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Author Topic: Rambo v. Walker, Texas Ranger: Stallone Backs McCain Against Norris’ Huckabee  (Read 1783 times)

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Rambo v. Walker, Texas Ranger: Stallone Backs McCain Against Norris’ Huckabee         by         Thursday, January 24, 2008         Border                                       Rambo himself says John McCain will make the best president. You gonna argue with him? (AP Photo/Lionsgate)               adsonar_placementId=1338106;adsonar_pid=144757;adsonar_ps=-1;adsonar_zw=320;adsonar_zh=139;adsonar_jv='';                                             email height=20   |                 comment height=20                                                   
Talk about tough opponents.
After Mike Huckabee enlisted action star Chuck Norris to watch hisback on the rough-and-tumble campaign trail, John McCain is tag-teamingwith Rocky himself.
Sylvester Stallone told FOX News that he’s supporting the Arizonasenator for the 2008 presidential nomination — McCain, a former VietnamPOW, is the real Rambo, Stallone seemed to reason.
“I like McCain a lot,” Stallone said in an interview that airedThursday. “Things may change along the way, but there’s something aboutmatching the character with the script, and right now the script isbeing written and reality is pretty brutal and hard edge and like arough action film, you need somebody who’s been in that to deal withit.”
So who’s badder?
Though both tough-guy surrogates may be better suited for a cagematch than a press gaggle, Norris has blended into civilian society,standing tall with Huckabee at rallies and accompanying him inpost-debate “spin rooms” to set the media straight about what they justsaw.
Stallone apparently has not been recruited for any campaign appearances … yet.
The Texas Ranger’s campaign ad with Huckabee late last year didwonders for the former Arkansas governor’s Web site traffic, with lineslike “My plan to secure the border … Chuck Norris” and “There’s no chinbehind Chuck Norris’ beard. Only another fist.”
Click here to see Huckabee’s ad on Norris’ endorsement.
Stallone/McCain versus Norris/Huckabee could the ultimate ultimatefighting contest of this election year. McCain, alerted to the surpriseStallone endorsement, said as a result, he’s prepared for the nextbrutal round on the campaign trail.
“I’m going to Philadelphia and run up the steps … I’m ready,” he told FOX News.
Campaigning later in West Palm Beach, McCain told reporters,jokingly: “Look out Chuck Norris, Sylvester’s comin’ after you. He’scomin’ after you and he’s going to get you. You better run! Chuck, youcan run but you can’t hide!”
The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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