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Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Re: Sneak Peek Sheriff's View
« on: January 20, 2008, 05:11:12 PM »
The Sheriff’s View #4, Week of Jan. 21 to 25, 2008

Welcome aboard for one more written column. I hope to write up a storm and give you a lot of good information. But in some respects my heart is not in this task today because of the budget process. The 2008 Pulaski County budget has been completed. The Sheriff’s Department took a lot of hits as the cuts were removed from the budget. And before anyone gets the idea I am “whining” again about the shortage of money for the Sheriff’s Department please consider the same two facts that I must accept.

First, we are the biggest single user of the general revenue budget and as such we are the logical place to look for cuts. Second, these cuts are a hamper to us but we continue to do the best we can with what we got. The real loss is to the general public in Pulaski County. You know whom I mean, the people who pay the tax bill, those people whom EXPECT AND DEMAND good law enforcement. You the people will get another year where the Sheriff’s Department will struggle to meet the demands placed upon us. The problem here is that our best effort will not cover all the calls.

For the fourth year in a row we did not get a single cent to buy a used car with. I have tried to keep you informed on our car problems since I wrote column number one back in 2005. I have written about our car problems until you are probably sick of reading the words. But in simple terms we have 550 square miles of land in Pulaski County and we do try to make house calls on every request for service that we receive. Without cars we cannot make that happen. This is not a “whine” on my part; this is a simple statement of fact. We will “make do” with our 200,000-mile cars and we will try to respond. Please bear with us if we are late.

We did not get a single new position added to the department. We are desperate for additional help in the jail. I can give you several dozen reasons why we need that help but once again we must “make do with what we got”. Our problem here is that one fine day a Federal Judge may not agree with the idea of “make do” with the jail staff. Both my 2007 and 2008 State of the Union reports to the Pulaski County Commission outlined a host of jail related issues that need immediate attention. However for the immediate future the jail staff will do their best to “make do.” If there are any retired DOC officers who are reading this column and would consider the idea of a few days of volunteer work in the jail as a way to help out please give me a call at 774-4790.

Once again I get to announce the loss of an employee. In this case it is our Dispatch Supervisor. Bruce told me he is tired of being poor and must leave our employ. We flat cannot afford to lose him. He becomes the 16th dispatcher to depart since January of 2005. The only good news I can report here is that our senior dispatcher, who will take over the Supervisor position, was trained by Bruce. So I have full confidence in Christine and she has no doubts about her ability to do the job. At this point I should point out once again that we cannot continue to prosper as a department if we continue to lose our most experienced help. But you have read those words before. Our new dispatcher replacement has been hired and is now in training.

Our calls for service/case number count stands at 509 on Sunday morning the 20th. I think the past few days of cold weather have actually helped lower the numbers. The bad guys do not want to get cold so they stay home by the wood stove. I just hope the trend continues for some time.

I have spent the past two days in my office cave entering racial profile reports into a computer program so that we can complete our required racial profile report to the Missouri Attorney General on time. We are up to 337 vehicle stops at this time and I still have a fair size stack to enter. I suspect we will have about 500 or more vehicle stops when I have completed the 2007 entries.

I walked into a St. Robert food vendor’s establishment on Friday evening and the patron ahead of me in line told me I had been quoted in this month’s edition of the American Rifleman magazine. So I checked my own copy of the February issue this morning and sure enough on page eight I was quoted. The quote was from a Daily Guide article on a recent home invasion robbery that I investigated. Since the defendant is set for a court hearing this next week I suspect I need to stay quiet about the case. Thanks for the tip JJ.

One of our readers recently asked a question about our progress in the vehicle radio repeater program. We just installed two more units and I believe the count is now six cars that have the radio system. Every portable unit in the department has been programmed to work off any of the repeater units. We are trying to seed the units around so that we will always have one repeater-equipped car on a shift. I believe we will equip at least two more cars in the next few weeks. Our goal is to have a repeater unit in every working road car by May of 2008. This is an officer safety issue and I intend to make this a priority issue like we did with the LED light bar program.

I believe that the end of another column has appeared. I would ask all of you to drive safe and to stay legal. We are open for business but we do not want your business. The jail lights are on!

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Weekly Sheriff's reports.
« on: January 19, 2008, 07:11:12 PM »
Enjoy. The links are below.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Both Eastern and Western district run this year, and every four years. I heard Earl Arnold is running against Farnham. I will ask him when I see him if he is Pro Law Enforcement Tax.. If not? Rut Roh.. I suspect that Arnold and Ransdall are on the same page, and if they are removing Thornsberry will not fix the problem if Arnold were to win. This will be a good time to step up to the plate for JB and his posse.

Farnham up for reelection?  I thought the terms were overlapped

Lighter News / Re: Get a life
« on: January 15, 2008, 06:33:16 PM »
Glad I didn't approve your account deletion.. LOL
OK, I'm over it. Just was really pissed when some one who does not have enough cojones to say who they are yet make personnal attacks against me and my family.
So, I'm back, ready to make fun of everyone on this board once again

Terry told me he would run.. But his wife owns the Elbow Inn I am told.

A woman owns the Elbow Inn..
I heard from a friend of a friend that the guy that has the Elbow Inn is going to run for Sheriff. Like I say this is just maybe gossip.

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Re: Sneak Peek Sheriff's View
« on: January 13, 2008, 04:57:58 PM »
The Sheriff’s View #3, Week of Jan. 14 to 18, 2008

Welcome aboard one more time for a trip around the County with the Deputies of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department. And this past week we have been around the County. As I write this column at 7:00pm on Jan. 11, 2008, the case number/calls for service number stands at 345 for the year. That’s almost 32 calls per day. And the 11th is not yet over so more will be added today. Could we please have a recession in calls? At the rate we have had the past 11 days we would end the year at almost 12,000 calls.

We have gone nuts this week. I think on Friday the Deputies arrested at least 7 on the day shift. I cannot say for sure because I spent the morning doing bailiff duty and the afternoon in a four-hour review with the PA for an upcoming case. So I was somewhat out of touch with the gang. But we have been busy.

I went before the Commissioners on Thursday and they cut about $33,500.00 from my budget in round number one. I am not sure when round two will be held but I know we shall lose more money that day. It is a simple fact but true, the budget process at the start of the year has a big role in the work outcome of the year. We need more equipment for the Deputies. And I could buy a lot more if the civil fee fund was free of car debt. But it is not free so my ability to buy supplies sometimes suffers.

During the month of December the jail booked in 134 new inmates. So I think I can say the jail staff have also been busy. I am still not sure how the jail staff manages to do all of the work items each shift that they must complete. Especially since they are all alone in the jail. We desperately need to add employees to the jail staff but I covered that in my 2008 State of the Union report on the Sheriff’s Department that I completed for the Commissioners.

And I am also not sure how the dispatch staff manages to cope with the workload since they are alone each shift. I have the dispatch totals at hand for the month of December and for 2007. They had 4,517 phone calls for the month and 63,056 calls for the year. Calls by officers are not counted. They had 1,634 people at the front window and 20,000 for the year. We have been tracking animal calls since March of 2007. In December there were 46 and for the year 415. We have tracked domestic disturbances since September of 2007. We had 47 for the month and 124 for the year. And last they picked off 11 warrants for the month, with 47 total since April of 2007.

In other news my Deputies wanted me to issue a public word of thanks and a pat on the back to a pair of wrecker drivers. It seems that this past week when the tornadoes struck the Dixon area that my Deputies and the ambulance crews could not get down a few roads because of the trees blown down across the roads. My Deputies tell me that Shawn from Jacks Garage in St. Robert and Mike from Pro-Tow in Dixon hooked their wrecker cables onto the trees and drug them off the road. They were able to open up the road and get the ambulance into the area where the injured people were located. Well-done Gentlemen! And thanks for the help; my Deputies did appreciate your efforts.

On Saturday we had a small situation were we located a tractor-trailer unit at a local truck stop. The Deputy dealing with the situation began to feel that there was more to the situation then met the eye and he began to look harder. And to make the story shorter we will say that two drug dogs hit on a hidden compartment at the front of the trailer. But our luck was not so hot because the compartment was empty. In all this tied up several Deputies for some time and we invited our friends from the DEA to drop by for a visit with the truck driver. The frustrating part was that the truck driver had an active warrant in the state of Nevada for drug trafficking and they would not extradite him back on the warrant. In the end we had to give him back the truck and let him drive away. But it was also a learning experience for the Deputies involved and it may help them in the future.

I would love to be able to say one of our Deputies picked off a several hundred pound load of drugs that had been traveling through the County on I-44. In fact I would probably buy the Deputy a steak dinner for a job well done. I expect that several of them will read these words and should the lucky day pop up I will probably get a small reminder of these words.

I seem to have made it through another column. Please drive careful and keep your actions legal. We do have room in the jail but we do not want your business. We want a recession. The jail lights are on!

City Government Opinion / Re: St. Robert Detective Greg Snyder!!!!
« on: January 12, 2008, 06:30:41 AM »
Last year I worked with detective Snyder on a fund raiser for the Shop With A Cop program he heads up, and he never once mixed words, never once misunderstood, never once seemed anything but professional in all the dealings I have had with him. He does strike me as a by the book guy, but I like that in a person, means I don't have to be concerned that we're not on the same page at any time during our pre-event meetings, and especially come game day. Everything we discussed/planned went off perfectly without the slightest hitch. Was a pleasure to deal with... He did what he said he would do, I appreciate that in a person.

Just found where New Hampshire was trying also.

I did some research, and I think it was only proposed in Kentucky.

I heard something the other day that said congress was considering lowering the drinking age to 18 for active duty military.. Can you imagine the bar businesses around here then?

Emergency Services Opinion / Re: Fired from 911 for the New Year
« on: January 09, 2008, 04:22:09 AM »
The way a termination should be handled is this, in my humble opinion. First offense is an oral warning, second offense is a written warning, third offense if three days off, and the fourth offense is termination. That is the way I run my business. I do know I don't always explain every reason I have terminated someone, for the simple fact that I don't want to hurt their feelings.

City Government Opinion / Re: Waynesville Nuisance Abatement Board
« on: January 07, 2008, 11:00:16 PM »
You should have planted flowers in that pot and called it art.

Ok, here's another question on the topic...  How long should one be allowed to accumulate "stuff" on their property before it becomes a nuisance?  I started remodeling 2 of my bathrooms on Monday and have a lot of debris in front of my house right now.  The building inspector came by today and said I have to have it cleaned up by tomorrow...  Does this seem a little extreme to anyone else, or am I just "on my high horse" again???

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Re: Sneak Peek Sheriff's View
« on: January 06, 2008, 08:01:46 PM »
The Sheriff’s View #2, week of Jan. 7 to 11, 2008

Welcome aboard for another column. One that may be very hard to write because I was insanely busy this week and I am out of touch with the events of the week for the department. I finished our proposed budget for the year and turned it in for “review” by the Commission. We shall see what the future holds there.

It is now 8:50am on Saturday the 5th of January and I just checked the case number count for the week. It stands at 115. At the end of the 4th it was 109. That works out to 27.25 calls per day X 365 days and we get a number that is just a hair short of 10,000. Or business as usual, let us continue the insane business year of 2007. I would like to be very wrong here but I smell another great year for business. The big problem is that we have not had a manpower increase since 1999 and the pace of skyward leaping business calls is killing us.

I guess while I am on this topic I should let you all know where we stand with the new high record for calls in a year for the department. And that magic number for 2007 ended up as 9,226. In 2004, if my memory still works, the recorded number was 3,910 for the year. In 2005 it was 5,114. In 2006 it was 7,212. And now we have finished 2007 at 9,226 calls for service. If I had a stock portfolio that climbed upward like that I would be a very happy camper.

As part of the 2008 budget process I once again did a State of the Union report on the Pulaski County Sheriff’s department. You may recall last year that the report was eight pages long and the Daily Guide needed an entire page to print the report. I was a good boy this year and cut it to just over three full pages. I only wrote about the most serious issues facing the department. The other issues mentioned in the 2007 report are still with us so I added a repeat copy of the 2007 State of the Union report to the budget package. The Pulaski County Commission should already have their copy of the complete budget report since I turned it all in on Wednesday. Sometime in the very near future I shall release the report for everyone to read.

This year will be just like the last three years. Whatever happens with the budget at the start of the year will have a major impact on how the department does business for the rest of the year. Will we add people, vehicles and other items we need or shall we play the survival game for another full year? We have had three survival years in a row and I am hoping for an expansion year. I am hoping the Citizens of Pulaski County do not get shortchanged in their law enforcement needs once again. Will we survive or can we add narcotic officers that we so desperately need? Add new jail staff members? Maybe even some money for vehicles? Time will tell and you will be able to read the final report card right here.

In other news we have had several vehicles drop and the shop has already been busy. The big item seems to be the replacement of a rear end on one car. A few other minor odds and ends but for the most part the fleet is in fair shape. Each car has another 25,000 more miles or so on it to start this year and the total mileage figures are climbing higher on several vehicles, as in they must be replaced soon. But this is just business as usual.

I do not have the exact figures right now but the Sheriff’s Department added some $78,000.00 in fees to the general revenue fund last year from the department operations. And the jail got back a large figure, close to $300,000.00, from those inmates sent to the Department of Corrections. If I can remember I will check and try to pass on the correct figures in next week’s column. I only mention this because a lot of people think the department just drains money from the county budget. We do add some funds to the county revenue.

Our work shift on Friday the 4th went down the drain real quick. We had two Deputies on with Capt. Cristoffer and myself as their backup. However I accompanied a reserve detective to Jefferson City for the day to work on some criminal cases with the Highway Patrol’s Division of Drug and Crime Control. One of the on duty road Deputies was tied up in court all morning and the calls just kept mounting. The lone Deputy and the good Captain could not keep up. The jail had inmates that needed to go to the Doctor, and our Doctor was not in the office. And of course the jail only had one person on duty so they could not leave. Our only full time transport Deputy was on sick leave Friday so no help there. Then we got two 96-hour mental commitments to send to St. Louis that afternoon so the minute the road deputy got out of court we sent her to St. Louis. So she picked up some overtime hours for the day. I did not get back until after 4:00 pm and the good Captain yelled at me for missing the insane day’s work. What can I say, just another day with too many calls and not enough Deputies to handle the workload.

I think I have managed to work my way through another column. Hopefully it will be a decent read for this week. In any case I would like to ask everyone to please drive careful and stay legal. The jail is open for business and the lights are on!

Local News / Re: Stolen Motorcycle
« on: January 04, 2008, 09:48:02 PM »
I'd assume that those tools alone could bring more than the bike itself? Bahahahaha

I wouldn't know what to do with a new bike. What would i do with all the tools I have to carry to keep the Geezer running?

Local News / Re: Stolen Motorcycle
« on: January 04, 2008, 09:42:05 PM »
How you like bikers new years picture I just added? When I gave him that hat I told him he would get lucky, if he wore it.. LOL
FYI... It is his rendition of the Fighting Irishman.

Local News / Re: Stolen Motorcycle
« on: January 04, 2008, 09:11:42 PM »
Hope no one ever steals the Geezer Glide.. Hate to see you upgrade. LOL

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Re: Sneak Peek Sheriff's View
« on: December 31, 2007, 04:40:11 AM »
The Sheriff’s View #1, Dec. 31, 2007 to Jan 4, 2008

Welcome aboard for the first column of 2008. We only have 51 more to go for the rest of the year. And that statement was supposed to be something of a joke. Or then again maybe it was a reflection on the effort needed to complete this column each week. In any event we are off and running for 2008.

Many people use the end of the year as a time of reflection on the events of the year or an evaluation of how things went for the year. I spent a few minutes looking at the past but I went back to the first eight columns that I wrote in 2005 after taking office as Sheriff. And guess what I found? The exact same major problems from 2005 still face us today. I refer to items such as low employee pay, very high employee turnover, constant training cycles for new employees, huge payouts for overtime etc. to departing employees, inadequate equipment, and inadequate numbers of employees to handle the workload demand.

I wrote about these problems in 2005 and 2006 and 2007 and you will read about them again in 2008. These major problems are the direct result of inadequate funding for the Sheriff’s Department. This is not a new problem for the Sheriff’s Department, it has been going on for the past forty or so years that I know of and I suspect it has been there forever. Our big problem in 2008 is that the growth of Pulaski County has greatly increased the workload we face each day and we just do not have the manpower to handle the job. The ship is sinking.

The message here today is that YOU the Citizens of Pulaski County will continue to be shortchanged in the area of law enforcement protection as long as the inadequate funding is allowed to continue. The day when two Deputies on duty for any given work shift could handle the workload ended many years ago. During the past few years the only reason we have been able to halfway do the job has been through the massive use of overtime by the paid Deputies and thousands of hours of free labor by our reserve force.

Well the reserve force is feeling the pressure and they are tired. The massive overtime has led to a growing financial problem for the county. A financial crisis that the County cannot handle. We will face a definite challenge in 2008 trying to keep the ship on top of the water.

In 2004 the department recorded 3,912 calls for service. As of this morning (Sunday 12-30-07) the call number stands at 9,185 for 2007. For those of you who read this column every week you will recall that for the first half of this year I was worried that we would top 8,000 calls for the year. Boy, did I blow that prediction. A real big miss on my part because it looks like we will top 9,200 calls for the year. And we as a department have not had a manpower increase since 1999. The handwriting on the wall for this problem is not that hard to read.

OK, I shall step down from the soapbox and go back to simple reporting. We held a defensive driving course for our Deputies this past week and we invited officers from other departments to attend. This was just one more effort we put into useful training for our Deputies. And it did lead to a bit of humor. You will recall that in the past two columns I mentioned that the Detective Division Durango banged into a guardrail during the ice storm. The Detective just had to point out to me, in front of several other Deputies, that he was not the guy who hit the guardrail so why did he get sent to driving school? His question did get a good laugh and yes the Deputy who did the dirty deed was also sent to driving school.

This past week we also spent a lot of time on SWAT training for our team. As the population growth of the county has exploded over the past few years we seem to be finding more tense and difficult situations where a SWAT team would be nice to have right now. As in we need to take immediate action within the first few minutes of the event. We no longer feel that we have the time to wait two or three hours for the Troop F, Missouri State Highway Patrol SWAT team to arrive on scene. A SWAT team is sort of like the evidence collection equipment. When you are called to the scene you either have what you need and can go to work right now or there are adverse consequences for not having what was needed. In simple words you are either ready when the crisis hits or you fall on your face. We feel we cannot afford to fall on our face and if the call involved YOUR FAMILY then you do not want us to fall on our face.

In other news of joy the 2007 budget expense figures were handed to me on Friday. I have not had time to completely digest the report but a few quick facts sort of leaped out from the report. For 2007 I had requested $98,000.00 for inmate meal expense. The Commissioners gave me $90,000.00 and our actual expense was $97,943.00. I missed by $57.00 and I hope that makes up for the blown prediction in the calls for service number.

I had asked for $130,000.00 for all auto expense. The Commissioners gave me $100,000.00 and the actual expense was $136,619.00. But once again the big blow was in inmate board. I had asked for $375,000.00 and the Commissioners gave me $270,000.00. We both missed this one because the total spent was $357,770.00. This figure means that both Phelps and Miller Counties still love us and thank us for helping pay off their jails.

Once again Lady Luck smiled upon us and I can now say that two out of the three years I have been in office we were under budget in inmate medical expense. I had asked for $90,000.00 for 2007 and the Commissioners gave me $57,500.00 for the year. Our actual expense was only $52,556.00 this year. In the three years I have been in office the medical total has been $179,512.00. In contrast for the single year 2003 it was $181,196.00 and for the single year 2004 it was $178,107.00. And while Lady Luck played a part in this low total our careful review of the medical cases each week also played a big role in the cost savings for Pulaski County.

I believe that I have rattled on long enough for this column. I would like to wish all of you a great New Year. I hope this will be your lucky year. In the meantime please drive careful and please stay legal. The Pulaski County Jail is open for business and the lights are ON!

Restaurant Opinion / Re: Stefano's
« on: December 28, 2007, 06:37:11 PM »

are they closed (permanently) or just on vacation, haven't seen it open lately when we drive by there

« on: December 27, 2007, 06:39:35 AM »
Whatever. LOL

Don't know you as well.
Never saw you wear a hat, and your shoes are too big for me.
You are highly esteemed, how's that?

Local News / Re: I was just told this.
« on: December 26, 2007, 09:27:54 PM »
Just passing on the word I heard. LOL.. Not saying it is gospel.
WTF :(

Local News / I was just told this.
« on: December 26, 2007, 08:37:00 PM »
They have mid america locked down only people they know allowed in..statewide alert some nutcase called in to federal ect..says hes going to retaliate the banks because he got fired..ect but they have no idea what banks hes going to hit..just thought id pass that along

« on: December 26, 2007, 07:35:08 PM »
I am not beloved? Waaaaaaaaaaa

Our beloved moderator Eeyore is not here, but if she was, she would put her hat on to remind everyone to refrain from name calling.

Restaurant Opinion / Re: Witmor Farms
« on: December 25, 2007, 03:12:33 PM »
Neither city has went so far as to forcibly annex any property in recent times, for fear of retaliation. You must remember these people get elected by our votes. Both want potential retail areas to come on board. But from my recollection neither Waynesville or St. Robert have risked that move. I doubt we see that in the near future either. When the cities move their city limit signs it only makes the seem bigger, the properties on the sides of roads are not within their city.
Ok thanks.  Makes a huge difference in my thinking then.  Just a question then.  Will Waynesville keep out of the rest of Buckhorn?

Restaurant Opinion / Re: Witmor Farms
« on: December 25, 2007, 12:48:04 PM »
NO. They annexed the one persons property.

Waynesville annexed all that property between the cemetary and witmor for the convenience of two people?  Am I reading this correctly? 

Restaurant Opinion / Re: Elbow Inn & BBQ Pit
« on: December 23, 2007, 06:39:04 PM »
Depends on your opinion now.

So i take that as a no

Sneak Peek Sheriff's View / Re: Sneak Peek Sheriff's View
« on: December 23, 2007, 09:04:19 AM »
The Sheriff’s View #52, Week of Dec. 24 to 28, 2007

Welcome aboard for the last gasp of 2007. This column should be interesting. We have had a real nutty week in the combat zone of Pulaski County. Our view this past week was that everybody had a gun and bad thoughts about suicide or homicide. The Deputies were starting to feel a bit edgy.

On Tuesday we had a man violate five orders of protection and force his way back into the house we had just evicted him from a few hours before. He had a gun and when confronted by the Crocker Police officer on duty he pointed it at his own head and then ran back into the house. We lucked out since this was right at shift change and the lone midnight car was not yet alone. Three of our Deputies backed up the Crocker officer. During a search of the basement two of our Deputies found him hidden behind a furnace and the gun-to-gun standoff at a range of four feet began. We had already called for the SWAT teams and other specialist officers when lucky break number two occurred. He listened to the Deputies and after a tense negotiation he laid down the gun and surrendered. Nobody was hurt. I would like to specifically commend my Deputies; Jimmy Bench, Regina Utely, and Nate Looper for their actions in this case. A heart felt job very well to all three of you for this one.

On Wednesday night a St. Robert City officer sported a stolen car at Big Louie’s that was wanted in connection with a home invasion robbery that occurred in Jefferson County Missouri. Since Louie’s complex is in the county we took the lead. As our Deputies started into the building they thought the bad guy was in he came out the door and posed as an employee. Our Deputies had taken the extra step of contacting Jefferson County before they started the search and Jeff County had faxed us a wanted flyer with a sketch of the bad guy. In this case we would have been better off without the sketch because the bad guy did not look the least little bit like the sketch. So he almost got through the outer perimeter of St. Robert officers before one of our Deputies was able to determine that he was not an employee and sounded the alarm.

Then with about eight officers moving toward him this fool decided to pull a gun and another standoff was under way. This one only took a few minutes to resolve. The St. Robert officer who was in the best position was able to negotiate a fairly quick surrender and the bad guy laid down the gun. The folks from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department wanted him pretty bad because they had two detectives here within two hours of being notified of the capture. They processed the stolen car for evidence and hauled him back to Jeff County when they were done. In this case I would love to commend the St. Robert officer who talked him into dropping the weapon but that officer requested, actually it was more of a demand, that I not reveal his name. But a hearty job well done to you also Officer Shy.

Then on Friday we had another domestic situation and the male subject grabbed a .30/30 rifle and drove into the woods on an ATV with threats of suicide. Several of our Deputies and local State Troopers converged upon the scene when the call for help went out. After a period of time they were able to dig him out of the woods, without the rifle, and take him into custody. The rifle was recovered later from the woods and the situation was ended.

On Friday we also had a long and involved hunt for a missing person off of Reporter road near Waynesville. We ended up using a Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department dog for the search with no luck. We also asked the Osage Beach Fire Department for their search and rescue dog which was an “air scent” dog. This dog also failed but I must commend the Osage Beach team for a first class effort on their part. Next we used a Missouri State Highway Patrol helicopter to fly the area and that search failed. As darkness fell for the night and we were running out of ideas when a family friend made contact with the missing person at the Mid-Missouri Credit Union in Waynesville and took him back home.

In other news the case number/calls for service count for this week stands at 8,984. We are going to bust through the 9,000 barrier after all this year. I would still rather have a recession in calls but that is not going to happen.

On Monday of this past week the County of Pulaski held their annual county employee dinner at the courthouse. Bob and Mona Moore from the Point Steak House catered this Christmas event. The dinner was great but I would like to reveal a little secret from behind the scene. They also handed over the same food in individual trays to every inmate in the jail. I believe this good deed needs to be mentioned in the column. So thanks to you Bob and Mona. You also get a job well done commendation.

In last week’s column I had mentioned that a road deputy had bounced our new (2004) Dodge Durango off a guardrail. I had been told the damage was minor and upon my inspection I did find it to be very minor. Three vehicles nailed the guardrail in question and the first one was a loaded gravel truck from the County road and bridge department that was salting the road with gravel. If they lost control on the ice in the heavy truck then my guy in the measly 4X4 gets a free pass also.

If by chance you called the office this past week in an effort to speak with me, well nice try. I have not been in the office much this past week. I am sure I have a ton of calls to return soon. I will be in the office on Sunday because I must do the payroll on Sunday. The holiday schedule has messed up the normal payroll procedure and I must turn our payroll in early.

The weather guy is talking more white stuff as possible this weekend so I will ask you all to drive careful and to stay legal. We really do not want your business but we can find room for you in the jail. The lights are ON!

Restaurant Opinion / Re: Elbow Inn & BBQ Pit
« on: December 23, 2007, 09:01:08 AM »
The last time we ate here I do remember panties stapled to the ceiling.

Local News / Gun play in mermaid land..
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News Release
Arrest in Home Invasion Robbery from Jefferson County, Missouri
Pulaski County Sheriff J. B. King
Dec. 19, 2007
At approximately 4:45pm on Dec. 19, 2007, a St Robert City Police Officer on routine patrol on Rt. Z inside the city limits noticed a vehicle on the parking lot at the Big Louie’s complex. The vehicle matched a recent stolen broadcast and the officer checked the vehicle. The vehicle he had located was reported to have been stolen in Jefferson County Missouri on Dec. 17, 2007.
The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department was contacted reference this vehicle and they faxed a wanted flyer, which also contained a sketch, of a suspect wanted for a home invasion robbery. In this incident a white male suspect had forced his way into a residence in Jefferson County at gunpoint. He then tied up a mother and two children with zip ties. The subject then stole their vehicle and left the scene.
The parked vehicle was on the parking lot at the Big Louie’s complex, which is in the jurisdiction of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department. Pulaski County Deputies and St. Robert City Police Officers responded to the scene. The St. Robert Police set up an outer perimeter around the parking lot and at 5:08pm the Pulaski County Deputies moved toward the building to search for the suspect.
At this time a white male exited the building and began walking toward another building on the complex. When questioned he said he was an employee of the establishment. The male did not resemble the sketch the Deputies had studied and they sent him toward a St. Robert Officer. The St. Robert officer also questioned him for a moment and also determined he did not look like the suspect. As the subject walked away from the St. Robert officer a Pulaski County Deputy came out of the building and yelled that the subject was not an employee. The St. Robert officer told the man to halt. He did not halt and continued walking away and officers began walking after him. At 5:11pm the subject drew a handgun from his waistband and turned to face the officers as he continued to walk backwards.
The subject ended up next to a building with a semi-circle of officers confronting him with weapons drawn. One St. Robert City Officer who was in the best position began talking with the suspect in an attempt to end the situation peacefully. The negotiation efforts of the St. Robert officer were successful. The subject laid down his gun and surrendered to officers at 5:19pm. No person or officer was injured during this incident.
The suspect was taken to the Pulaski County jail. The stolen vehicle was taken to the St. Robert Police Department where two Jefferson County Sheriff’s Detectives planned to process the vehicle for evidence.
The suspect will be released to Jefferson County Deputies and taken back to Jefferson County. A statement of probable cause will be sent to the Pulaski County Prosecutor for a filing of charges in Pulaski County at a later date. At this time there are no active warrants for the suspect and his identity will not be released

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His favorite thing to do when he worked for me was nothing.

When Colin went in for his interview at Mickey D's Mr. wienstien said tell me about your self Colin.
 Colin said well i was born a poor humble black child in Hattiesburg Ms..
  He got the Job!!
Get well Buddy we will miss you..........:)