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Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Re: Sneak Peek Sheriff's View
« on: May 26, 2007, 04:32:39 PM »
The Sheriff’s View #22, Week of May 28 to June 1, 2007

Welcome aboard for the Memorial Day edition of The Sheriff’s View. This is our weekend to remember the veterans in our area and our nation. Here at the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department we also get to remember and to honor a large number of Veterans who now wear our brown uniform. Between our reserve unit and the full time officers we are loaded with Veterans. We are proud to have them in our ranks.

As usual over the Memorial Day weekend we have the presence of over 2,000 motorcyclists at the Buckhorn Shrine Club that have dropped in for a visit. In some respects the population numbers for Pulaski County can be misleading. While we have some 51,579 people living in the County on a daily basis we also have very large numbers of people who are here for periods of a few hours or days at a time.

The daily work ebb and flow from Ft. Wood would be the best example. I know from my days in the MSHP, having stopped many a speeder rushing to work on Ft. Wood, that many of these people commute for some amazing distances each day to work here. And why do I write about this topic? Simple, each of the people who are located within this County at any given second may create or experience a problem that would require a response from the Sheriff’s Department And that fact brings us back to our normal officer on duty ratio of 2 or 3 officers Vs. maybe 65,000 or 70,000 people. These are not adequate numbers of officers to respond to the potential calls that might occur.

There will come a day when we have a major event and we will fail to handle it well because of a lack of manpower. This is not a complaint on my part. I am predicting the future. If you would like to minimize the impact on the future we need to vote in a Law Enforcement Sales tax and give us a chance to succeed in the future.

OK, the soapbox button on my computer has now been disabled and we shall move on to other news. I checked the calls for service/case number count this morning (the 26th) and the number now stands at 3,146. Last week it was 2,972. So we gained a total of 174 cases for the week. I have a feeling that last years record number for calls may fall flat and 2007 will take over as the high year for calls.

This past week I had a chance to appear in front of the St. Robert City Council and thank them for the donation of a wrecked car to our department. We have repaired the car and it is now in service. Several of the St. Robert Council members seemed surprised by our repair effort on this vehicle. I would again like to say thank you to St. Robert for the donation of that wrecked car. I would also like to say thank you for the donation of the other two used cars that they gave us a few weeks ago.

These two cars will be much easier to fix up for our use. We will have to paint them, make a few mechanical repairs and equip them with lights, radios, prisoner cages, and so forth. I have high hopes that these cars will also prove to be worthy units and will enable us to retire some of our older very high mileage units.

We are rapidly approaching June the First, the date that the Missouri Department of Corrections has set for the new information policy on the inmates that are being sent to them for housing. Whenever a Sheriff’s Department delivers an inmate to DOC the paperwork must be in order or they will refuse to accept the inmate. As I mentioned some weeks ago we have been following the new policy since last year and it is now old hat to us. And while we are on the topic of inmates I would like to report that our jail inmate list has fallen as low as I have seen it during my term of office. This past week we have been in the low fifties and one day we even hit 44 total inmates on the jail list.

This means that we are only spending some $700.00 to $800.00 per day in inmate board expense to other counties. If we can keep this up we might even make budget in this line item this year. I might add that the day at 44 inmates did not last very long before several new arrivals brought us back up to speed. But it was nice while it lasted.

One spot where we will not be under budget is the area of auto expense. The soaring cost of gasoline has cut our little throat and we will fail to make it through the year under budget. But I suspect there are a lot of readers of this column who are in the same boat.

In the past I have griped about the lack of house numbers on display in our County. As I have said before if we cannot find you we cannot help you. This past week we had an alarm sounding at a private residence on Mo. 28. Myself and another officer were trying to find the place. We were in the area of the address when to homeowner called in the correct code to cancel our response but we decided to find the house for future reference. We even did a door-to-door canvass. But after twenty some unsuccessful minutes we gave up. The reason I bring this topic up today is that I recently saw a real neat signpost for the front yard of a residence. The signpost was white in color with black numbers and was made by the folks at the Pulaski County Sheltered Workshop in Richland. It was four feet tall and had the home numbers on both sides of the post and these numbers were four inches high. It was perfect!

It appears that I have written my way to the end of another column. I hope you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. But if you do not then be assured that we do have room for your battered body at the jail and the lights are ON!

Local News / Re: Lepard family is having an auction
« on: May 25, 2007, 01:43:57 PM »
I was kidding, I will be there at 4pm.

Thats o.k. Rick...I got it under control....hehehe...I always use my car anyway....of course this time littlebit is going to help me.....LOL

Local News / Re: Lepard family is having an auction
« on: May 24, 2007, 01:32:04 AM »

Yes I got all my stuff picked up on top of my car and home and unloaded yesterday.....resting tonight....getting ready for Thursday....  I wonder does Rick deliver.....

Local News / Re: Lepard family is having an auction
« on: May 24, 2007, 01:30:39 AM »
The grassy field by the water tower is very close..

Is there a place I can park close so that mom does not have to walk very far.....?

Local News / Lepard family is having an auction
« on: May 21, 2007, 07:34:43 PM »

There is a link to more details of this auction, it is on Sunset Drive in Waynesville, just park in the field by the big concrete water tower. This Thursday May 24th at 5pm.

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Re: Sneak Peek Sheriff's View
« on: May 20, 2007, 01:19:54 AM »
The Sheriff’s View, Week of May 21 to 25, 2007

Welcome aboard one more time for a trip through Pulaski County with your friendly local Deputies. I will start out this week with the usual calls for service/case number count and as of today (Saturday the 19th) that number stands at 2,972. Last week it was 2,821 on Sunday. So we picked up 151 cases in six days. Or about 25 cases per day every day of the week. This simply means business as usual.

During the past few weeks I have had a number of people tell me that hear other people complain about the “negative” or “complaint” way that I write in this column when it comes to the department. OK, to a degree I am guilty. But lets get real blunt on this point. I get paid the same every month, does not matter if the department falls flat on its face or if we have a victory party because of a major success. Speaking for myself, I prefer the victory party every week. Under our current budget we cannot do that because we are swamped with calls for service and we lack the manpower to properly handle those calls. That means that YOU the citizen pay the price because we did not answer your call swiftly or provide prompt and effective follow up if needed. So I do not look at this as complaining. I am telling you the state of the nation when it comes to the department. If you want better service we need more money in our budget to increase manpower.

If you will recall last week’s column, today was the date for the POST (Providing Officers Support Together) Golf Tournament at the Dixon Oak Hills course. And as you may also recall my job was to guard a hole on the course in case we had a hole-in-one shot that was successful. It turned out to be hole #4, a nice stretch of green grass with a large ball trap west of the green and a lot of surrounding trees and weeds. Great place to lose a golf ball but I am getting ahead of the story.

I had always viewed golf as not very much in the way of a game. My apology to all golf persons, I can see after today that I was dead wrong on this issue. There is a tremendous skill level needed to play this game. One golfer told me that golf was all geometry and math. After I tried a few shots today I fully agree. We did not have any $10,000.00 winners for a successful hole-in-one shot. We did have one person, Jeffrey McClain, who came within about twelve inches of hitting the golf cart that I was parked in near the pin and there was an immediate suggestion that the shot should have been worth $20,000.00 for hitting the Sheriff. Some golf people are very crude.

I think every one had a good time and the BBQ that followed was very good. While we were talking during dinner several POST members sort of picked my brain on the work we have completed over the last thirty months. As we listed the accomplishments I began to realize that a lot of what I wanted to take care of in the first term of office would probably have to wait until my second term in office. The main factor here is speed of completion. It always seems to take longer than it should to get major items of work completed. There is always an interruption or another major case that jumps up and crowds into the picture. You must take care of the sudden problem before you can get back on task. And the interruptions just keep coming without a pause so it seems like you never get the first job done.

Once they stopped on the past accomplishments they wanted to know about plans for the future. In many respects the POST group will be the future of the department. We are at a stage in evolution where the department needs to double in size. The only way that will happen will be to pass a Law Enforcement Sales Tax that is dedicated to the Sheriff’s Department. The POST group will play a major role in the passage of the Sales Tax. As we listed future plans such as our own Narcotic unit, dedicated to the fight on drugs and working full time, I realized that I had a lot more work to get done in the future.

I would like to thank the POST group for their work with the golf tournament. They tell me we should receive at least $3,000.00 as proceeds. That will enable us to buy at least four repeater radio units for our Patrol vehicle. Many of our Deputies dropped by the event and I think they all came away with a warm feeling for the citizens who had worked so hard to assist us in the area of officer safety equipment.

We have filled our last open Deputy position with Deputy 347. John is from the Big Piney area and graduated this past week from the Springfield Sheriff’s Academy. During his training period John had to do a number of “ride along” requirements with a real department and he had requested that we help him out with this training. Over the past two months John had ridden with several of our Deputies and each of them came to me and told me to hire him quick. He spent some time with our Chief Deputy on the day after graduation and Tom told me the same thing. (He also passed my interview) So we offered him a job and he accepted. He will start our training program on May 21st.

The two cars we were given by the St. Robert Police are now parked in front of the department and Tom is working on his plans to outfit them. The 2003 Dodge is almost ready for the road; we are waiting for one more piece of equipment to arrive. At this time we are in the best shape that our fleet has ever been in since I assumed the office of Sheriff. Our only problem is the sky-high rise on the price of gasoline. The last time I looked (about two hours ago) it was $3.29.9 per gallon. That has probably already changed for the worst. Fact: we will not be under budget in 2007 for all auto expense.

I think it is time to call this a column and close out for today. I would hope that all of you would drive carefully and stay legal. We do have room at the Inn for your body. The jail lights are ON!

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Re: Sneak Peek Sheriff's View
« on: May 14, 2007, 12:37:18 AM »
The Sheriff’s View #20, Week of May 14 to 18, 2007

Welcome aboard for one more trip through Pulaski County with your local Deputies. We had a good week and there is a lot to report. We shall start with the calls for service/case number count and that now stands at 2,821. And that means we picked up 178 calls last week. Or about normal for one week.

One big item of news was the capture of Texas County murder suspect Neldon Neal in the woods of Laclede County this past week. This came none to soon for us here in Pulaski County. This past week we had conducted another top-secret sweep through some of our woods just off Highway 7 checking on a report Neal was hidden in one of our caves. We of course found nothing. We did manage to scare a local landowner who saw several heavily armed men in camo walking across her lawn. But she also knew me on sight so I think it was a minor fright. Besides having struck out in the manhunt we did manage to have a nice exercise session in the woods and we did steal several of her large ticks for later examination. So I think I can safely say the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Deputies were tired of chasing Neal. We would like to extend a job well done complement to the Sheriff and Deputies of the Texas County Sheriff’s Department for the successful conclusion of a long manhunt.

The totals for April in Dispatch are now available. We had 5,405 telephone calls for the month and that brings us to 18,624 for the year. We had 1,423 visitors at the window in April and that makes 5,701 for the year. We recorded 24 animal calls and the Dispatchers also picked up three more warrants on people who were trying to get into the office for some reason. In those three cases the people achieved an escorted tour of the office. I would like to say well done to my Dispatch crew.

On the vehicle front the wrecked St. Robert vehicle that they donated to our department has been completely redone and equipped. It is now in use by Lt. Corey Pearson. In even better news the St. Robert Police and the City of St. Robert donated two more of their used cars to our department this past week. This will give us a chance to get some of our very high mileage cars off the street. The 2003 Dodge that we just bought is now being equipped and we hope to have it in service soon as a Detective unit. The only bad news on the vehicle front this week is that with gas prices now over $3.00 per gallon, and with my auto expense total having been cut in this year’s budget, I think I can safely predict that we will be over budget in auto expense this year. Guaranteed to be over might be a better phrase to use.

The POST group (Providing Officers Support Together) Golf Tournament has attracted the attention of KOLR-10 TV from Springfield. They are supposed to be here Monday for an interview and I have asked the president of the POST group, Dee Mills, to drop by and help explain the goals of her group for this worthy fundraiser. Hopefully neither of us will freeze up on camera.

Back in March we moved John Durbin from the jail staff to the road staff. He has been in the field training phase ever since. He has now graduated to a solo car and is in the last step of the FTO process before going to full road status. We hired Carol Cassidy to replace Jason Lorah who left the jail staff recently. Carol has prior corrections experience and I hope we can cut down part of the training time for her. Since we only have five jail staff members we are in a jam every time one of them is absent. If one goes out for any reason the other four must work overtime to make up for the absence. This forces the total overtime hours to build up and there is nothing we can do about this problem. And this problem will continue until we can add additional people to the budget for the jail staff. Then we will have a chance to control the overtime hours worked by the jail staff.

If you drop by the Dispatch window you might notice that they are now using headsets for the telephone. This allows the dispatchers free use of both hands to make notes, search for reports and so forth. The headsets make them sound a little funny but they do work well. We also increased the security of the MULES (Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System) area of dispatch last week. One of the requirements for a MULES system mandates that the radio area be secure from entry by any unauthorized people. The violation of the privacy of the MULES information can and has led to lawsuits in the past in other departments. I thought we should take a few extra steps to make sure it did not happen here.

This past week the Daily Guide printed a story on a murder case that we had investigated. As part of the story the Guide used extensive quoted excerpts from the statement of probable cause that we filed with the Prosecutor along with our request for charges in this case. A statement of probable cause by the investigating officer is a legal requirement before a charge may be filled under current Missouri law. This story generated a lot of anger and critical telephone calls to our office because this information was in the paper. I was even told by one person that they had checked with the Missouri Attorney General’s office and the PC statement could not be released to the media. Sorry, but that is not a correct statement.

The second a charge is filed the statement of probable cause becomes part of the court record and that makes it an open public record. If the Daily Guide wants to print the document word for word they may do so and it is completely legal. There is nothing I can do about this and there is nothing you can do about this. For the record I did not release the PC statement in this case. My policy to date has been to require the Media to contact the Court for the statement. That policy may be something that must change.

I received a request this past week from the News Director of KY-3 TV in Springfield to make a jail-booking photograph of the suspect and the PC statement for the case an automatic part of every press release that I send out. This would require a major change in the way we do business here and we would have to make a few changes. But it is a valid request and I am considering the steps needed to accommodate this request.

I believe that I have written my way through another column. I would like to remind everyone that most area schools will be out soon and that will mean many more kids at play all day long. So please drive careful and stay legal. We do have room at the Inn for your body. The jail lights are ON!

Local News / Stabbing Press Release JB King
« on: May 12, 2007, 09:46:28 PM »
Press release

Assault First Degree

Pulaski county Sheriff J. B. King

May 11, 2007

On May 9, 2007, a Pulaski County Deputy was dispatched to a residence located at 17347 Bobwhite Road near Crocker, Missouri for a reported assault. Upon arrival the Deputy located a subject who had been stabbed with a knife. After a preliminary investigation at the scene the Deputy requested assistance from the Detective unit of the Sheriff’s Department.

The stabbing incident was determined to be the result of a domestic argument, which expanded to include several members of a family. The victim Joseph E. Neighbors was transported to St. John’s Hospital in Lebanon, Missouri for treatment of four stab wounds. The suspect was arrested at the scene and taken to the Pulaski County jail.

On May 10, 2007, the Pulaski County PA filed one count of Assault in the First Degree on James Matthew Wotherspoon, age50, of Crocker, Missouri. Wotherspoon was arraigned in Pulaski County Circuit Court and the court set a cash only bond of $50,000.00. At present Wotherspoon is being held in the Pulaski County Jail.

Local News / Re: what would you do?
« on: May 12, 2007, 05:37:55 AM »
What ever is closest.

so should i throw the dang thing in the river or the fire?

County Government Opinion / Re: Thank You Com. Farnham
« on: May 11, 2007, 11:20:26 PM »
Sure wish he would clean up along the roads in the elbow..

Music, Bands, Concerts? / Shakira - Don't Bother - Video
« on: May 11, 2007, 01:14:32 AM »
[youtube=425,350]k8oGh5690d4[/youtube] Another one for the men...

Music, Bands, Concerts? / Fergie Glamorous Video
« on: May 10, 2007, 11:52:50 PM »
[youtube=425,350]UgX1WLoqCO8[/youtube] Enjoy it guys. LOL

Restaurant Opinion / Re: Quizno's
« on: May 10, 2007, 10:35:45 PM »
It must have been the size of my thigh, if you couldn't finish it..

Wife had prime rib on garlic, I had prime rib cheesesteak, oh my oh my. I am hooked. Hate to admit this but I almost could not finish a regular size.



The point he misses is that Republicans might believe in low taxes, but not under funded government.

Pulaski Enquirer / Re: Who was the first Sheriff in Pulaski County?
« on: May 10, 2007, 02:28:25 AM »
Don McCulloch was appointed until the election time when JT won.

I remember a Sunny Carter but I can't remember if he was a Pulaski County Sheriff or head of St. Robert municipal police force....  who was before JT anyone remember......

That is all my source had to say, it was not signed sealed and delivered, but it looks right now like it will happen.  They did mention that twice now we almost had Applebees, and it fell through.

State News / Re: Local 28 loses another dear member
« on: May 07, 2007, 03:04:23 PM »

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Re: Sneak Peek Sheriff's View
« on: May 07, 2007, 02:12:35 AM »
The Sheriff’s View #19, Week of May 7 to 11, 2007

Welcome aboard for one more trip through Pulaski County with the Deputies of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department. It has been an interesting week. My problem this week will be trying to remember everything I need to cover. I have been so busy this week I did not make my usual notes for the column about topics to cover. So this column may be a little hit and miss as I go along.

We shall start with a review of the POST Golf Tournament, which will be held in Dixon on May 19th starting at 8:00am at the Dixon Oak Hills Golf Course. All proceeds go to the Sheriff’s Department to purchase the needed repeater radios for our Patrol vehicles. Since I know nothing about the game of Golf, I will simply tell you that you can get additional details from Dee Mills at 336-2886 and 528-3408, or you may call Adrienne Echelberry at 774-6006. I hope to see a lot of people at this event. I have been told I am to guard the hole that has the $10,000.00 cash prize for a successful hole-in-one shot. They tell me this means that I can talk to everyone who plays the game as they “play through” the hole. I am also told that I need to park my body on the far side of a big tree away from the golf tee area. They said something about tree protection from damage to my body from airborne golf balls at high velocity passing by my tree. I think they wanted to use the word “target”.

The calls for service/case number count for this week stands at 2,643 on Sunday morning. Back on April 28th we had 2,468 calls. We had picked up 166 calls that week and we picked up 175 calls this past week. That is still a lot of calls for just two Deputies on duty at any given time. I have said this before but I will say it again. Until such time as we can increase the number of Deputies on the payroll, we will continue to be in a “survival” mode of operation. We will not get to all the calls fast nor will we promptly follow-up on all of the calls. We simply do not have the manpower to provide a fast and adequate response ALL of the time. We try hard to complete our jobs and to do them well but we are vastly outnumbered by the calls that we receive. As I said in last week’s column do not bother to call me to tell me that two Deputies cannot cover this county. I am well aware of that fact.

The purchase of some vehicles for our department has begun. We had requested bids from the local banks for a loan and the winner was the Bank of Crocker. We had requested bids from local car dealers for a 4X4 SUV for the detective unit and the winner there was Lindsey Dodge. We have a “new” to us 2003 Dodge Durango that we will start to put together this next week. Once it is ready we will trade with out full time paid detective. We will then take his old detective unit, a Ford Crown Victoria, that is still in good shape and turn it into a road car for a Deputy who has a much older mileage vehicle.

The bank bid gives me thirty days at the winning rate to make purchases. We are also trying to come up with a small mini-van for inmate transport. Our problem here is that we have four solid van bids from three dealers. We are going to have to work at picking the best of the four vans offered. Our second problem is that I cannot make a down payment on this vehicle and I have asked the CLERF Board of Directors for some help with this purchase. Hopefully we can put this deal together soon because we do need the van.

In other news our Detective division assisted our road Deputies with the investigation of a case in the Crocker area, which led to the filing of a charge of Murder in the second degree. Since this is a pending case I will not comment on the facts. This has always struck me as silly. As the Sheriff I am not supposed to comment about the case but the PC statement that forms the heart of the case is an open public document and it will reveal far more details then I would ever reveal. But I will follow the custom and remain silent.

The state auditors continue to drop in and ask for records. They keep asking about the year of 2003 and 2004. I was not in office at that time but so far I have been able to answer the questions or provide the necessary documents. I have told the Auditors several times now that sooner or later they will ask the wrong question and I will give them the “deer in the headlights look” and I will not be able to answer that question. They just laugh at me.

For those of you who missed Frog Fest on Saturday, shame on you, it was a great day in the park. We had several fundraisers under way to benefit the Sheriff’s Department. The most popular one was the “dunk the Deputy tank”. A lot of people paid good money to get a Deputy real wet in the tank. And for the record I was a wimp on the tank this year. I did the tank last year and got real sick over it and I just did not feel like round two. But I must admit it was about 40 degrees warmer this year so the water might have been nice. The money raised will be used to enhance our radio equipment.

Several weeks ago I made the request to the readers of this column for input about not doing this column each week. So far not one person has told me to stop writing the column. Many have said, “don’t you dare stop”. So I believe we shall continue this worthy exercise in journalism for many more months. I have reached the end of the string for this week. I would request that you all drive careful and stay legal. We do have room at the Inn but we do not want your body. The jail lights are on!

Sports Opinion / Re: NFL Draft
« on: May 05, 2007, 04:27:13 PM »
His agent bought him a pair of shoes from our store.

Local player Gijon Robinson signed a 3 year deal with the Colts as a non drafted free agent. Congrats Gijon

Night Club, Bars, Night Life. / Re: Chicken Bones - Abyss
« on: May 05, 2007, 02:55:56 PM »
No opinion on the racist remark the teen girl says?

People watching Pee Wee's Playhouse.

Night Club, Bars, Night Life. / Re: Chicken Bones - Abyss
« on: May 05, 2007, 07:34:07 AM »
I must admit I have been in every dive in this town.. Love people watching.. They make me laugh..

Night Club, Bars, Night Life. / Re: Chicken Bones - Abyss
« on: May 05, 2007, 07:31:01 AM »
People watching Pee Wee's Playhouse.

Night Club, Bars, Night Life. / Re: Chicken Bones - Abyss
« on: May 05, 2007, 07:27:31 AM »
Just in case you never watched Pee Wee's Playhouse he had a word of the day, and if anyone in the show used it everyone screamed. That's what he meant...

Well, you wouldn't catch me checking the place out, for a whole list of reasons.
Just like everything else, if you don't like the program, change the channel. To each his own, But scream? 

Peruvians Drink Frog Smoothies to Gain Potency

Vendors assure frog juice is good for asthma, anemia, brain activity and, is also used as a powerful aphrodisiac
 LIMA, Peru —  Carmen Gonzalez plucks one of the 50 frogs from the aquarium at her bus stop restaurant, bangs it against tiles to kill it and then makes two incisions along its belly and peels off the skin as if husking corn.

She's preparing frog juice, a beverage revered by some Andean cultures for having the power to cure asthma, bronchitis, sluggishness and a low sex drive.

A drink of so-called "Peruvian Viagra" sells for about 90 cents.

Gonzalez adds three ladles of hot, white bean broth, two generous spoonfuls of honey, raw aloe vera plant and several tablespoons of maca — an Andean root also believed to boost stamina and sex drive — into a household blender.

Then she drops the frog in.

Once strained, the result is a starchy, milkshake-like liquid that stings the throat.

At least 50 customers a day ask for steaming beer mugs of frog juice at Gonzalez's countertop-only restaurant in eastern Lima, and many treat the concoction as their morning — and afternoon — cup of coffee.

Study: Bondage May Make Men Happier Abstinence Programs Not Effective, Study Finds Rebeca Borja, a 53-year-old housewife and mother of five, originally from Lima's central highland city of Huancayo, where the beverage is common, said simply: "It gives you power."

A Toronto hospital is treating several cases of extensively drug resistant tuberculosis, with one of the patients being held in isolation under court order, the doctor overseeing the treatment said Mon 22 Jan 2007.
Public health experts fear the dangerous strain of tuberculosis, which is susceptible to very few of the anti-tuberculosis medications normally used to treat TB, is a global health crisis in the making. Dr. Monica Avendano, the physician in charge of the tuberculosis service at West Park Healthcare Centre, said since 2004, her unit has treated 5 or 6 patients with XDR TB, as it is called. All the patients were either infected abroad or infected by a family member who picked up the highly resistant strain elsewhere, she said.
"Currently, I am treating 3," said Avendano. "All of them have a previous history of tuberculosis that was not well managed."
Multi-drug resistant TB and the more difficult extensively drug resistant TB can arise one of 2 ways. A person with tuberculosis can fail to take all their medication, as in the case of the "not-well managed" patients to which Avendano referred. This spotty treatment allows the bacterium to survive the assault of the drugs and develop resistance to them. Or a person can be infected by contact with a person sick with XDR TB. Two of the cases Avendano has treated fall into this latter category.
"Both of the cases are young women who went to their country of origin to look after their ailing grandmothers. And the ailing grandmothers gave them TB. And it was XDR TB," she said.
She did not identify the countries involved. XDR TB has been found in a number of places, including China, South Africa, and many republics of the former Soviet Union. It is believed to have spread, still at low levels, from these jurisdictions to developed countries.
The Public Health Agency of Canada currently doesn't know the scope of the problem in this country. The last time Canadian TB statistics were gathered, the provinces and territories were not asked to report XDR TB cases. The TB statistics for 2006 -- which will be reported sometime in 2007 -- will include XDR TB figures, agency spokesperson Alain Desroches said in an e-mail.
Where such cases arise, they are treated in isolation, either with the consent of the patient or with the help of the courts. "All provinces and territories will use their public health legislation if necessary to ensure treatment of XDR TB," said Dr. Edward Ellis, manager of tuberculosis prevention and control with the public health agency. "With TB, in my experience, there's never a problem getting a court order if necessary. And nobody stands there saying: 'Oh, no, let them go.'"
Avendano said treatment with alternative drug regimes is effective, but it can take months of in-hospital care. Even then, it's not clear whether these patients -- who will be required to be seen on an ongoing basis -- are cured for life. That's because the strain hasn't been around long enough, and the treatment regime being used is too new to gauge its long-term efficacy.

Local News / Arrest in Death case - Routh
« on: May 03, 2007, 09:58:06 PM »
Press release

Arrest in Death case

Pulaski County Sheriff J. B. King

May 3, 2007

As a result of an investigation into the death of John L. Routh, age 32, of Crocker, Missouri on April 28, 2007 by the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, a statement of probable cause was sent to the Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney.

The statement of probable cause outlined an incident where felony possession and use of a controlled substance occurred. As a direct result of the felony violation of the controlled substance laws the death of Mr. Routh occurred. Whenever a death occurs during the commission of another felony that death may result in a charge of Murder in the second degree.

As a result of the investigation into John L. Routh’s death a charge of murder in the second degree was filed by the Pulaski County Prosecutor on May 3, 2007, against another Crocker, Missouri resident. It is the policy of the Pulaski County Sheriff not to disclose the names of the accused until such time as they have been arraigned in Pulaski County Circuit Court. The name will be released at a later date.

City Government Opinion / Re: Waynesville Nuisance Abatement Board
« on: May 03, 2007, 02:11:50 PM »
I own a mobile home next door to me and I think it is much nicer than most small homes. It is nicer than my rental homes. I have gutted it and made it look like a home inside. No one should be ashamed of living in it. I could easily live in it.

I live in a mobile home.  My family keeps it tidy inside and out.  It doesn't matter.  There is stigma.  My son is teased at school because we live in a mobile home.  It makes me sad.  We have a pretty good life, two steady incomes, a couple of decent vehicles and do fun stuff from time to time.  We simply can't afford the rent or mortgage in this area to live in a newer, bigger home.  It's enough for us for now.  We plan on paying the mobile home off, buying land - paying that off and building our own home, but that takes time.  Until then, we are happy to have a roof over our heads.  But my son has more than once been taunted by other kids at school and treated as less of a person because we live in a mobile home.  Why is this????

Night Club, Bars, Night Life. / Re: Chicken Bones - Abyss
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There is an adult store where people can watch porn movies and there are holes cut in between the booths. Maybe someone could look up on the Internet what they do in those places..

Night Club, Bars, Night Life. / Re: Chicken Bones - Abyss
« on: May 03, 2007, 05:25:47 AM »
This is big louies bar next door to his strip club.. Used to be called Purgatory.. No naked girls in this one.

     I have never even heard of this place