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  • nursejdavis: I am looking for a few Press Releases from Kevin Hillman that have disappeared.... not sure why they would be hidden from the public unless they contain narcs who have gotten their charges dropped for their cooperation. Seems the same Press Releases were also deleted from Facebook. Thanks for any help in locating these
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  • Lepard LLC: Why so long before it comes online? 911 took out a loan or bond with the known guarantee payment and began building..
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  • Valor7: Actually no it is not, a dependable Revenue stream will not come on line until the 4th quarter of 2017 so 2018 budget will be up in the air, not quite sure what they will have. By 2019 budget all will be well.
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  • Valor7: You mean that tax that the Commissioners would not put on the ballot for so many years? Strange things happened when the citizens got a chance to vote on that issue.
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  • Valor7: I could have worded that better, we talked details, options, the pros and cons of each, in  order to arrive at the best ballot language to present to the voters. Hope that makes this clearer.
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  • Valor7: sorry about the typos still working with just one arm in action
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  • Valor7: Yes and no. We talked details and options until we were blue in the face but I never heardbring it over, it was always the time was not right for the issue to pass. Glad to see the time in now right and I for one shall vote yes on the ballot. I would urge all others to do the sameour county is busting at the seams crimewise and no matter how many bad guys we send off there always seems to someone to replace them. The Sheriff's Office needs the help.
    April 13, 2016, 01:08:35 PM
  • Lepard LLC: Is that true Valor? Did he ask you what you wanted?
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  • Lepard LLC: Gene Newkirk Rick I have waited for a Sheriff to bring it to me on what he wanted. I have pushed Mr long for a while to get it to me. He told me he was close to having or done. Now hopefully the people will get to decide on it. I spoke with Steve about this a few times.
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“The Sheriff’s View” (#134)
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 “The Sheriff’s View” (#134)     
Usually it is a law enforcement agency that is clearing traffic congestion from an auto collision or some type of incident, but instead on Thursday evening your Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD) seemed to be creating such in downtown Waynesville. Pedestrians and drivers all slowed for a few moments of gawking time when passing by the Courthouse at around 5:45 PM, upon observing a lawn full of law enforcement employees. Most were probably anticipating some type of exciting event, possibly a drug raid or threatening situation, but were possibly a little dismayed when seeing it was just a photographer holding Sheriff’s Department employees at bay with her camera.   
About twice a year PCSD employees gather for a “all hands on deck meeting,” and last Thursday was one of them. Along with discussing many law enforcement matters, it was also an opportunity to photograph approximately 60 Sheriff’s Department employees and volunteers for some media publications that are forthcoming. For your Sheriff: well, it was just a proud moment, such as a parent might experience at a family reunion with all family members present. So, for those curious passer-byers last Thursday, you now have your explanation. 
Also on Thursday, I attended my first meeting of the Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committee in St. James. I joined several other area committee members, Crocker Police Chief Chris Twitchell and Waynesville Rural Fire Chief Doug Yurecko, who have been representatives on the committee for some time. Being the rookie member, it was definitely an informative, insightful and productive gathering, where matters regarding the safekeeping of our communities were discussed, along with disseminating grant money to public service entities in this region. In Pulaski County, several agencies were  recipients of grant monies for the purchasing of equipment that will help them serve their communities in a more efficient manner.     
  One thing that has always gained my respect while being a public servant is how many people and organizations actually donate time, food, services or items to public service entities, such as police, fire and EMS agencies. Ninety-nine percent of these kind hearted individuals fly under the radar by requesting that they receive no praise or pubic notoriety for their good deeds. There are many of the above in Pulaski County who have donated food, equipment, furniture and Narcan to this agency, who request to go unnamed. 
In keeping with the above, another person last week donated their time and special construction skills to help renovate a dilapidated room attached to our jail building, which is now a new break room for Sheriff’s Department employees. Deputies, jailers, dispatchers and civilian employees work around the clock and during inclimate weather conditions to serve their community. Having a room where they can now relax, eat and regenerate themselves while remaining at the office is very much appreciated. This is just another example of a local citizen doing a good deed for the community! 
Over the past several weeks, law enforcement officers and local citizens have been at a heightened state regarding the number of heroin overdoses in the area. To combat this devastating issue, I can assure this community that area law enforcement agencies and members of the Prosecutors office have been working around the clock to combat those who are disseminating this dangerous substance throughout the County. Last week numerous police strike teams were sent out throughout Pulaski County, arresting individuals that are/were responsible for distributing potent and lethal doses of heroin, along with confiscating their dangerous illegal drugs. Additional information about the above mentioned endeavors will be released either Monday or Tuesday, concerning this matter.                   This concludes another week’s summary as your Pulaski County sheriff, and I hope to see you here again next week. For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our website (, or on Facebook.   
As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community.   
Sheriff Ronald Long