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Local News / Re: BREAKING NEWS Club Shooting at Oasis
« on: March 01, 2008, 11:59:52 PM »
The St Robert Police Department is investigating a shooting outside the Oasis Club shortly after Midnight Saturday.
Investigators say a police officer on patrol near the club heard several gun shots and discovered four men with gunshot wounds.
Three were flown to a springfield hospital for treatment.
The condition of the four men have not been released, pending family notification.
Three people were arrested. Police say they're looking for a fourth person believed to be involved in the shooting.

Local News / Re: BREAKING NEWS Club Shooting at Oasis
« on: March 01, 2008, 08:08:32 PM »
I heard the security guard is in bad shape and may not make it..

Local News / Re: BREAKING NEWS Club Shooting at Oasis
« on: March 01, 2008, 06:41:57 PM »
The city limits ziz zag in and out in St. Robert. For instance my mall is in but the mall next to me where the Greyhound stations is, is not in he city. My point was, JB won't put out a press release if it is not his jurisdiction. Then again fleeing suspect going into county areas would then include him if that happened.

Club Oasis is in city limits.  Right next to Torches isn't it?

Local News / Re: BREAKING NEWS Club Shooting at Oasis
« on: March 01, 2008, 05:07:25 PM »
Was this in the city limits or out?

Local News / Re: BREAKING NEWS Club Shooting at Oasis
« on: March 01, 2008, 02:06:40 PM »
Lighten up Darrell..

Rick, while you're laughing at us, I'm trying to gather information and follow up on this. This shooting happened right as we were going to press for our Saturday edition.I would have liked to get at least something in our Saturday paper ... I've already got quite a bit more than has shown up on this website ... but there's not a lot I can do when I have to check my facts and speak with official police representatives, who for understandable reasons have chosen not to return my calls on deadline.Rick, websites like this can print whatever they want without fact-checking. That's OK. But rather than laughing at a Daily Guide staff that's running around at 3 a.m. trying to check out a shooting, maybe you can talk to the police department about paying more taxes so they can hire a PAO person for each shift, like large city police departments do, and being available for last-minute media calls.Or perhaps more to the point, you can recognize that the police have legitimate reasons for not responding in the middle of a major incident and just recognize that we in the media are doing the best we can to get news out in a timely manner, just like the police are.Sorry, Rick, but you picked a bad day and a bad time to make that comment. I'll probably calm down tomorrow morning and wish I hadn't written this, but anyone who thinks I don't care about getting news into the paper doesn't know anything about me or the hours I work.Regards,Darrell Todd Maurina

Local News / Re: BREAKING NEWS Club Shooting at Oasis
« on: March 01, 2008, 07:26:49 AM »
Read about it in the Daily Guide Tuesday.. LOL

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Re: Weekly Sheriff's reports.
« on: February 29, 2008, 09:58:17 PM »
2-15 through 2-21

[attachment deleted by admin]

Local News / Topic: Special Finance Report From Sheriff J. B. King
« on: February 29, 2008, 09:53:50 PM »
Topic: Special Finance Report
To: The Citizens of Pulaski County &
The Pulaski County Commission
From Sheriff J. B. King
Date: Feb. 28, 2008
After the completion of three full years as the Pulaski County Sheriff I have had a good chance to observe the operation of the Sheriff’s Department as it relates to the issue of Pulaski County finance. I would like to use this report to bring forth a few issues with Pulaski County finance that I have observed. I have reached the conclusion that the finance figures that are available for the County to spend are not sufficient for the proper operation of the County. The ebb and flow of the sales tax receipts that create the general revenue fund which pays for the Sheriff’s Department operations leads to shortages in funding at critical times. This is very different from the property tax funding that supplies the Road and Bridge Department.
During the past four full budget years the County has been unable to supply a single cent for the purchase of any vehicles for the Sheriff’s Department. The citizens of Pulaski County have told me many times that they expect and demand Deputies respond promptly to their homes when an emergency situation develops. That is not an unreasonable demand on their part. Since we only have 17.5 paid officers who could respond we must be able to supply them with safe dependable vehicles and equipment. The ability to call out additional resources in an emergency is very critical to our operation. If this single issue does not jump out at you as a failure of County government to meet the needs of its citizens then I do not know how to explain the issue to you.
During the past three years of actual operation I have been contacted by many of the vendors and suppliers who provide the Sheriff’s Department with equipment and supplies. Their concern has been the past due payment of bills they have submitted. Many of these concerns were accurate because the supply of money in the general revenue fund was not sufficient to pay all of the bills that month and someone had to wait. The Pulaski County government operates the same way you do as a private citizen. If the bank account does not have sufficient money in it at the end of the month then you do not pay the bill. This leads to all sorts of problems.
We have a desperate need in the jail for additional jail staff members both from the standpoint of officer safety and the reduction of legal liability for Pulaski County as it relates to the inmates and the operation of the jail. For three years this request has not been addressed because we do not have the money.
We need a second process server to assist with the service of legal papers and that position has not been filled because we do not have the money. We need additional officers, including full time narcotic officers and that will not happen because we do not have the money.
In short the Sheriff’s Department has been denied basic and necessary equipment and resources because the money was not there. The loss of basic and proper service affects the citizens of Pulaski County who expect such service from the department.
How thin is the money supply? I would like to cite a Pulaski County document from Nov. 30, 2007. On that date the general revenue fund had listed total yearly revenue, including carryover from 2006, of $2,827,366.70. The total expenses for the same period were listed as $2,831,321.92 leaving a balance in the general revenue fund of $1,528.76 on Nov. 30, 2007. If we had not had the carryover amount of $5,483.98 from the 2006 budget we would have been in the red on that date.
I do not consider myself a financial genius but a balance of $1,528.76 on a fund with $2,831,321.92 in expenses seems to me to be thin, very thin.
How serious is the situation? As part of the 2008 budget process the Pulaski County Commissioners called a meeting with all elected county officials in an effort to balance the budget. Employee layoffs were to be considered at this meeting. If you are thinking about employee layoffs then the situation is serious. Since most county departments need additional people any employee layoff simply reduces their service level to the citizens of Pulaski County from whatever department lost the employee. Most departments gave up money for supplies and equipment that they needed for proper operation to help balance the 2008 budget. Once again the citizens of the County were subject to reduced service because of these budget cuts.
How do we address this problem? Simple answer we find other ways to raise revenue for the County. And this brings me to the point of this report. The County must consider a plan that would benefit both the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and Pulaski County government as a whole.
The plan starts with a request to the voters of Pulaski County to approve a ½ cent law enforcement sales tax for the operation of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department. This will generate approximately $1,800,000.00 and to that we add $700,000.00 from the current budget assigned to the Sheriff. This would produce a grand total of approximately $2,500,000.00 for the operation of the Sheriff’s Department and jail.
With that amount all needs could be accomplished. The new road officers needed could be hired. The process server and narcotic officers needed could be hired. This would allow the purchase of sufficient patrol cars. The additional jail staff employees that we need could be added. In short the $2.5 million budget would allow the Sheriff to meet all of the critical needs of his department and would give the employees of the department the resources needed to take care of the citizens of Pulaski County.
As a bonus the remainder of the money from the Sheriff’s former budget would then become available to the members of the Pulaski County Commission for the other critical areas that they need to fund.
How would this plan work out? I will use the 2008 budget year as an example. We will assume that the ½ cent sales tax was fully in place for the prior year and all funding is at full strength for the year 2008. The total budget for the Sheriff for 2008 was set at $1,349,202.00. If this plan were in full operation then $700,000.00 of that would have been used for the Sheriff’s Budget and $649,202.00 would have been left over for the use of the Pulaski County Commission.
The financial concept of this plan is very simple. It would benefit the Sheriff’s Department and the general government functions of Pulaski County for many years. It would slow the slide into financial despair by the county. This plan would have prevented the talk of employee layoffs during the 2008 budget cycle.
The reality is that the ½ cent sales tax would amount to one cent for each $2.00 spent in retail sales. If you were to drop buy the local convenience store and spend $25.00 your added sales tax would amount to twelve and one half cents. And everyone who lives, works, or travels in Pulaski County and makes any purchase in Pulaski County would pay the sales tax. Right now Pulaski County government or legal subdivisions of the county provide services to Ft. Wood residents and the most common revenue we receive from them is from the sales tax for off post purchases.
As the elected leadership of Pulaski County it would be up to the members of the Pulaski County Commission to take the necessary steps for the future. Place the ½ cent law enforcement sales tax on the ballot this year with the other elections we already have to fund. As citizens of Pulaski County the final choice would be up to you. Do you want adequate service from your County government or do you want to save a few extra pennies to carry in your pocket?
You will receive the service level that your taxes support.

County Government Opinion / Re: Filing begins today
« on: February 27, 2008, 08:12:51 PM »
I don't think you even need to try to win. You will win no matter what.
   It will be some time before I have such signs to hand out. Got to have $$$ for signs.


County Government Opinion / Re: Filing begins today
« on: February 27, 2008, 04:24:37 AM »
Old enough to know what I like..
And how OLD are you again... lol

County Government Opinion / Re: Filing begins today
« on: February 27, 2008, 04:20:34 AM »
I might add that shes a bit old for me don't you think?

god i hope not! do ya want to meet my sister? she is in her 30's , owns her own house, and vehicle, is single, no kids and has a damn good job... 

County Government Opinion / Re: Filing begins today
« on: February 27, 2008, 04:15:32 AM »
If shes smoking hot, sure... LOL.. I already have a date this weekend though.

god i hope not! do ya want to meet my sister? she is in her 30's , owns her own house, and vehicle, is single, no kids and has a damn good job... 

County Government Opinion / Re: Filing begins today
« on: February 27, 2008, 04:10:19 AM »
Oh I meet plenty of women, my problem is that I am not as gullable as I once was..

ha ha ha hahahah  I knew you would like that one Rick! What a better way to meet women...

County Government Opinion / Re: Filing begins today
« on: February 27, 2008, 04:09:21 AM »
Gary it seems a lot of people want to be the Commissioner.. They know not what they do..

County Government Opinion / Re: Filing begins today
« on: February 27, 2008, 04:06:06 AM »
Don't be giving me great ideas like that..

haha kristi think we should keep jb. dont think rick has it in him to write a woman a ticket unless it was to just give her his number lol j/k

If I have time.. Being the single playa of late has been taxing, that and being a full time moms kickin my butt.
You all are having such a good discussion I will just sit back and read. Oldcowpoke has it about right.

Now for those of you who want to know where the money goes.....the Counties financial report will be published in the DG per State law soon.  Pick up a copy and have a read.  Rick...any chance of getting it on here for perusal or to large of task?

County Government Opinion / Re: Filing begins today
« on: February 27, 2008, 02:42:20 AM »
I am running for the border tommorow..

County Government Opinion / Re: Filing begins today
« on: February 27, 2008, 02:33:44 AM »
Good.. was worried.
OK, I will bite, yes I filed today.

I for one am well aware of the problem Fort Wood and it's lands effect us. I have no clue how a County Commissioner is going to get the government of the USA to change that, and I hope it's isn't one of your plans that you first need to explore before doing something about the law enforcement shortage.. These are not attacks, these are just the facts, that's really all I have ever understood..

Hello Tina, good to hear from you. Yes you are in the Western District and I appreciate your support. I also have great respect for Sheriff King, Tom Christofer and all the other deputies. Just like yours, my family history goes back along way in this county and I  want the best for Pulaski County. I want to support the sheriff's office in obtaining a better jail, up to date equipment and vehicles, but I want to make sure that the counties money is being spent in the best, yet responsible way. Part of the problem I feel the county is in poor shape is because of a large chunk of the county is owned by the federal government, I want to find a way of getting government funds because the county can't tax ft wood or a national forrest. I feel that congress needs to make legislation that compensates counties that are effected like this. I also want to find out what similar counties effected by military bases and government owned land are doing to offset this problem of no revenue from that land. I think we have other options like this that should be looked into before adding a tax. I have not said I am not for the tax. Good to hear from you, see you soon. 

Thank you...

"I will always support the voters right to decide something." I said it. That was established in 1776. When an elected official takes office, they take an oath, that oath is important to me. What it means to me is that I will work for the people to do what is right. Putting it up for a vote, only after all other options are looked into, that is fiscal responsibility.

Sure wouldn't, but I would say I'd allow the voters to decide these matters. Thanks for clarifying your position on this matter..
On a different note we all know the money is not there to grab from other departments, and lowering property taxes isn't going to happen, or help the budget situation. No shifting of funds is enough to fulfill the needs of our Shreiff's department.

In my opinion, any candidate that said they were for raising taxes, especially a sales tax that may go over 8% in some parts of the county would lose that election, especially in this county. I think taxes are high enough as they are. Before I say anything about adding a tax, or raising a tax,  I want to review how much is coming in from other sales tax revenue, what the benefiting parties are doing with the money, and move some if possible to other depts. in need. I think real estate taxes are too high here and I want to look into reducing those if possible, before taxing any where else.

I heard at first that you were going to run on the eastern side, you know you would not campaign on a platform of raising taxes.   

I just don't understand how it is political suicide to say you support the voters right to decide something.. Doesn't sound suicidal to me..

Religion Opinion / Re: The Age of the Earth
« on: February 26, 2008, 08:38:33 PM »
I am not going to argue religion.. I have my own personal beliefs and they are as described, Personal.. You may have noticed I haven't ever argued religion in here. I think because it boils down to this; You all have been doing this for thousands of years, and where has it gotten you?
That sounds good in theory Rick, but D.N. has stated publicly that he intends to raise his children with no religion, no creation theory. (which is fast becoming more than a theory) and he's going to teach them that they came from goo and will eventually return to goo. I ask you do these children deserve a meaningful and purposeful life? Should knowing people allow this to happen? They are calling our children's generation "The Columbine Generation" Is this O.K.? I'm sorry but I think we should fight till our dying breath to keep this from happening. I will try and be a little more tactful, but I can't just give up. There are many things I am ignorant about,this computer is one of them. I can't type more than a paragraph without running out of room. And I can't paste and copy anything. No doubt D.N. could teach me a thing or two also.    Mildness of spirit too July.

Religion Opinion / Re: The Age of the Earth
« on: February 26, 2008, 07:41:21 PM »
Its my personal opinion that anyone on either side of the argument wants to be correct. I think all should let it go, believe what ever it is you want, and keep it to yourself. Proclaiming your religious beliefs creates doubts in my mind...
Although it may not seem like it sometimes, I am only trying to help D.N.(Or anyone else that needs it) When confronted with a tough opponent I think sometimes one must be a little tougher. I doubt if handling D.N. with kid gloves or showing him nothing but love and kindness will get through to him. He would attack that in a heartbeat. I could be very wrong on this but I believe I tried a lighter approach earlier in the thread. I agree I should not resort to name calling. Just as D.N. should not call God names (This is very offensive when you love God) I will adjust my previous post so no one gets sued (which by the way is done almost exclusively by atheists, and devil worshipers). The only reason the atheists are on the Religion thread is to start a fight. They just picked the wrong guy that's all.

Religion Opinion / Re: The Age of the Earth
« on: February 26, 2008, 05:50:53 PM »
You insinuated that digital was smoking meth.. That is the same as name calling.. God will not sue me.. I also have serious doubts as to whether digital has ever used any drug. I don't even think he smokes cigarettes.

I'd think most people on this site prefer that they not be libeled, slandered, called names, or insinuations made about them as a disguise to call them names. Especially when they are innocent. You had been warned to never do that again. That type of behavior has never been missed on this site.

Let me see if I got this straight. You can diss God and call him whatever you like but you can't say anything cross to "Digital Narcosis" Kick me off if you want I will never tolerate people calling God "The Boogy Man" !!!

Religion Opinion / Re: The Age of the Earth
« on: February 26, 2008, 02:24:08 PM »
Goodbye Mark, the dark side is calling.. You know better and you have been warned.

D.N. I am not the first person to have figured this out. Millions of people have figured out the "Big Answers" Many people at my church are like, Look at Mark he finally figured it out. What a joy it is to finally know and be at peace. There is nothing "barbaric" about it. Ground breaking, incredibly riveting, science is what got me here. Like usual your arguments are weak. I find it telling that you can't understand why I am here trying to help others. I can only guess that the thought of helping others doesn't even occur to to you. This is the very selfishness that is preventing you from knowing the truth. God is a loving God, but if you keep calling him names, he will smack you in the back of the head hard enough to send that meth pipe to another county. Be very careful when addressing the big G.     praying for you, Mark

For me it was a no brainer that I did not want Tim Berrier in that office.. That's why Ransdal won.. Had nothing to do with the law enforcement tax.. Bottom line was we didn't have a decent pro law enforcement candidate.
I agree YT. I may not have worded that the best. What I am trying to say, if we believe that to be a primary issue, we need candidates who will absolutely pledge upfront to support putting it on the ballot. But, my point was most politicians will refrain from doing so. To be fair to Bill Ransdall, he was honest up front. He never lied nor wavered with the wind. He openly stated he would not, yet he was elected decisively. The general public, including many of JBs supporters did not seem to mind at all.
I agree with you, if it ever gets on the ballot, through education I think it can pass. The trick is getting it there.

I know Earl, but not his political views. I should call him.

Bird, what do you know about Earl Arnold? I know he is running.
Cowboy, I do not know which ones you are talking about. If ambulance sales tax we sure did. We zeroed the property tax, which the citizens loved. We built a new base at Laquey and put on another ambulance and paramedic team due to the increasing population & call demand. This was made upfront and crystal clear. Of course, you may be referencing something else.

Larry tells me he is not running..

Ted, Iv'e heard rumor that Larry Southard, Bill Farnham's buddy, might file on that side. Have you heard?

That's is correct you did not answer that question did you? What does the budget have to do with the Law Enforcement tax? Yes or no is all we ask..

I know I have not answered the question about a law enforcement sales tax that the majority of you support. I am sure that JB or Gary, or anyone else, who I understand reads and contributes to this site often, would not go into a multi million dollar budget blindly and  say that he would support a tax. That would not be fiscally responsible, and political suicide. However, I have a few ideas that I wont give away now that I would like to try to see if they can be done.