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Phelps County Associate Circuit Judge Ronald White has just found probable cause that Dale Saunchegrow, 61, of Dixon, has committed three felonies in connection with a 2010 altercation with Dixon businessman Arnold Bassett.



WAYNESVILLE, MISSOURI 65583 (573) 774-6196



DATE:   June 28, 2013   

REF:     Elderly Man Hurt in Robbery Remains Hospitalized

The ninety-one year old elderly gentleman that was severely hurt in a robbery at his home two weeks ago remains hospitalized, while recovering from his injuries. Mr. James Dunham was brutally beaten after walking in on the suspect(s) during a burglary of his home.

James Dunham is a resident of Pulaski County, where he has lived for decades; raising a family and serving in the Army at Ft. Leonard Wood. Mr. Dunham had a distinguished military career, and is a World War II Veteran.

According to Pulaski County Sheriff Ronald Long, Mr. Dunham’s robbery is being aggressively investigated by county detectives, and significant progress is being made. Several individuals of interest have been identified, with one currently being held in the Pulaski County Jail on unrelated charges. Some of the property stolen from Mr. Dunham has also been recovered, which will aid detectives with the investigation of this case.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department is still asking for anyone with information concerning this incident to contact their agency at 573-774-6196, or call the Tip Line at 573-774-7948.

Sheriff Ronald Long   

Local News / Re: Loss of people in Pulaski County
« on: June 27, 2013, 04:32:43 AM »
No, I had actually brought the idea of a  monument park full of war memorials for all wars and branches while I served on the economic development board. This concept had taken over the state shed area in St. Robert and would be marketed by many billboards on the interstate etc., with museums and souvenir shops. The idea was a 1/8 cent sales tax to fund it and get people off the interstate. After the city of St. Robert shut down the sales tax idea, the board decided to go ahead with the downsized memorial that you now see at the Veterans cemetery. On that note I moved on..

The fair in my mind was to give children something to do, who knew we would be attacked by immature adults each year.. Never had one problem with the kids...

Rick, when you did all that work to get the county fair going, did you just think of rides and people looking at farm animals? the ripple effect. I think there may have been increased  sales in gas, motels. people may have gone to restaurants and not just eat fair food. The bars may have had some more business. the convenience stores probably had more business than usual. walmart and other stores may have had increased traffic. the ripple effect. the ball games was just one example. but as long as the only building is in housing while 100's are for sale. a lot of empty offices and stores along the spur.  It isn't just the trainees that are being ignored. the permanent part on and off base, AND the residents that have always lived here and those that retired here.
as long as the community doesn't care about the money going elsewhere from a captive audience, the community woes are the result their own short sightedness.

Local News / Re: Loss of people in Pulaski County
« on: June 26, 2013, 08:44:09 PM »
Well there you have it, the secret to fixing our economy is more sports games.

Local News / Loss of people in Pulaski County
« on: June 25, 2013, 09:29:16 PM »
885 permanent party cuts on Fort Wood, let's not forget all the civil service jobs going away with them. You are looking at at 2000 plus empty homes in the county. 3000 less people or more.. They are painting this as a pretty picture in the community/.. I think it will be very destructive.. Less Mess hall, less PX, less, less, less...


Another Federal fugitive’s run from the law is over, after being arrested in Pulaski County last night. James “Jimmy” Moore, who was wanted for Federal firearm violations, was apprehended in the area of Highway T and Riverside Road at approximately 9:30 PM Monday evening.

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) have been working with Pulaski County Sheriff deputies for the past week, in an attempt to locate and apprehend fugitive Moore. Officials worked diligently in gathering information about Moore, which lead them to the Highway T and Riverside location. A female accomplice was with Moore at the time of his arrest, and both were found to be in possession of an assault-type weapon, along with a material believed to be a controlled substance.

Fugitive Moore was released to Federal ATF agents, and his accomplice was arrested by deputies. The female is currently incarcerated in the Pulaski County jail, where she is awaiting formal charges. The Rolla Police Department’s SWAT unit assisted the Pulaski County PCERT (Tactical) unit with this operation yesterday evening.

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / THE SHERIFF’S VIEW #24
« on: June 24, 2013, 04:19:33 AM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long
This week began with a visit from an auditor for the Missouri Department of Public Safety regarding how we handle our juvenile offenders, along with keeping of juvenile records. We have strict guidelines we are required to abide by when handling juvenile offenders, especially relating to keeping young teenagers separate from adult offenders while in our custody. The auditor met with our dispatch manager, Kim Luttrell, who is also tasked with maintaining the records of all juvenile offenders once they are in our custody. I am pleased to announce that Ms. Luttrell and our deputies have done an excellent job with our juveniles, due to the outstanding review our agency received from the State.

Throughout my tenure, one primary goal has been to help promote a teamwork concept with all public safety agencies in our area, which includes police, fire and EMS. Last week we were approached by one of our local fire departments, who conveyed they were in need of a used sedan for fire and arson responses. Chief Deputy Groves and Sgt. Bench have been working for several months to stream-line our fleet and make it more efficient. In doing so, they have been weeding out the older vehicles by selling or taking them off line. To help meet the needs of the requesting fire department, we will be donating one of our off-line patrol cars to them, which will be put in service to help serve our citizens. It is always a pleasure to help our fire fighters.

 As we discussed a few months ago, improvements to our jail continue. This week the Turnkey Company was in the Pulaski County Jail, installing equipment to make jail services more “high-tech.” Once all machines are in place and our correction officers fully trained, many improvements will be seen. To mention a few, inmates will have access to over 100 commissary items, including food and toiletry items, along with e-mail and video conference phones for their attorneys and family members. Also, our corrections staff will no longer be handling any financial transactions, including having to store and inventory cash that inmates possess when incarcerated, due to ATM-like machines that inventory cash and return it with a debit card when the inmate is released. Family members will also be able to feed money to inmates via the internet, which can assist the inmate with commissary items and bail bonds, along with court and attorney fees. This new system will help to free up time and financial responsibilities regarding the inmates, along with assist in generating addition revenues that can used for all jail operations, including boarding cost and personnel.

On Tuesday, I travelled to Jefferson City and met with other Missouri Sheriffs to discuss the CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) changes and issues. In brief, beginning January 01, 2014, county sheriffs in Missouri will handle all aspects of the CCW licenses. Also, new laws will make it a criminal act to release information about CCW license holders to any outside business or agency. These are some very positive changes for us, and will assist in protecting your Second Amendment rights.

The gray moment of the week was having to make a press release about a ninety-one year old Pulaski County resident who was severely beaten during a home invasion robbery. The bright portion of this story is the victim is recovering, and we are making significant progress in bringing these heinous offenders to justice. Unfortunately, as of this time, we are not able to release many details surrounding our investigation but be assured that once arrests are made, we will make a full media press release. 

On Thursday, I had the honor of presenting the commencement address to the most recent graduating class of the Marine Corps Military Police Academy on Ft. Leonard Wood. What an honor this was to be in the presence of 64 new Marine Military Police Officers and their families. This brought back personal memories of when I attended my daughter’s Basic Training graduation in 2008 on Parris Island, South Carolina. I certainly felt the excitement of the recruits and their parents, along with the Marine Corp Commanders in the room. Without a doubt, the United States has the best military in the world, and it was an honor to share a short moment in time with them!
   This concludes another week’s summary as your Pulaski County sheriff, and I hope to see you here again next week. For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook.

As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community.

Sheriff Ronald Long

A ninety-one year old Pulaski County resident remains hospitalized after being severely beaten during a home invasion robbery last week. The victim was alone at his residence when several suspects entered the house and began stealing property. He was then assaulted by the suspects while attempting to stop the crime. 
Pulaski County deputies were called to the scene after an acquaintance discovered the victim at his home shortly after the incident occurred. The injured man was then transported by ambulance to a hospital in Springfield, where he spent several days in the Intensive Care Unit. The victim’s condition is gradually improving, while remaining hospitalized.
The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department is unable to release further details at this time, but is vigilantly investigating the matter. They are asking for anyone with information concerning this incident to contact their agency at 573-774-6196, or call the Tip Line at 573-774-7948.

Local News / Dixon Active Arrest Warrants
« on: June 19, 2013, 11:04:40 PM »
These people have ACTIVE WARRANTS from Dixon, if you know where any of these people are please contact the Dixon police at 759-6610, or advice them to turn themself in. Thank you, Julie Solan, Court Administrator

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / THE SHERIFF’S VIEW #23
« on: June 17, 2013, 04:19:53 PM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long
It hard me to believe but here I am already at week 24, serving as your Pulaski County sheriff. Time is certainly flying by, as the old adage describes what occurs when a person is having fun. When you bind the enjoyment with being “super busy,” without a doubt, time is passing at supersonic speeds for me these days. With that, I have far too much to detail in my weekly column so here comes an effort of doing so in a condensed version.

This is week two of receiving good news in the grant department. Last week, I received notification from the State that the Pulaski County Sheriff Department had been awarded a grant to purchase some new radio equipment. This grant relates to the statewide MOSWIN communications network, in which every law enforcement agency in Missouri will have access to. This project has been in the works for several years, which is one facet of readiness in the event of a small or large scale disaster. The MOSWIN communications system will allow each law enforcement agency, along with other emergency services, the ability to communicate from any location in Missouri, even in the event their own system has been destroyed or damaged. A special thanks goes out to Pulaski County citizen Darrell Duncan for volunteering his time to this grant project. Darrell is just another example of how our citizens are donating their time to help better our agency, and community!

Your deputies continue their crime-fighting endeavors by solving cases, putting offenders in jail and recovering stolen property. Even though the above occurs on a daily basis, several large scale investigations resulted in substantial arrests and the solving of multiple burglary and theft cases last week. Reserve and full time deputies busted several suspects who embarked on crime sprees throughout Pulaski and several neighboring counties. These suspects are now in the Pulaski County Jail awaiting formal charges, with property awaiting return to their rightful owners.

 Also, the sheriff’s PCERT (tactical) unit made another high profile apprehension with the arrest of federal fugitive Eddie Vaughn. Vaughn was on the run from federal authorities on a Counterfeiting and Bond Jumping case, and was considered to be armed and dangerous. Fugitive Vaughn was tracked to a local hotel, where he and a female accomplice were arrested. When apprehended, the two were found to be in possession of a large amount of a material believed to be a controlled substance, along with a firearm. Just recently, Vaughn was featured on television as being on the U.S. Marshal’s wanted list. As you can see, your deputies are working hard at keeping your community a safe place.

On the administrative portion of my job, once again County Clerk Brent Bassett and I continued meetings on how to “stretch” resources to make the sheriff’s budget continue to service our community without alleviating services. Right around the time I took office, we were faced with the loss of five salaried positions, due to the loss of federal grants. We are, and will continue, to make things work well for our citizens. I have to admit that I am fortunate to have other county officials who are willing to work with my department with its unique issues.

On Tuesday, I will travel to Jefferson City to meet with other Missouri Sheriffs to discuss the CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) changes and issues. I should have a detailed report for you in my next newsletter. Also, don’t forget that we have an employee available for your CCW applications on Sunday afternoon, along with Monday and Tuesday evenings. Feel free to call us for an after-hours appointment.
   This concludes another week’s summary as your Pulaski County sheriff, and I hope to see you here again next week. For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook.

As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community.

Sheriff Ronald Long

You can be sure they are telling the truth. LOL

Looks speeded up..


A Federal fugitive’s run from the law ended abruptly early Sunday morning after he was captured by the Pulaski County Sheriff Department’s PCERT (Tactical) unit. The federal fugitive, 43 year old Eddie L. Vaughn, was arrested at a local hotel in St. Robert. Despite his extensive criminal record and reported threats of violence if confronted by law enforcement officials, Vaughn’s arrest occurred without incident.

This event began to unfold Saturday afternoon after Pulaski County deputies were contacted by a Lebanon police officer, advising that federal fugitive Eddie Vaughn was hiding out at a hotel in the Buckhorn area. After discovering Vaughn had already left Buckhorn, the ensuing investigation then led deputies to St. Robert, where Vaughn and a female accomplice were located in a hotel room.

During the arrest, a large amount of a powdery material believed to be a controlled substance was found in the possession of Vaughn and his accomplice. Fugitive Vaughn was also armed with a pistol at the time of his apprehension. Both individuals were transported to the Pulaski County Jail where U.S. Marshals took custody of Vaughn. The female accomplice remains incarcerated in the Pulaski County jail, where she is awaiting formal charges. Vaughn will have State felony charges filed against him in the near future, as well. Members of the Waynesville and St. Robert Police Departments also assisted with the search and apprehension of Eddie Vaughn.



The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department received notification this week that their application for the Deputy Sheriff’s Supplemental Salary Fund grant (DSSSF) had been approved, with all requested funds awarded. The DSSSF grant is vitally important for rural sheriff departments in this State, due to it partially funding deputy salaries within the department.
“Without the DSSSF grant the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, along with others its size, would experience higher attrition rates,” according to Sheriff Ronald Long. “This grant raises the average yearly salary about $4,000 for each deputy, which helps retain personnel, along with assisting counties with paying salaries.”
This year law enforcement agencies throughout Missouri had made DSSSF grant requests for nine million dollars, with only seven million in funds available.  Sheriff Long advised he felt fortunate that Pulaski County deputy salaries were totally funded.

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / THE SHERIFF’S VIEW #21
« on: June 03, 2013, 08:19:15 PM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long
Well, it was bound to happen but we did not expect it this quickly. Barely a week has passed since our last new Ford Taurus Interceptor was issued to a deputy and it has already been damaged, but not in a typical manner. Late Saturday night a local motel reported a man damaging rooms and vehicles in the parking lot with a metal crowbar. As our first deputy responded, literally a “mad-man” came running from behind the building and threw a brick toward the deputy, but missed. The suspect continued full steam ahead with a large crowbar now in hand and hurled it at the deputy, missing his target once again but striking the front windshield and roof of the patrol car, damaging both.

About the moment the suspect released the crowbar, two lightning bolts (as he described it) surged through his body, knocking the suspect to the ground and rendering him helpless. This individual had just received a full dose from a taser, but after personally reviewing the patrol car dash-cam video, the suspect was very fortunate that deadly force was not utilized by the deputy. The weapon the suspect was attempting to use could have caused serious injury or death to your Pulaski County deputy; therefore, deadly force could have easily been justified in this situation. This in an instance where training and a quick judgment call by a professional deputy resulted in a rather peaceful apprehension. The suspect is now in the Pulaski County Jail, being charged with numerous misdemeanor and felony crimes.     

   Since we are on the new vehicle topic, when we purchased our five new patrol cars it was estimated that over the next three years replacing the old cars with new ones would save Pulaski County taxpayers thousands of dollars a year. Over the past five months we have been tracking the expenses of our fleet, so a few days ago we randomly pulled records from six older patrol cars. During this time period, we have spent about $29,600 for maintenance on these older vehicles. In summary, we could have purchased 1.25 new patrol cars with the money spent on repairing the old ones, and this does not include savings from the additional gas mileage the new cars receive. Except for fuel and routine maintenance, these new cars come with a 100,000 mile warranty, so expenses such as the $29,600 for repairs reflected above will be non-existence for the new interceptors. In summary, these new cars will be saving the taxpayers a lot of money!

   I want to take a moment to apologize to our local teenagers for the delay in starting the sheriff’s Teenage Advisory Committee. I really hoped it would be implemented before summer break but unfortunately we had to postpone this project for a few months. We are now aiming for the end of August to begin accepting applications for the committee and should have it running strong by fall. I have received many inquiries about this group, so I appreciate your interest and patience; we will begin soon.

   I can think of very few (if any) professions that are required to keep more statistics than law enforcement agencies. Practically everything done by law enforcement officers requires reporting to federal and state agencies. One of the questions I hear the most about our stats relates to Racial Profiling reports regarding traffic stops. I have recently reviewed our Racial Profiling report for the month of April, which shows all individuals stopped for traffic offenses. 81% of the individuals stopped were white drivers, 12% black drivers, and 6% were Hispanic, with the remaining 1% covering all other ethnic races. These numbers are fairly consistent for the prior three months of this year. I will be covering other interesting statistics in my upcoming articles.

   One more item that seems to still be running rapid these days is internet, mail and financial fraud schemes. Just remember, if it cost you money to receive money, THIS IS A SCAM! And NEVER, EVER give out person identification (i.e. SSN or driver’s license) to anyone asking for it over the telephone or internet. Please feel free to contact us or your local law enforcement agency with any questions or concerns relating to possible financial fraud scams.

   This concludes another week’s summary as your Pulaski County sheriff, and I hope to see you here again next week. For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook.

As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community.

Sheriff Ronald Long

Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: June 02, 2013, 05:53:22 AM »
Agree JB, the truth will come out.

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / THE SHERIFF’S VIEW #20
« on: May 27, 2013, 04:56:29 PM »
 BY: Sheriff Ronald Long

 Summer break has officially arrived with the release of all local schools and the Memorial Day weekend upon us. With that, tourism and traffic will be increasing throughout Pulaski County as many people seek out the rivers and our area lakes for recreation and vacations. Therefore, your sheriff’s department will also being seeing a rise in calls-for-service, with these numbers doubling or tripling, along with our motor vehicle accidents; travel safely out there.
Last week Chief Deputy Groves, Lt. Sharon Green and I traveled to Columbia for a one day seminar regarding correctional facility issues. On a weekly basis we are reaching out to a variety of sources in an attempt to resolve our current jail situation. The Pulaski County Jail is averaging 80 inmates per day, and our facility hits the over-crowded button at one-half of that. This results in outsourcing at least 40 inmates per day, with a daily housing cost of $35 (or more) for each individual. This figure does not include the expenses of transporting inmates back and forth daily for court, to Missouri Department of Correction facilities, and for medical treatment. As you can imagine, the expenses of outsourcing is a financial and personnel drain on our department, so we are working diligently in seeking resolutions for this problem.
The summer school break also includes our college students, which means that shortly a college intern will be arriving at our doorstep. This summer a college senior will begin a one-semester college internship with the Pulaski County Sheriff Department (PCSD), at which point he will be introduced to the many aspects of law enforcement he has been studying at college. Needless to say, we are very excited to have our new intern on board. I personally took advantage of the internship program when I attended college, which was a big help with choosing my future career.
As you have seen, your deputies and I try to be involved in events and programs other than just our law enforcement duties, which can help better our community. On Saturday, June 15th, from noon until 4PM, the PCSD is co-sponsoring a youth bicycle rodeo, which is being held at the East Elementary School. We will be welcoming our young citizens, and will be teaching them multiple aspects of bicycle safety, so bring your kids out for some fun and safety tips. Public announcements will be made in the near future with additional details.
May is the month we nationally honor our local law enforcement officials, and I would like to thank those individuals and media news sources who recognized ours. We have a great group of deputies and employees that serve you on a daily basis, so I am glad to see them receiving the kudos they unselfishly deserve. Also, last week the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department had a “family” photo taken, which we will be using in multiple media outlets throughout the year. Since taking office, many people have actually asked for this, so I am pleased to make photos of our deputies available to the public. Also, a huge “thank you” to Mr. Tim Berrier, for lending his photography talents for this project.
This month a local radio station highlighted the Pulaski County Reserve Unit and the services they donate to our community. I must mention that from January through April, your volunteer deputies have donated over 2,200 hours of law enforcement services to the people of Pulaski County. It is impossible to put a financial worth on these brave volunteers but conservatively speaking, reserve deputies have donated at least $50,000 worth of services to the citizens of Pulaski County. I personally could not imagine operating this department without them.
One a small note concerning the Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW) permits, on June the 18th, I am traveling to Jefferson City for a meeting with other county sheriffs at the Missouri Sheriff’s Association headquarters, where we will be working on the procedures for taking complete responsibility for your CCW licensing. I will have more details regarding this matter in a few weeks.
The first round of Town Hall meetings are coming to an end after the one this Tuesday at the First Baptist Church in Swedeborg, which starts at 6:30PM. Beginning in July, we will go to a once a month schedule at different locations throughout Pulaski County. I want to thank everyone for making these first meetings a success and I am hoping the trend continues. Also, I have spoken to several other Pulaski County officials who have expressed their interest in attending future meetings. I feel it is very important for citizens to have access to their public officials and this seems to be a workable solution for all.

Today is Memorial Day, so please take some time to remember and honor those who gave their all for our country.
For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook.

As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community. See you next week.
Sheriff Ronald Long

Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: May 27, 2013, 04:48:46 PM »
Not being idiots does not make us ass kissers.

LOL That's you and J.B.

Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: May 25, 2013, 08:46:17 PM »
No thanks, I don't let guys go down on anything even my ass.. LOL


Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: May 25, 2013, 03:37:15 AM »
Sorry, I am just not seeing this conspiracy theory you speak of in either case.

People know and trust you, you can have this job as long as you want it.

Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: May 24, 2013, 02:41:35 PM »
Pretty sure they can't release a name until charges are filed.

Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: May 23, 2013, 10:58:42 PM »
The person has no charges on casenet.

Speaking of a 'coverup'....  why have we STILL not had a resolution or any more news on the MONEY MISSING FROM THE WAYNESVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT ???  All we hear is that the state is investigating.   Well I pay for all my state office holders salaries...  I would like some answers on that while we are talking about coverups....   

Good job.. Looking forward to the next list, have a special interest on that one..

Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: May 20, 2013, 04:07:18 PM »
This case will not get national exposure.. It will be droped eventually.. How much do you gain finacially if Waynesviles settles? By the way they aren't settling..

This case will be receiving national coverage. several in the legal field that have looked into this are floored, and think, without the  criminal case tried in federal courts, and the civil having a cbange of venue, exposure will help ensure unbiased proceedings.

I don't know any of you, it's clear "mark" is a main source of enjoyment to pick on, he seems to make it easy. It seems al the more reason to take the high road, not the school yard rout, in your bantor......   Hey, again not my town.... Just my opinion

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / SHERIFF'S VIEW #19
« on: May 20, 2013, 03:14:42 PM »
BY: Sheriff Ronald Long
   I will begin with Friday and work my way backward regarding last week’s events. Friday afternoon I was honored to be a guest at Collier Park on Ft. Leonard Wood, where our local military heroes were recognized on Military Appreciation Day. This was a USO sponsored event and much to our taste-bud’s delight, chefs from Jack Daniels Corporation smoked the meats and prepared meals for the troops. I joined other local business and government leaders to help load the plates of our military troops and their families. It was an honor to serve those who serve us on a daily basis.

   Last month I was asked a question by a news reporter from Springfield, which was a first for me. She asked your Pulaski County sheriff how much money was owed to our county by convicted criminals, for past jail confinement and law enforcement services. I had to solicit the assistance of Pulaski County Circuit Court Clerk Rachelle Beasley to obtain the information.  According to our State records, Pulaski County has approximately 3 Million Dollars in outstanding debt owed to us by prior and recently convicted criminal offenders. I have to admit, this was quite a shocker. Now, one guess as to what your sheriff would like to do? Being able to collect even a small percentage of this would amount to a substantial sum. The newly passed Missouri SB72 and SB42 legislation furthers the collection abilities of our counties. Therefore, rest assured I will actively seek possible avenues to assist with this process.

   Also, Missouri SB72 and 42 contains other news that many of you have been awaiting. This legislation strips the Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW) licensing from the Missouri Department of Revenue and places the entire process into the hands of county sheriffs. Therefore, in the near future my office will be handling the total CCW process. The above legislation also makes it a crime to disseminate personal information about the CCW applicant without a court order. It is nice to see that our voices were heard loud and clear. This was a huge win for Missourians and the echoes from this legislation will be heard nationwide.

   As promised, to make the CCW process more assessable to Pulaski County citizens, our office has extended the hours for CCW applicants, which are:
   Sunday – 2PM to 10PM
   Monday – 4PM to 10PM
   Tuesday – 7Pm to 10PM

   Before I leave the subject of SB72-42, here is one little trivia item that many probably did not know. Up until the time this legislation was passed, Missouri sheriff candidates “did not” have to be licensed peace officers to run for sheriff. Therefore, a man or woman who had not spent one day working as a peace officer could be elected as sheriff. Fortunately, very few such examples exist but I am very pleased to see this legislation finally passed. Citizens should expect (and deserve) a qualified and experienced county sheriff. 

   As reflected in a previous news release, one of the law enforcement highlights for Pulaski County law enforcement officers this past week was seeing two of our federal fugitives taken into custody. Our deputies had been searching for Stephen Klasing for several months, barely missing him on numerous occasions. Last week Klasing’s luck ran out as he was taken into custody and is back behind bars. James Rhodenizer was also arrested last week in NW Pulaski County by Pulaski County deputies and Federal DEA agents. Both men are facing Federal and/or State charges for numerous criminal offenses, most of which are drug related.

   Our next Town Hall meeting will be at the Hopewell Baptist Church in Big Piney this Tuesday, May 21, at 6:30 PM. On the following Tuesday, we will be meeting at the First Baptist Church in Swedeborg at the same time. Once these two meetings are complete, we will go to a once a month schedule at different locations throughout Pulaski County.

For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our Web-site at (, or on Facebook.

As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community. See you next week.

Sheriff Ronald Long

Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: May 19, 2013, 11:12:50 PM »
Too bad no one believes you Mark..

Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: May 19, 2013, 10:06:04 PM »
Please brag, we would love to hear it.

Just because I don't go around bragging about doesn't mean that it doesn't happen!

Local News / Re: City of Waynesville sued for alleged cover-up
« on: May 19, 2013, 08:56:04 PM »
"Those of us who strive everyday to make this county a better place?"

LOL, I almost pissed my blue g string.

Just my opinion but, Its been three years and nothing has been done. I would say they need help! And I'm a grown man enough to admit that "storm" may have not been the best word to use in my post but, as I have stated many times now....I meant legal, peaceful assembly! I certainly would not do (or post on a public forum) anything illegal! I think public officials should be honest, forthright, upstanding citizens of this county or they should be voted out! This ole boy attitude has run its course. It sickens me that someone who is related or wears blue panties can get away with anything and those of us who strive everyday to make this county a better place to live in, can be railroaded and ostracized in the blink of an eye because we don't wear blue panties!

Of all people I wouldn't expect you to call people ugly. LOL

They ugly!