your medications. Second, be very cautious in using roadside mailboxes for the delivery of credit cards or paychecks, or to send out payments. If you use a roadside mailbox for conducting business requiring money or Rx drugs, consider renting a P.O. Box at your local Post Office. 

Unfortunately, our Town Hall meeting last week had to be cancelled due to the snow. I did not schedule a meeting for this week due to a training seminar but we will reconvene next Tuesday, March 12, at 6:30 PM at the Laquey High School.

For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook.

As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community. See you next week.

Sheriff Ronald Long

« on: March 03, 2013, 04:46:39 PM »

   An armed suspect was taken into custody without incident, after threatening harm to employees of the Oasis Truck Plaza in Richland.

   At approximately 3:34 AM Sunday morning, the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department received a 911 call from the Oasis Truck Plaza, advising a suspect had entered the business, became violent and was making threatening statements to employees. Apparently, the lone male suspect entered the business attempting to sell firearm ammunition and when denied, reportedly threatened to shoot the employees. Believing the man was armed with a weapon, employees at the Oasis were able to secure themselves inside after the suspect exited the building to possibly secure a weapon.

   Upon arrival, sheriff deputies found the suspect in his vehicle and armed with numerous firearms. After a brief standoff, the suspect was taken into custody and transported to the Pulaski County jail, where he will be charged with numerous criminal offenses. The suspect is a 55 year old man from Glencoe, Missouri. His identity will be released upon being formally charged.

Pulaski County Sheriff Ronald Long

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / THE SHERIFF’S VIEW #7
« on: February 25, 2013, 07:51:52 PM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long

   My week ended with the wife and me taking in a Sunday night movie, watching the new Die Hard flick. As expected, it was just another Bruce Willis “shoot-em-up” movie but the ride home made the trip to town worth the gas money. With a full moon reflecting off the snow, there was ample light outside that I truly believe we could have made the trip without our headlights. Despite a stunt like that being extremely dangerous, I am sure that a Pulaski County deputy would have nabbed me before reaching my destination.

With the snow in mind, I owe our Pulaski County residents a big “thank you” for staying home and safe during our two days of snow and sleet. Thursday, my deputies and I were prepared for a super busy day, but it was quite the contrary. With the exception of a few minor accidents, it was an extremely calm day and night. Thursday and Friday were both hazardous travel days but common sense seemed to prevail with most. With more wintery weather forecasted for this week, I hope this safety trend continues.

   Your Pulaski County deputies are working hard in cleaning up our rash of burglaries we had in December and January, along with a few this month. Detectives continue solving cases involving both new and old players, along with recovering more stolen property and firearms. Our neighboring counties are also benefiting from the efforts of Pulaski County detectives. In solving some of our Pulaski County burglaries, our detectives are also clearing up cases for adjoining counties.

Detectives are not the only ones who are solving crime here in Pulaski County. Our road deputies are also joining these efforts, busting the bad guys and recovering stolen property. One example was on Thursday when a patrol deputy was conducting a follow-up investigation, at which time she was able to locate and prevent a suspect from pawning some stolen property. After a brief pursuit, the suspect’s vehicle was stopped with stolen property recovered and several suspects arrested.

Over the past few weeks, I had several inquiries about our electronic ankle monitoring program for jail inmates. The program involves low risk prisoners who are awaiting trial in Pulaski County. This program is beneficial in many ways. Only low risk individuals not involved in personal injury, violent or major offenses, are eligible for the program. When released from jail wearing an electronic monitoring device, the exact locations of these individuals are tracked 24-7. At any time, participants can be located and contacted via their monitoring devices. They are also verbally reminded of upcoming court dates/times by the device, so no one goes AWOL from court. While awaiting their court date, if any participant violates preset boundaries a deputy is dispatched to their location and they are taken into custody. This program is a money-saver for our county, and certainly has its benefits for those awaiting court that have medical or other exigent circumstances.

   For our citizens who enjoy listening to law enforcement, EMS and fire departments on their scanners, you have probably noticed some major changes in our Pulaski County Sheriff’s communication system. Some major improvements have been made over the past few weeks, and our communications have gone from fair to excellent. For some time, our deputies have been responding to calls and working in areas known to us as “black holes”. This is no longer the case, in which now our radio waves are loud and clear way beyond our county lines.

   Your tip for the week relates to personal safety. With snow, ice and cold weather in the forecast, follow these common sense rules. Never travel alone but if you do, relay your travel plans to a friend or family member and take a cell phone and its charger with you. Pack cold weather gear, such as extra clothing and blankets, along with flashlights, batteries and food. Keep your fuel tank full, which in addition to helping if stranded, also adds weight for extra traction. Tires with good tread and a properly maintained vehicle are essential. Regarding traction, don’t be fooled thinking your four wheel drive vehicle makes you able to throw caution to the wind. Without a doubt, 4WD and All-Wheel drive vehicles make travel safer in snow and rain but over-driving these vehicles can easily cause an accident. Keeping a safe speed and using common sense will make a safe arrival to your destination. If you are involved in a minor, non-injury accident, PLEASE move your vehicle off the roadway immediately. 

Our Town Hall meetings continue to be appreciated, with the one last week being hosted by the good citizens of Crocker. The attendees presented some great questions, along with offering suggestions for present and future endeavors. Weather permitting, this Tuesday (02-26) we will be meeting at the Laquey High School, at 6:30 PM. If we see that travel may be hazardous due to the predicted snow, this meeting will be rescheduled. The following week will be void of a meeting, due to your sheriff attending a training school that day and evening.

For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook.

As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community. See you next week.

Sheriff Ronald Long

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / THE SHERIFF’S VIEW #6
« on: February 18, 2013, 02:44:09 PM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long

            It was indeed another busy week here at the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department. Some of the top headliners for this past week were the jail, new patrol cars, the Town Hall meetings, more on the possible television series pilot and sadly, the death of a teenager. So, have a seat and here goes week #6 in a quick flashback.

            Since taking office, I repeatedly talk about one of the main goals for my administration is to promote a team approach between my department and other surrounding law enforcement agencies. One great example of a neighboring sheriff reaching out and lending a hand is Miller County Sheriff Bill Abbott. I cannot thank Sheriff Abbott, Captain Tammy Moore and their staff enough for assisting in the assessment of my jail. A professional analysis is commonly done when a new sheriff or police chief takes over a law enforcement agency, which can be a very costly endeavor. Much to my advantage, this was not the case with Sheriff Abbott, who loaned part of his jail staff to me last week, and without cost. We were able to analyze all jail functions, review old procedures and implement new ones for my jail, which will make it a more proficient facility. Hopefully you will never be a guest at my jail facility but for those who are, some changes and new procedures have been implemented. So, once again “thank you” Miller County Sheriff Bill Abbott for your assistance.

            There have also been some questions about the possible television drug documentary that may be headed toward Pulaski County.  This coming Friday (02-22), the individual producing this show will be meeting with me and other Pulaski County leaders, which includes both business and government officials. It is important that all aspects of this opportunity are evaluated before a final answer is given to the show’s producer. If a decision is made to go forth with the project, you will notice several of your Pulaski County deputies in the film. Regarding your sheriff, I do enjoy keeping my citizens informed via news media, Town Hall meetings and my articles, but I plan on letting the cameras focus on the deputies and not your camera shy sheriff.

The final word is now in for new patrol vehicles, and Sellers-Sexton Ford was the bid-winner. Therefore, last Thursday I ordered two new police package Ford Explorers, along with three Ford Taurus Police Interceptors. All of these vehicles come equipped with fuel friendly, six-cylinder Interceptor engines. I caution those criminal eluders not to be fooled by the “six-cylinder” connotation because these machines are very aggressive on the road. They may not be able to hit that 170 MPH mark like a few other cars out there, but there is never a need for any of my deputies to be traveling anywhere close to that speed. Besides, we have very fast radios and air support, if ever needed. Also, these vehicles are All-Wheel Drive, which will be very advantageous responding to calls during adverse weather conditions. I am expecting to operate these vehicles around the same price as I would maintaining and servicing some of our older, gas-guzzling patrol cars.

On Sunday morning we sadly lost another of our young citizens. An eighteen year old Richland resident was found dead in his home during the early morning hours. The deceased reportedly had attended a party that evening and died shortly after returning home. Our sheriff’s department is conducting an investigation into the matter but at this point, foul play is not suspected. The exact cause of death will be determined by the Medical Examiner, after an autopsy is performed.

I can’t help but once again brag our Reserve deputies. During the month of January these volunteers donated approximately seven-hundred (700) hours of “free service” to our community. In placing a minimal dollar figure to these numbers, the PCSD Reserve services calculate to approximately $10,500 of money and savings to our county. The previous figures reflect money, but what these men and women really do for your community one cannot affix a price tag to. I am looking at possibly doing a media feature with the PCSD Reserve Unit in April, so stay tuned for this upcoming feature.

In closing, I would like to thank the Waynesville community, along with the staff at Westside Baptist Church, for hosting another successful Town Hall meeting. Despite the dismal weather, the attendance was good and the questions were flowing. I would ask that you please mark the following dates/times on your calendars for our upcoming Town Hall meetings. This Tuesday (02-19) we will be meeting in Crocker at their Senior Center, at 6:30 PM. The following Town Hall meeting will be at 6:30 PM on Tuesday (02-26), and will be held at the Laquey High School.

For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook. As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community.

See you next week.

Sheriff Ronald Long

« on: February 18, 2013, 02:40:22 PM »
            The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department initiated an investigation into the death of a Richland teen, shortly after his lifeless body was discovered early Sunday morning. Eighteen year old William E. Posten was found dead at his home at approximately 6:00 AM, by a family member.  The deceased was last seen during the early morning hours after returning home from a social gathering in a nearby town.
            According to Pulaski County Sheriff Ronald Long, there was no noticeable trauma to the victim’s body. Authorities have formulated a possible cause of death, which will most likely rule out foul play. Pulaski County Coroner Mikel Hartness responded to the scene and made the official death ruling.  An autopsy will be performed on William Posten, at which time the cause of death will be determined.   

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Sheriffs View 5
« on: February 12, 2013, 09:39:29 PM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long

      Once again, a new week is upon us so here are a few words from your sheriff. Almost daily, I hear comments about my hair turning gray before I leave office, or maybe just having a lot less due to pulling it all out, but quite the contrary. Yes, at times the job can get a little complex but still the rewards by far outweigh the dark times. I am truly enjoying being your Pulaski County sheriff.

   One of the toughest parts of my weekly article is deciding what to write about, due to the enormity of events each week. Continuing on the highlights of my week are the town hall meetings we are having. Last week the meeting was in Richland, and as in Dixon, we had a very inquisitive and positive group of people. The topics of gun control laws, cuts in the Pulaski County budget, school violence and laws regarding the protection of one’s self and property, continue to appear. Also, our county citizens definitely welcome the concept of helping protect their communities and being involved with their law enforcement agencies. In doing such, these meetings are reflecting how important it is to have “all” law enforcement agencies in Pulaski County making a team effort to protect and serve their citizens. With the appearance of and words from Richland Police Chief Gary Bates, we were able to assure his community that a cooperative effort between our agencies is a priority.

   During these meetings, people are also asking about the budget and how our sheriff’s department will continue to service the community with this year’s cuts. I am assuring Pulaski County residents that despite some budget cuts, services to our citizens will not diminish. With decreased county revenues, our commissioners had no choice but to ask each department to “tighten their belts.” In doing so, they are also working with my department and others in coming up with or supporting new ideas to continue efficient and effective services.

One thing you will soon be seeing is five new patrol cars for our deputies. When we began examining the cost in maintaining older cars, along with their excessive fuel usage, it was obvious that new vehicles would be cheaper to operate than our older ones. Therefore, within the next week I will be ordering new vehicles for our deputies. These patrol cars will have fuel efficient six-cylinder engines, all-wheel drive for those adverse weather conditions, and will carry a 100,000 mile warranty. For those law violators out there, don’t be fooled with these fuel friendly six-cylinder engines. These are police interceptor vehicles that can definitely take care of business. In addition, we will be changing the appearance of the car’s decals, reflecting a different look for our new sheriff’s department.

Continuing on the “new” subject, many of you have been noticing that we have some new deputies who are serving our community. We have had some turnover at the sheriff’s department over the past few months and I am proud of the new recruits we are hiring. These individuals are skilled and experienced cops, most of which have been trained by other law enforcement agencies and/or our United States military. In addition to their credentials, our new deputies all recognize and value the principles of a community policing agency, which is the creed of the new Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department.

On a sad note, last week our community lost another citizen to a drug overdose. On Thursday a twenty-seven year old Laquey resident died of a suspected heroin overdose. Despite our elevated enforcement efforts, more will have to be done to educate our citizens about the dangers of drug addiction, along with finding more resources for those already addicted.

On a brighter note, last week Investigator D.J. Renno was able locate one of our missing persons that was featured in a news article a few weeks ago. This female was found “alive and well”, and living in the St. Louis metropolitan area. This was fantastic news for friends and family members, who had grave concerns for this woman over the past year. What a grand ending to a year long, intense scenario.

In recent meetings our local senior citizens have been asking for security tips, so here are few to ponder…. NEVER give out personal information, such as social security numbers, dates of birth or driver’s license information, over the telephone or via E-mail. Your banks or credit card companies will rarely ask for this information, especially over the internet. If you receive such an E-mail, call your bank or credit-card company direct to verify. If you receive an E-mail advising you are the recipient of millions of dollars, guess what, you probably aren’t! Beware of businesses that come to your door soliciting home or driveway repairs, and NEVER pay cash for these services. Try to avoid having checks or payments sent to a mailbox located on a road or street. It is well worth the minimal fees or direct deposit setups to make sure monies are secure. Keep your doors locked at all times and NEVER fall for someone asking to enter your home to use a telephone. Many seniors throughout the nation are being victimized by this scheme. Remember, most people have personal cell phones and don’t need to use your home phone. If ever in doubt, contact the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department or your local law enforcement agency.

In closing, mark the following dates/times on your calendars for our upcoming Town Hall meetings. This Tuesday (02-12) we will be meeting in Waynesville at 6:30 PM, at Westside Baptist Church. Next Tuesday (02-19) our meeting will be at the Senior Center in Crocker. For some reason there are a few rumors circulating that the Crocker meeting has been cancelled but as you can see, this is false information. We are very much looking forward to meeting with the good people of our Crocker community.

For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook. As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community.

See you next week.

Sheriff Ronald Long

Pulaski County Sheriff Press Releases / LAQUEY MAN FOUND DEAD
« on: February 10, 2013, 05:58:40 PM »
   Early this morning the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department was called to a Laquey residence located off of NN Highway, to conduct a death investigation. Upon arrival, deputies found a deceased male in a small mobile trailer, which was parked behind the landowner’s house. The deceased is a twenty-seven year old white male, who was identified by friends and occupants of the main residence. The identity of the deceased is being withheld pending notification to family members.
   Pulaski County Coroner Mikel Hartness made the official death ruling at the scene. According to Sheriff Ronald Long, no foul play is expected and the preliminary investigation has lead officials to believe the cause of death may be from a drug overdose. An autopsy will be performed on the deceased, at which time the official cause of death will be determined.

« on: February 08, 2013, 03:55:02 AM »

           A St. Robert resident that was reported missing from this area one year ago has been located in the St. Louis metropolitan area. The woman, Song Lauer, was reported missing by acquaintances last January and has not been seen or heard from since.

           Pulaski County Deputy D.J. Renno reopened this “cold case” a few weeks ago, fearing that Ms. Lauer may have met with foul play. Detective Renno felt it would be helpful to contact local media sources and ask for their assistance in obtaining information about Ms. Lauer, along with another female with similar circumstances. After the story was published, the detective received numerous tips, which lead him to east Missouri. Detective Renno was then able to find Ms. Lauer “alive and well”, and living in the St. Louis area.

           Local authorities are still searching for the second female, Michelle Henri-Crossland, who was reported missing in 2004. If you have any information regarding Ms. Henri-Crossland, please call the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office at 573-774-6196, or contact your local law enforcement agency. Photos and information about this missing person and others can been seen on the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Web-site (, or on Facebook.!__missing-persons
Sheriff Ronald Long

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / THE SHERIFF’S VIEW 4
« on: February 07, 2013, 02:10:32 PM »
BY: Pulaski County Sheriff Ronald long

The stadium lights are partially out in New Orleans, so what a better time to write my article then while taking a break from the Super Bowl. At this point I am sure that New Orleans law enforcement agencies are on standby as we watch the San Francisco 49ers take a beating.

I somewhat find myself in disbelief due to already week five as your Pulaski County sheriff. With most people time accelerates with age but certainly I have never experienced it passing at this speed. Where did my first month in office go? Maybe I should assign one of my detectives to help find it for me.

Despite being very busy, I have to say that one of the highlights of last week was my first town hall meeting at the Senior Center in Dixon. Wow, what a great turnout! Our Dixonites continue to show great pride for their community. I do believe the head count was slightly over seventy, and on one of the coldest nights of the season. Among the major topics of conversation were the proposed new federal gun laws, rural crime, security in our schools, a possible future law enforcement sales tax and cooperative efforts with local law enforcement agencies. Accompanying me at this meeting was Chief Deputy John Groves, four of my detectives and patrol deputies, along with Dixon City Marshal Mike Plummer.

At the meeting some attendees were asking about my stance regarding the new gun laws Washington DC is attempting to pass. Since I am a member of the NRA and a Pulaski County native, one can easily assume my position. Folks, passing more gun laws hoping to curb violence in our nation is not the answer. We have many gun laws that have been in force for decades, so apparently the answers lie elsewhere. It is time for our law makers to focus more on mental health issues and violent video games among our youth, along with keeping our career criminals behind bars. My challenge to parents is to make an effort to monitor the video games your teenagers are watching, and trash those rewarding the player for violent acts toward others.

To reflect one of the above points, over the past several weeks we have been arresting numerous suspects regarding our rash of gun thefts. With only one exception, all of these criminals have been career offenders. Some officials say it is too expensive to keep offenders in jail for their full sentence. I say it is a lot less expensive to our tax payers and victims to keep repeated offenders in jail for the duration of their sentence, rather than to continually cycle them through our criminal justice system.

As a citizen, I will continue to support the NRA’s efforts to fight this most current round of legislation. In being a sheriff, I am a member of the Missouri Sheriff’s Association (MSA), which is an organization making a collaborated effort to fight Washington DC with this move. People are asking what I will do as sheriff regarding enforcement of these laws. My response right now; let’s do all we can to prevent the passing of these new gun laws so enforcement is not an issue.

I want to take a moment to comment about an article published in several local media outlets last week. Yes, it does appear that our sheriff’s department will be one of two law enforcement agencies involved in a television documentary about drugs, which could possibly become part of a TV series. I and a few other county officials will be meeting with the producer of this show on February 22nd. Therefore, in a few more weeks I will have additional details to pass on. In a nutshell, the TV program will cover many aspects of the illegal drug world, ranging from methamphetamine labs and offenders, to how drugs affect families, neighborhoods and communities. I am excited about this opportunity to educate individuals about the illicit affects of drugs, which is the primary avenue of prevention.

Well, there is four minutes remaining in the final quarter of the Super Bowl and the 49ers have turned this into a great game, so it’s time for the sheriff to sign off. I hope to see another good turnout at our second town hall meeting in Richland this Tuesday (2-05), 6:30 PM at the First Baptist Church. The following meeting will also be at 6:30 on Tuesday, February 12 at Westside Baptist Church in Waynesville.

So, until next week, live smart and do something positive for your community. Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook, or our department’s Web-site (

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Sheriff Ron Long, Sherifs View 3
« on: January 29, 2013, 03:31:32 AM »
By: Pulaski County Sheriff Ronald Long

   Regarding crime and our law enforcement endeavors over the past few weeks, I have to steal Chevrolet’s slogan, “The beat goes on.” I originally figured on administrative duties, the yearly budget and federal/state reporting keeping me busy the first month or two in office but you all know what assuming can do! The battle against crime is not giving my department a break and is certainly sharing the front line of my duties.

   As you might be reading, my road deputies and detectives have been giving our burglars, gun thieves and drug offenders a run for their money. Over the past two weeks, a major gun theft ring has been broken, and numerous other criminals arrested in ongoing efforts by our agency to halt the rash of crimes in Pulaski County. Several of these suspects are repeated offenders who have continued to victimize our good citizens for many years. We are making efforts to intelligently charge these criminals with state and possibly federal violations, which will hopefully keep them incarcerated for years to come. Even though we are excited about the progress being made, we dare not slow down. There are other criminal associates involved with those already arrested, so our investigation continues in pursuit of these suspects and the remaining stolen property.

   When working criminal offenses, our sheriff’s department will make use of modern and creative ways to bring criminals to justice. As seen this week, at times we will ask our community to assist law enforcement authorities in locating and bringing fugitives to justice. I would like to applaud our good citizens for aiding this department in the apprehension of two felony fugitives, which took place within twelve hours of making this information public. This is just another message that people are fed up with crime in our county and are supporting our efforts to deter it.

   In living in a close-knit county, at times we read about individuals being arrested in which their family names are familiar to us. I know this is hard on these families and despite a few public opinions; we are sympathetic to their family members who live and walk on the right side of the law. Before casting stones, we must remember that drug addiction is the catalyst to a majority of our crime in Pulaski County and very few families go untouched by this demon. In fact, many families of those men and women involved in crimes have made repeated attempts to help and rehabilitate them, but their efforts have been futile. One of many goals for my tenure as sheriff is to seek out alternatives and medical assistance for our citizens in need but it is still my primary duty to protect the lives and property of the innocent, and that my agency will continue to do.

    One a lighter note, I am really looking forward to our upcoming town hall meetings. The first will be held this Thursday at 6:30 PM, at the Dixon Senior Citizen’s Center. The following week, the First Baptist Church of Richland will host the meeting on Tuesday (02-05) evening, beginning at 6:30 PM. As you can see, I am listing a start time but not one to conclude. Therefore, I will be available as long as there are people in the room. These meetings are designed to give the general public access to both myself and other members of my sheriff’s department. So, come with your questions or comments, or just to stop in and say “hello”.   In each of my weekly articles, I will be listing times and locations for a town hall meeting near you.

   Once again, I want to thank you for your support and interest in the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, and remember to visit us on our internet Web-site ( or follow us on Facebook.

Until next week, live smart and do something positive for your community.

Sheriff Ronald Long


« on: January 28, 2013, 04:03:55 PM »

Three men are now in custody and being formally charged regarding numerous burglaries and gun thefts throughout Pulaski County. Over the past week Ryan Kelley, Justin Cristoffer and Joseph Paschell were arrested and are currently being held in the Pulaski County jail on multiple charges relating to these offenses. Criminal charges ranging from Possession of Stolen Property, to A Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Burglary are being filed against them.

For weeks, numerous county residents returned to their homes only to discover they had become yet another crime victim in a rash of burglaries, which were occurring throughout the county. According to Sheriff Ronald Long, firearms were the primary target of the thieves, with few other items being stolen. An extensive initiative was implemented to bring these suspects to justice by Pulaski County patrol deputies and detectives. “We soon developed information about the suspect’s identities, which enabled us to begin recovering stolen property and developing the probable cause to obtain arrest warrants. Within days, the deputies’ efforts paid off and we had three suspects in custody,” advises the Sheriff. Sheriff Long also wishes to thank the concerned citizens and victims who gave valuable information in these cases.

   The investigation into this theft ring will continue, with additional arrests and property recovery forthcoming.


« on: January 25, 2013, 10:15:36 PM »

   As promised, Sheriff Ronald Long will begin his town hall meetings next Thursday (Jan. 31) in the city of Dixon, at the Senior Citizen’s Center, starting at 6:30 PM. These meetings are designed to give all citizens the opportunity to come out and meet Sheriff Long, along with some of his deputies. According to the Sheriff, this will be a chance for citizens throughout the community to speak with him about “any” law enforcement topic or matter of community concern.

   “In being the Pulaski County Sheriff, I want everyone to know this is their community and policing their homes, businesses and roadways is a joint endeavor with law enforcement agencies. It has been proven over-and-over throughout the nation that when concerned citizens have a good working relationship with their law enforcement agencies, crime rates are lowered. I am not asking for our citizens to be continually patrolling our county and looking for criminals. My goal is to have an open and friendly relationship with my community where they get to know and continually trust me and our deputies, and are comfortable in relaying information and concerns to us. It is important that our citizens understand the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department welcomes and encourages community involvement,” advises Sheriff Long.

   These town hall meetings begin in Dixon and will continue weekly until the Sheriff has the opportunity to meet with every township. After each township is initially visited, Sheriff Long will schedule one monthly meeting at a chosen location in Pulaski County. The second town hall meeting will be in Richland on Tuesday, February 05, at the First Baptist Church, starting at 6:30 PM. Please see the sheriff’s weekly article, “The Sheriff’s View”, where a schedule of these meetings will be posted weekly.

Sheriff Ronald Long

« on: January 25, 2013, 04:04:41 PM »

   Shortly before noon on Wednesday, the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department responded to the Laquey High School in reference to a student making deadly threats. According to school officials, a juvenile student in their facility was making threats of bodily injury to several students by use of a firearm, both verbally and via electronic communications. Due to the evidence at hand, the school’s Student Resource Officer (SRO) and administrators felt this was an urgent situation and responded accordingly. Upon arrival of sheriff deputies, the student was taken into custody and turned over to a Pulaski County juvenile officer. There were no weapons located on school grounds and no reported injuries. Due to the juvenile student’s age, no other information about this subject can be released. The incident is currently under investigation. Laquey school officials can be commended for their efforts to immediately resolve the situation and render their school safe……………….. Sheriff Ronald Long

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Sheriff Ron Long - Sheriffs View
« on: January 23, 2013, 04:06:27 AM »
By: Pulaski County Sheriff Ronald Long
Volume 2

   Here I am already winding down week three as your new sheriff, and writing my second article for your review. As the old adage goes, “time flies when you’re having fun.” Despite the demands and multi-responsibilities of being sheriff, I truly am enjoying working for the citizens of Pulaski County. Attempting to write about all of the events of this past week would fill this entire media publication, so here I go with the condensed version.

   The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department is continuing its path of restructuring individual departments and units within our agency. Supervisors are finding themselves with fewer avenues of responsibilities but elevated expectations in efficiency and productivity. With the implementation of our detective division with a unit commander, we are seeing patrol deputies being able to concentrate more on just patrol duties, but complete autonomy is still a ways down the road. We have two new deputies who are close to completing their field training periods, along with being about a week away from hiring an additional patrol deputy. Therefore, in the near future this will give our hard-working patrol division some relief, along with allowing us to take another step in structured units/duties.

   Over the past week countless hours of overtime, accompanied by a lot of time donated by reserve deputies, has taken us closer to resolving the theft and burglary problem that has been occurring in Pulaski County for some time now. On Thursday, a suspect was arrested soon after we responded to a burglary in progress call, in which a resident was barricaded inside the home. PCSD deputies, along with assistance from the Waynesville Police Department, were able to apprehend the suspect and recover some stolen property just a short time after the offense was committed. Due to the amount of firearms in this residence, we feel very fortunate there were no injuries involved in this crime.

Paralleling the above, a very concerning rash of firearm thefts led to an aggressive investigation into the matter. We now have two suspects in custody for multiple felony charges, and actively seeking another person of interest. These individuals are no strangers to our criminal justice system but this time around we will be seeking every avenue possible to convict the violators and keep them incarcerate for an extended period of time. I would also like to thank a few of our victims who were able to aid us in these investigations and help recover some of the stolen property.

Now it’s confession time……. Sunday evening your new sheriff was served a piece of “humble pie” by one of my young deputies. After receiving a complaint and information regarding some illegal drugs in the Buckhorn area, myself and one of my patrolmen attempted to make contact with the alleged violator, at which time he make an escape through an open back window. A foot pursuit then ensued though a field and into the woods. We both engaged in the pursuit, at which time my deputy out-ran his sheriff and was gaining ground on the suspect when he disappeared into a thickly-wooded area. Due to the cold temperatures and the arrival of law enforcement canine units, the suspect decided it would be wise to exit the woods and surrendered. A subsequent search of the resident revealed the suspect was manufacturing and in possession of substances believed to be illegal drug(s). The suspect was arrested and given a warm place at our “bed and breakfast” to stay for a while. Numerous formal charges are pending.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend a senior’s group meeting at one of our local churches and speak with them about our new sheriff’s department, along with passing out information about how seniors are being targeted for certain theft and fraud offenses. The group had a really great turnout, and was very interactive and accommodating. For those organizations that might be interested, I am available for invitations and would enjoy meeting your group members.

In the near future we will be doing some renovations to our jail, which will require additional tasks and more hard work for our jail staff. In the law enforcement field, many times correction officers and dispatchers do not receive the praise and public acknowledgment as do patrol deputies and detectives. Both of these departments are very essential for public protection and assisting our law enforcement endeavors, and have a very tough job. Our Pulaski County dispatchers and jailers do an excellent job and a few of you might be surprised to know our jail has fingerprint, iris scan and record systems that are on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology. These days, a criminal changing their name or using the identity of another to evade detection and prosecution is no longer useful. For those statisticians out there, iris scan technology has a “one in an eight billion” error rate, and our computer fingerprint system in linked to databases throughout the world.

It’s time to wrap things up, so once again I would like to say “thanks” for your support, and want to encourage each of you to do something positive for your community.

Stay safe and see you next week……. Your sheriff, Ronald Long.

Local News / High Speed Chase
« on: January 19, 2013, 03:27:36 AM »
On 01/16/2013, a vehicle committed a traffic violation within the city limits of Waynesville, when the officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop the vehicle accelerated and proceeded onto I-44 in a careless and imprudent manner placing motorists in danger. A pursuit entailed that eventually terminated in Pulaski County. Three subjects were taken into custody and a computer system was found in the vehicle that later was determined to be stolen in Pulaski County. The driver identified as Brandon Huett had a Capias warrant for Probation Violation and is currently incarcerated at the Pulaski County Jail. The passengers were identified as Tiana Reyes and River Hance. All subjects received criminal summons for receiving stolen property and Brandon Huett also received a criminal summons for resisting arrest/stop or detention. A big thanks to the quick response of Pulaski County Sheriff's Department and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Please keep in mind these are merely accusations and all subjects are innocent until found guilty in a court of law. 709, 708, 701, 710, PCSD, MSHP.

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