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Prosecutor's Office Mid-Year Report
« on: July 16, 2012, 04:26:13 AM »


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Prosecutorís Office Mid-Year Report
By: Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman
             The Prosecutorís Office remains a busy and productive place halfway through 2012.  The biggest news from my office involves me personally. My National Guard unit has been called to Active Duty and as I write this article, I am currently at Ft. Hood preparing to head out to Kuwait.  However, there should be no interruption in service as my staff remains in place and my chief assistant prosecutor, Ken Clayton, is doing an excellent job as the acting prosecutor.  Ken was the prosecutor in Phelps County for eight years and I have full confidence that he will do a great job for the citizens of Pulaski County.  I have asked the County Commission to use my salary to pay for the additional help in my absence, so there should be no impact on the budget as well.
            As of July 1, 2012, we have filed 842 criminal cases this year (not counting traffic cases).  We have collected and disbursed $143,827 in restitution to victims of crimes to date.  We have also collected $17,251 in delinquent taxes to the State of Missouri, which allows both my office and the County to each receive 10% of this collection.  The courts switched to the Fine Collection Center (FCC) for traffic tickets, which is managed at the state level.  As such, I will not know the number of traffic tickets we handled until the end of the year.  However, the traffic docket has always been and remains a busy docket.
            One significant improvement we made to the office efficiency this year was the purchase of a new server and all new personal computers for all of the employees.  The best part about this purchase was it was done with no taxpayer dollars being expended.  Instead, we used money paid by offenders from two funds.  The first was the bad check fund that is funded from fees paid by those we have prosecuted for bad checks.  We used this to purchase a new server.  Our old server was so old and slow, we would not have been able to run our case management software any longer.  Our new server allows us to not only run the software but to expand our technology and continue our transition to a paperless office.  In the long run, this will help to save taxpayer dollars by making the office more efficient.
            The new desktop and laptop computers were purchased with funds from the County Law Enforcement Restitution Fund (CLERF).  This fund is an additional court cost taxed to many defendants who have been convicted of crimes.  The Sheriff, the Prosecutor, and the Coroner are permitted to use these funds for law enforcement purposes.  A board, made up of community members appointed by the County Commission, oversees the fund and approves any request for funds.  These new computers are running Windows 7 and will last us years into the future.  The laptops we purchased also continued our ability to use technology to make the Prosecutorís Office more efficient and better handle the continued growing caseload of Pulaski County at the best value to the taxpayer.  These computers were a long overdue needed upgrade and have really improved the efficiency of the office. 
            We hosted two new events this year during Crime Victimsí Rights Week to try and bring awareness to victims as well as raise some money for those who help victims of crimes.  The first was a breakfast in honor of Victims of Crime and we had an outstanding speaker who was the victim of abuse as a child shared her experiences.  My office hosted this in conjunction with Kids Harbor, one of the agencies in our county who service crime victims.  The second event we hosted was a benefit golf tournament at the new St. Robert Municipal Golf Course.  I am proud to say that we raised a little over $1200.00 during the event.  We donated the proceeds to Kids Harbor, Genesis House, and my officeís victim advocate program.  My office used the proceeds to purchase furniture to make a kids area for children who must come to court as a witness. I want to thank all who attended or sponsored these events.  With the success we had this year, we hope to make these events a yearly event.
            I look forward to returning home in May of next year and getting back to work at the courthouse.  However, I am still proud of what my office has accomplished this year and the progress we have made over my first year and a half in office.  We continue to strive to keep Pulaski County a safe place to live and raise your family and we will continue our policy of aggressively prosecuting criminals.  If you ever have a question or wish to speak with me or any of the members of my staff, please feel free to contact us at 573-774-4770.       
Please direct all questions to Kevin Hillman, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney.
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You made a great choice in Ken Clayton..
Also the County made a great choice in electing Kevin  (((**&^^%
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You made a great choice in Ken Clayton..

I second that!
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Also the County made a great choice in electing Kevin  (((**&^^%
(((**&^^%  agreed :-)