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End of the Year Report
« on: January 13, 2012, 04:14:12 AM »


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Prosecutorís End of the Year Report for 2011

As we have concluded 2011, I wanted to report to the citizens of Pulaski County on what my office accomplished last year and the progress we have made.  I think it is important for the taxpayers to know how their tax dollars are being spent and whether their elected officials are good stewards of the tax dollars.  I believe we made significant progress in my first year in office and I promise to continue to work hard for the citizens of Pulaski County to keep Pulaski County a safe place to live.

Here are some of the statistics from last year and a comparison of the previous year:

  In 2011, my office filed 1716 criminal cases (not including traffic or conservation cases).  This was an increase of around 60% over 2010.
  • My office filed over 4038 traffic and conservation cases in 2011, around a 2.4% increase over 2010.
  • In 2011, my office collected and disbursed $179,416 in restitution to victims of crimes.  This was an increase of 9% over 2010.
  • In 2011, my office collected $23580 in delinquent taxes owed to the State of Missouri.  This collection returned $4716 to Pulaski County, which Ĺ went to my office and Ĺ was given to the general revenue of the county.  This was a 288% increase over 2010.
  • In 2011, my office collected $29950 in bad checks fees, an increase of 12% over 2010.
  • In 2011, my office assisted in the collection of $38643 in County Law Enforcement Restitution Fees (CLERF), an increase of 6.5% over 2010.  This money was used to support law enforcement activities in the county to include office expenses to run my office, witness fees, the purchase of equipment for the jail, and the purchase of a police cruiser for the Sheriffís Department.  These funds, paid by offenders, saved money that would have had to come out of general revenue.  At the end of the year, the CLERF had $11952 left over to support law enforcement activities in 2012, versus only $53 at the beginning of last year.
  • In 2011, my office collected $1906 Prosecutorís Training funds derived from a small portion of court costs.  This was an increase of 1% over 2010 and allowed every staff member in my office to receive training opportunities this year, while retaining monies for next year.
  • In 2011, my office served as the Countyís Counselor for the first time in many years, negating the need for the County to hire outside legal counsel with general revenue funds. 
  • In 2011, I made an agreement with the Phelps County Prosecutor to serve as special prosecutor on conflict of interest cases from his county in exchange for the same services to Pulaski County at no charge.  In 2010, special prosecutors cost Pulaski County $4961.  This year the cost to taxpayers was $0 because of this arrangement, saving taxpayers nearly $5000.
  • In 2011, my office earned a reimbursement from the State for our child support efforts of $46367.  This was an increase of 6% over 2010.
  • In 2011, my office assisted in earning $253523 in prisoner reimbursement costs as a result of obtaining convictions on jail inmates and receiving sentences in the Department of Corrections.  This was an increase of 28% over 2010.
  • At the beginning of 2011, the Pulaski County Jail had 64 inmates it was responsible for housing.  After working hard to process their cases and send many to the Department of Corrections, by the end of 2011, the Pulaski County Jail had 44 inmates it was responsible for housing.  This resulted in a savings to the taxpayers of the County of approximately $700 per day.
  • My office was able to dispose of 4378 total cases this year either by trial or a plea of guilty.  Here is the breakdown of those dispositions:

a. Conservation cases: 35
b. Misdemeanors:        341
c. Felonies:                  269
d. Infractions:              496
e. Traffic:                    3237   

  My office was able to accomplish all of these tasks under budget.
In addition to these statistics, we have also made the following improvement or additions to the office last year:

  Improved the computer system by adding upgraded desktop units that were surplus from the City of St. Robert, adding scanning capability, and upgrading to a single unit that was networked and could scan, fax, and print.  In addition, we did simple things such as adding an off-site back-up of our server and creating our own domain for e-mail and a website. (
  • Worked to reestablish the bad check collection program in the community by providing information and signs to merchants and working with the business community to assist in the collection of bad checks.
  • Hired additional staff members to include new assistant prosecutors and support staff to handle the increased work load and population growth of Pulaski County.
  • Brought McGruff the Crime Dog to Pulaski County through donations from local business.  McGruff has made appearances at numerous events in 2011 with is crime prevention message for kids. Thank you Security Bank, First State Bank, Fort Wood Hotels, and Mid-America Bank and Trust!
  • All staff members in the Prosecutorís Office completed a ride along with a police agency in Pulaski County to show our support for law enforcement officers and also to gain a better appreciation of what they do on their jobs.
  • We made significant improvements to the Victim Advocate Program and the Victim Advocate is now notifying victims of crimes of offender court dates and dispositions of cases. 

As we go into 2012, I want to report that there is a possibility that I may be called to active duty for a nine month deployment to Kuwait with the Missouri Army National Guard in May 2012.  As many of you know, I am the Command Judge Advocate for the 35th Combat Aviation Brigade and we have been given an alert for deployment.  As this is always a possibility when you serve in the National Guard, I have planned for this event and have worked with the County Commission, the Presiding Judge, and my staff to ensure a viable plan.  If I do deploy, one of my assistant prosecutors, Ken Clayton, who served as the elected prosecutor in Phelps County for eight years, will serve as the acting prosecutor in my place.  Ken is a very experienced attorney, prosecutor and manager and I do not anticipate any interruption in service while I am on a leave of absence for my deployment.  I am fully confident that Ken, along with my entire staff, will continue their good work even if I am not present.

It has been a very busy year and I am proud of what we have accomplished and hope to build on our success for 2012.  I hope this report provides some details into what the Prosecutorís Office has been doing and how your tax dollars are being spent.  I am honored in the trust and confidence that the citizens of Pulaski County have placed in me by electing me prosecuting attorney. 

I would like to personally thank the judges, clerks, bailiffs, law enforcement officers, and most importantly my staff, who all work hard to make the criminal justice system in Pulaski County work.  All of these folks work very hard to make Pulaski County a safe place to live.  It is truly a team effort.  If you ever need to contact me or wish to see the Prosecutorís Office at work, please call 573-774-4770 to schedule an appointment.

Please direct all questions to Kevin Hillman, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney.
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Re: End of the Year Report
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Great job Mr Hillman