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Title: Prosecutor's Office Press Release 2-15-19-Supreme Court win
Post by: kevinhillman on February 15, 2019, 08:27:27 PM
Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman Advances Crime Victims’ Rights with Win in the Missouri Supreme Court
Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman scored a win for the rights of victims of crime this week in the Missouri Supreme Court.  In State ex rel. Kevin Hillman v. The Honorable John Beger, SC97171, the Court, in a unanimous decision, sided with Hillman in ruling that trial courts may not release a defendant early from probation under Earned Compliance Credits until the court ordered restitution has been paid in full.
“I am very happy that the Supreme Court sided with my arguments to protect Crime Victims’ right to restitution as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights in the Missouri Constitution,” said Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman. “Victims’ Rights are very important to me and that is why I was willing to take this important issue to the highest court in the State to protect those rights.”
The entire opinion can be read here:
A summary of the opinion can be read here:

Please direct all questions to Kevin Hillman, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney.