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  • Valor7: I could have worded that better, we talked details, options, the pros and cons of each, in  order to arrive at the best ballot language to present to the voters. Hope that makes this clearer.
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  • Valor7: Yes and no. We talked details and options until we were blue in the face but I never heardbring it over, it was always the time was not right for the issue to pass. Glad to see the time in now right and I for one shall vote yes on the ballot. I would urge all others to do the sameour county is busting at the seams crimewise and no matter how many bad guys we send off there always seems to someone to replace them. The Sheriff's Office needs the help.
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Author Topic: how to fight racism and idiots  (Read 757 times)

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how to fight racism and idiots
« on: March 19, 2008, 01:40:59 AM »


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this was Rush's answer to rev. wright and other racists. ^| 3/18/2008 | Rush

RUSH: What happened to you?
CALLER: Listen, okay, when I was -- okay, I'm going to tell you something. You really want me to tell you? I'll tell you, if you let me tell you, okay? When I was 16 years old, I got this job in Texas, down there, and it was during, you know, school, and my boss paid me a dollar. And I had a classmate, (unintelligible) we graduated in 1966 in (unintelligible) Texas, and I had a classmate. He was white. My boss came to me and told me, said, "Boy, I want a dollar's worth of work from you," but he didn't say nothing about my white friend who he paid $1.25, okay? And I'm thinking, don't get me wrong, that's just one bad thing, but I'm going to tell you a good thing that happened to me in Fort Worth, Texas. RUSH: Now, wait a second. Wait just a second now. Because I want to try to understand you. You got a job for a dollar and a white kid came in and got a dollar and a quarter? CALLER: That's right, in 1966. He came to me and told me that, "Hey, boy, I want a dollar's worth of work out of you," but he didn't say anything to my white classmate who he was paying $1.25, back in 1966. And I'm going to tell you something good happened to me, okay. RUSH: No, wait a second. Let's just use that one example. Let me tell you about me. I have been fired, I've lost count, seven or eight times. I have been told by white people that I wasn't good enough. I've been told I didn't have what it took, if I want to stay in radio, I should be in sales. I worked one time, Billy, from the time I was 28 to the time I was 33 and I was making $12,000 to $13,000 a year, I was the lowest paid guy, paid by white people. There were white people making more than I made at this place. It was hard. We've all had these obstacles, is the point. Now, you may say there hasn't been any racism in my past. Well, maybe not racism, but I can tell you when feminism came along I worked at a radio station in Pittsburgh, and because the radio business is regulated by the federal government, some new directives came out about hiring women. There were inexperienced women who were hired on the air at a couple radio stations and some white guys lost their jobs. CALLER: Okay, I believe that -- RUSH: Billy, the point is, we've all seen it. It never once occurred to me to hate my country. What occurred to me was I had the damn opportunity to say, screw you people and go out and try it somewhere else. If I wanted to, I could create my own job because this is the United States of America, but never once was I even conscious of hating my country. I might have resented the idiots who were running these radio stations I worked at, but I never hated the country. This hatred for the country is coming from somewhere, and it's not justified, and it's keeping you back. It's holding you back, you're 58. I ask you for an example from your life, you're harboring a resentment when you were 16. Get over it. I'm trying to help you. That was then. We all get dumped on when we're teenagers. We all get mistreated. Now, maybe I can't say that I have been mistreated because of race, but I've been mistreated in the United States of America. It hasn't been a cakewalk because I'm white, because I've had white people be mean to me like they've been mean to you. Now, you might think they were mean to you because you were black. Well, mean to me because he didn't like me and it didn't matter to me why, it's still not pleasant not being liked, and we all go through life not being liked by people, but you don't surrender the power to those people that don't like you to reshape your life in bitterness and rage for the rest of your days on earth. You only get one life, and you gotta make the most of it, and with conservatism you can. But if you keep relying on these fixers to go out there and make amends for what happened to you when you were 16, you're going to die as angry as you are today. You're going to die as unhappy as you are today. And you're going to get to the Pearly Gates and they're going to say, "Why did you squander the life you were given?" And you're going to be able to say, "Because I believed in Reverend Jeremiah Wright. And, by the way, where is he?" And the Pearly Gates are going to start having to check the books because they may not be sure he's there. I'm telling you, this has gone on long enough here. I'm trying to help you, Billy. You need people in your life that can motivate you and inspire you as a human being, and I can tell talking to you, you've got passion, and you must have desire. You've gotta turn that and direct that into something positive for you, and it cannot be based on vengeance. It cannot be based on getting even with people, because you'll never be happy. You cannot base this on showing them, because they'll never show you that you've shown them. If they hated you then, they're going to hate you now. The sweetest revenge, Billy, is success. But if you're going to go through life wanting those people that wronged you to apologize, if you're going to go through life wanting to show those people, and you want to see evidence that they realized that they wronged you, you're never going to see it, and you're giving people way too much power to define your happiness. Your happiness is essentially being defined by people you don't even have respect for, by people you don't even like. If I were you, I'd say to hell with you racists, I'm going to find some people that are worth hanging around with, because they're out there. You're a good guy, you do good work, they'll be glad to have you, and the more work you do and the better you do it, the better compensated you'll be because you will become valuable. But until you get rid of this attitude that you're going to be used and abused and taken advantage of, those things are never going to happen to you. And I hope they do.